Posted by: lylescott89 | July 14, 2010

Colorado Part IX: Page’s Deli

Hey kids,

It was now Monday, which was also my final full day in
Colorado.  Only one big plan for the day and that was a trip to Coors Field in
Denver to see the Rockies take on the Astros.  But, we’ll get to that in a bit. 

The morning started quietly enough with a light breakfast and another
nice walk on a bright and sunny day.  Later in the morning Ken asked me what I
wanted to do before we left for Denver.  Well, I said I’d like to go to the
mall, do a little shopping and have a nice lunch someplace.  I had wanted to
have a big lunch to avoid having to eat at the ballpark later, but Ken said that
the food at Coors Field was very good and we should sit in this one area he knew
of and dine.  Ken suggested a place at the mall called Page’s Deli for a light
lunch.  I was good with that, so we headed to the mall.

We parked at
Dick’s Sporting Goods at Chapel Hills Mall and headed inside.  It was another
warm day, no; it was another hot day in the area so the burst of air
conditioning when we entered was a pleasant experience.  As we walked through I
saw the Tim Tebow jerseys.  I had seen someone wearing one the day before and
was considering buying one.  I pulled one down from the rack and saw the price
of $80.00 and immediately put it back.  No way was I going to pay that.  I
wondered to myself if they had the same jerseys at JC Penney’s and we wandered
in there as it was directly across from where we were.  I found the jerseys and
they were also $80.00, but there was also a sign there that said all NFL
merchandise 50% off.  A little quick math in my head and I realized that for
$40.00 the jersey could be mine. It was too high for me to reach so I asked this
nice lady to get it down for me.  She said it was the last one left and hoped it
was my size.  After a momentary panic I saw the size and Bingo, Bango, Bongo and
Irving it was the size I needed.  So I made my purchase and I left very please
with myself. 

We wandered the mall for a while since it was not quite
lunchtime yet and Ken mentioned that Jen loved to eat at Page’s Deli and asked
if we could go home to get her when it was time.  I said sure it was fine.  No
problem at all.  So we wandered a little more and headed back.  On the way we
stopped at a gas station, filled up for the trip later and got a few sodas (in
plastic bottles) to take with us to the game.  Cherry Coke for me and something
diet for Ken.

After we picked up Jen it was back to the mall, which was
less than a five minute drive away.  We went right to Page’s Deli.  It was a
counter service place, which was fine, and fortunately it was not busy.  It was
a Monday in the mall after all and not a Saturday.  They ordered first so I
could deliberate on what I should have.  Finally I chose the Honey Mustard
Chicken Sub Combo.  It came with a drink and one side.  I had many choices for a
side including chips and soup, but I chose the potato salad.  Before we get to
the sandwich I will have to say that this particular potato salad was by far the
second best potato salad I have ever had.  (My mom made the greatest potato
salad ever and now my sister Lynda makes it and it is still the best ever.)  I
did ask the guy whether they bought the potato salad or made it there and he
told me that they make everything there fresh except the rolls.  Well, they
don’t technically make the cheese or the sodas, but they make their own soups,
macaroni salad, potato salad, etc. 

Now I watched the cook make the sub
and I knew I could duplicate it, which I did after I got home.  I will say that
he made it better, but only because he has had more practice.  He started with a
fresh baguette which he cut open, spread on some butter and put it on the
grill.  At the same time he took the chicken, put it on the grill with some
onions and peppers.  He later covered the chicken with bacon and a couple of
slices of provolone cheese and let it melt right there on the grill.  When the
chicken was done he scooped it perfectly onto the roll, poured on the honey
mustard sauce and closed it up.  He then put the sandwich into the press and
pushed it down.  It was only in there for a short time, but it seemed to meld
everything together to perfection.  I paid at the counter, went and filled my
drink cup with some yummy root beer and sat with Ken and Jen. 

sandwich was quite hot so I dug into the potato salad first.  It was a pure
starch ecstasy.  The potato salad was absolutely delicious as I had mentioned
earlier and I could not believe the size of the cup it was in.  It was a huge
cup and my guess is that most normal people would not have finished it.  I
ultimately had no problem, but I have to tell you it was closer than I had
expected.  I ate about ¼ of the potato salad and decided it was time to dig in
to the sub.

The baguette was perfect looking and smelled like heaven. 
Whoever made this pure bread bliss had to be a genius.  The bread had enveloped
all of the ingredients and was ready to be devoured.  I took my first bite and
my eyes rolled back in my head like a shark biting into a seal.  It was
delicious.  The way the chicken was seasoned was spectacular.  The honey mustard
dressing was the best I had ever had and it too was made right there.  The
onions, the peppers the cheese and the bacon all worked together to make a
wonderland of flavor.  I swear to you that this sandwich could bring harmony to
the universe. 

By the time I was done I was stuffed.  I so much wanted
another one, but I knew that it would make me sick if I tried.  I was full and I
knew my limitations.  Was I there on a lucky day?  Maybe, but Ken said that they
have been an institution in that mall for as long as he could remember and if
you last that long you must be doing something right.  Incidentally the guy
behind me in line ordered the exact same sub as I did.  When I heard him order I
asked him if he had that sub before and he told me I made a good choice because
it was the best sub they served.  He had ordered it dozens of times before and I
found out for myself why.

Afterwards we headed back to the house where I
relaxed with a book and readied for the drive to Denver.  I’ll have to share
that with you next time.




  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Lyle. Perhaps I will make some potato salad when you make the chicken. I have to say I was disappointed that there was no banter about Ken getting a diet beverage. A perfect opportunity for you, and you slid right by.

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