Posted by: lylescott89 | July 16, 2010

Colorado Part X: Coors Field

Hey kids,

It was almost time to leave for Denver so we packed up our
drinks, including Ken’s wimpy diet sodas, into the cooler that was 16x16x8 or
smaller.  It was expected to be 95 degrees at game time, so no need for any
jackets or sweaters.  Shorts and t-shirts were the only option on this

The ride to Denver was completely uneventful.  Traffic was good and
we arrived without incident.  Now before I go any further I should let you know
that Ken has a handicapped thing for his car so we always get really good
parking.  Plus, the lots at Coors Field give a handicapped discount so parking
was a tad bit cheaper for us.  Ken said he knew of a lot that was not associated
with Coors Field that only charged $5.00 for parking.  Since I had generously
offered to pay for parking I said I did not care and was willing to pay the
$12.00 (yes that was the discounted price) to park close.  Ken said he liked the
other lot because it was easy to get out to the highway.  I told Ken that my
phone had GPS and if we parked in the handicapped lot we’d be fine.  He seemed
unsure, but I told him to trust me.  After being unable to find the $5.00 lot he
finally relented and we parked in the Rockies lot.  We were in the front row. 
We could not have possibly parked any closer.  Remember this for later

The gates were not open yet, but that was fine since I wanted to
walk around outside the stadium and take some pictures.  For those of you that
have not visited Coors Field I highly recommend it even if you do not care for
the game of baseball.  You know kids; everyone should be able to enjoy at least
one sport no matter what it is.  Baseball, football, basketball and hockey are
all fine choices.  Golf is not a good choice because it is not a sport, it is an
activity.  You do not watch golf, you play it.  Same with bowling.  Poker is a
game and you play it.  You do not watch it on TV.  Wait, I think I went off on a
tangent.  Anyway Coors Field is a magnificent ball park and even if you do not
go inside you should see the majesty of the structure.  Walk around on Blake
Street and see the bricks and beauty.  Of all the stadiums I have been to I
think it is the most aesthetically beautiful with Turner Field in Atlanta being
a close second. 

While I was walking around I saw this really cute girl
in a purple shirt.  She was with a group of what appeared to be college kids and
they were up to something.  As I was taking pictures of the main entrance to
Coors I saw them setting up to accept donations for the hungry.  They were
accepting cash and canned goods.  A very nice thing to do if you ask me, but I
did not see the cute girl in the purple shirt.  After I got all the photos I
felt were necessary we headed to the outfield entrance to be able to watch
batting practice.  As Ken stopped for a “break” I saw the cute girl.  I went up
to her and asked her what they were doing (as if I could not figure it out on my
own) and she told me.  She asked if I wanted to donate and I said yes, but only
if I could take her picture.  She said yes, but asked why I would want her
picture.  I told her because I lived in Florida and would never see her again
and wanted to remember the prettiest girl in Colorado.  To my amazement she
completely fell for this line and asked me how I wanted her to pose.  I simply
said stand by the gate with the money bucket and I’ll snap a photo or two.  I
dropped my dollar into the bucket and headed in to watch batting

We stood in the outfield to watch the players and take photos. 
The ace of the Rockies pitching staff, Ubaldo Jimenez, was in the outfield. 
People were throwing baseballs at his feet and then he would pick them up, sign
them and toss them back.  What a nice guy!  Unfortunately I did not have a
baseball so I hoped to catch a ball that was batted into the stands.  Many were,
but none came near me so I just snapped some more photos and moved on.  I want
to add that sometime between the time we entered the stadium and when I finished
taking photos Ken lost his sunglasses.  I have no idea.

We headed to a
restaurant in the right field corner of the stadium.  It was a very nice place
and worked like this:  you went up to order and pay for whatever you wanted then
you found a table and a waitress that acted like she’d rather be anyone else
would take your drink order.  We looked at the menu and I could not decide what
I wanted because it all sounded so good.  Then I saw this lady order the nachos
and I could not believe the size of the plate of nachos she got.  I quickly did
a little math in my head and deducted that this was the best value for the
money.  Ken got a pulled pork sandwich for $8.00 and my nachos were only $7.50
in comparison.  I placed my order and the guy at the counter got kind of an evil
grin.  He apparently loved making nachos.  He put some chips on the plate and
covered them with melted cheese.  He put on more chips and more cheese, still
more chips and more cheese followed by pulled beef brisket, salsa, beans,
jalapenos and sour cream.  It was a mound of nachos like I had never seen
before.  I paid the cashier and went to my table and ordered an ice tea.  I took
the first bite of nacho and it was a spicy fiesta in my mouth.  Delicious!  I
knew I had made the right choice.  Ken’s pulled pork sandwich looked good, but
there was no comparison to the nachos.  I ate them all, but it was close when I
got to the end as I was getting very full.  Ultimately in this Man v Food
battle, man won again. 

We headed to our seats.  We had seats in the
upper deck, but they were directly behind home plate.  A great place to sit in
my opinion because you can see everything on the field plus have a great view of
the Rocky Mountains in the distance.  The game was very good as well.  Former
Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Jason Hammel started for the Rockies and pitched 7 1/3
scoreless innings and earned the win.  The final score was 5-1.  The guy in
front of me got so excited at one point that he spilled his beer on himself and
his friend.  Holy cow that was an $8.00 beer he spilled!  I still cannot
understand why people will pay that much for a beer.  I’m pretty sure you could
get a six pack at the grocery store for that price.

After the game we
headed back to the car in the handicapped lot.  Ken did not know which way to go
and I told him to turn left at the fence.  We did and passed some security
guards and the player’s lot, but no one stopped us.  I told him to take a right
on Blake and we’d quickly be on the interstate and headed back home.  Ken was
amazed at how quickly we got out of there and how we did not have to sit in
bumper to bumper traffic.  I told him that he was wise to trust me and he
agreed.  On the way home we listened to the Braves play the Diamondbacks on the
radio and it ended just about the time we arrived at his house.  It was late and
I was very tired so bed was the place to be.  I knew I was flying out the next
day and would need to be at the airport shortly after Noon so sleep was
imperative.  I decided I would pack up the next morning and since that is not
all the interesting I will spare you the details.  However, the flight home was
crap and I’ll share that with you next time.




  1. You can get a six-pack of very good beer for $8.00. You can probably get a six-pack of Coors (or the equivalent of any other yucky beer), for $4.00.

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