Posted by: lylescott89 | August 2, 2010

What to talk about next…

Hey kids,

Ever since I finished my last blog I have wondered what way to
go in writing my next entry.  I still have not figured that out.  Oh sure I have
had some passing ideas, but none that I felt strongly enough to write a full
blog about.  So I think what I will do is just give you some highlights of my
random blog thoughts from the past week.  Please know that some of these items
have been discussed and/or posted before, but for the sake of our many new
readers that may have not gone back and read every post I mention some things
again.  Pity those people who have not read all of my posts.

• I do not
care about A-Rod’s pursuit of 600 home runs.  I don’t like the guy and him
getting 600 (which he will do eventually) means nothing to me.  The guy is a
cheater, plain and simple, and that does not work for me.  I don’t hate the guy
because he is a Yankee, although I have every right to, but I just have never
liked him at all.  When the steroid use was verified it put him in the junk heap
of MLB players as far as I was concerned.  Also, take a look at his decline in
home run production over the past few years.  Only 16 so far this year.  Seems
to me that he is finding it a little tougher to hit without the juice.

Staying on the hated Yankees for a moment I also want to add that the recent
death of George Steinbrenner also meant nothing to me.  The guy was a jerk,
treated managers like crap and was the head of the evil empire.  Mourning him
would be akin to getting upset when the Emperor gets killed in Return of the
Jedi.  It just makes no sense.  However, after he passed we were treated to
countless stories on ESPN and in the paper about what a great guy he was.  When
did Steinbrenner go from the most hated man in sports to Mother Teresa?
• I
will no longer apologize for my beliefs or for who I am.  I am the person I am
and that is all there is to it.  If you cannot handle it then that is your
problem not mine.  People change over the course of time and I think I have
changed for the better and some of you out there have changed for the worst. 
Just go away and leave me alone.
• Common sense needs to prevail.  Again,
there are too many dumb people out there that do not have it and we cannot
change that, but if you have no common sense please stay home and do not post
your idiotic and narrow minded thoughts online.
• We’ve been over this
before, but it bears repeating.  Jesus was a liberal.  If you are going to use
Jesus as your defense get your facts straight.
• I like beautiful women and I
enjoy taking pictures of them.  If you have a problem with this that is your
insecurity not mine.  As far as I am concerned there is nothing in the world I
would rather look at than a beautiful woman and if she is Jewish, all the
better.  There may not be another group of 13 women more beautiful than this
season’s Tampa Bay Storm Dancers.  Epic beauty.
• You know all you nut jobs
out there who cling to one item that is just so important to your life, but
actually does not affect you in the least?  Yes, I am talking once again to you
bozos who are against gay marriage.  Get over it you morons.  Unless there is a
gay person desperately trying to wrangle you into a shotgun wedding it does not
affect you in the least.  Shut up and go home.
• And you dopes that will only
vote for a candidate that opposes abortion.  How has this worked out for you? 
Is abortion still legal?  I think so.  How about taking a look at real issues
before you vote next time you pompous blowhards.
• Is there anyone out there
that would be willing to become the next Mrs. Mel Gibson?  No?  Gee, what a
shock.  If this misogynistic bastard ever gets another woman to even date him
then she will win the title of shallowest woman alive.
• I care so little
about LeBron James that it is not even funny.  The guy has an ego the size of a
whale and we as a society should ignore him.  The arrogance he showed with his
little ESPN special to announce his intentions to play in Miami was a farce and
I did not watch.  I really do not watch basketball anyway as I find it sleep
inducing.  It may be good for a little help with insomnia if the need should
• I read that Yoko Ono opposes the parole of Mark David Chapman. 
Gee, you think?
• Speaking of Mark David Chapman I have never read Catcher in
the Rye and just the fact that he liked the book is cause enough for me to never
read it.  It would just creep me out.

• Does war really make any sense to
anyone?  You have this so we will attack you and take it.  That’s the mentality
of shoplifting which, by the way, is illegal.  If shoplifting is illegal than
shouldn’t war be as well?
• Adam is now fascinated with a TV show that I was
completely unfamiliar with until about a week ago called Wipeout.  It seems
harmless enough, but it will have to go on my list of the 10 dumbest shows I
have ever seen.  (I am sure there are dumber shows than the 10 on my list, but
if I have not seen them I cannot add them)  I told him to balance out watching
an hour of that drivel he must watch 90 minutes of something

That’s all for now kids.  Try to keep yourselves awake and
continue “Watching the Detectives” as Elvis Costello once




  1. Note to self – don’t do anything that Lyle is opposed to. LOL

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