Posted by: lylescott89 | August 24, 2010

Statue of Liberty to be Dismantled; An Exercise in Sarcasm

Hey kids,

The following is a news story I fully expect to see one day if
Americans continue to not think on their own and keep listening to the likes of Rush Limburger, the
Sarah “Pig” Palin and the blowhards on Fox “news” channel.  For the record, this


York City – The Statue of Liberty, which has stood on Liberty Island in New York
Harbor since 1886 will soon be dismantled.  A conservative group, led by Sarah
Pig and Glenn Blech, has successfully brainwashed the American public into
believing the statue sends the wrong message to the world.  “We cannot continue
to invite lazy and poor people to America.  We are Americans and the only way we
can remain Americans is to be Americans” said Pig at a rally in front of the
statue conservative groups has called extremely offensive and

The hatred of the Statue of Liberty began almost one year ago
after Pig and Blech learned to read and bought dictionaries.  For years the Pigs
and Blechs of the world blindly looked at Lady Liberty as a symbol of freedom,
but after a little research they concluded that her inscription, “Give me your
tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” to be
anti-American.  “Tired = lazy” said Pig “and we cannot keep inviting the lazy to
America.  We all know that lazy people become Democrats and spend their days and
nights not working and living off the system”.  Blech added that “if the lazy
would get off their asses and do something we would be okay with it, but they
will never do anything because they are lazy people”. 

“We have plenty
of poor people in this country already.  Why should we invite more?” stated
Pig.  “We republicans have been trying for years to get rid of all the poor
people in America, except for the ones that we need to work as our servants. 
That is plenty”

Opponents have pointed out that some of the poorest
people in this country are ardent supporters of Pig and Blech and have long ago
stopped thinking and spew out the same crap they hear on Fox or from Rush
Lumbarf.  “Pig has convinced the poorest Americans that they do not need
healthcare.  Blech has convinced them that they should pay more taxes and the
rich should pay less” said Mary Smith, a representative from a group called
Freedom for Everyone.  Blech has claimed Freedom for Everyone is a socialist
group and they are trying to kill him.  Pig called Freedom for Everyone a return
to communism in America.  Pig was told that America has never been a communist
nation and she replied “You people in the liberal media try and refudiate and
betittle everything I say” to which the reporter said “what the hell are you
saying crazy lady?” 

When asked about the huddled masses Pig paused for
a moment and then mentioned that she could see Russia from her house. 

Blech claimed that America is no place for someone who yearns to be
free.  “We have been trying for years to clamp down on Americans and make sure
they suffer, except for those of us who are wealthy.”  Blech stated how he has
successfully convinced 20% of the American public that President Obama is a
Muslim, even though he is not.  When told that there is no law against a
president being a Muslim, Beck said “there will be.  Believe me, there will

The statue has been closed to the public for the past three months
since an incident when tea partiers protested on the island and then tried to
topple Lady Liberty into the harbor.  Tea party leader, Ass Hole, said at the
time “Muslims, Jews and Buddhists think it is okay to come to America because of
this bitch.  She must be destroyed”. 

Once the statue is dismantled, the
copper will be used for undisclosed military purposes.  Pig and Blech said that
they will next turn their efforts to burning the Constitution after first
clipping out the second amendment, which they said they will keep.

In addition, the replica in Las Vegas will also be destroyed.  Vendors in New York will no longer be able to sell replica statues in their shops.  If they do they will face the death penalty.

dismantling will begin


as stated earlier this was sarcasm, but if we continue to listen to idiots like
Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, Palin and the rest of the bozos at Fox how
far are we really from something like this?  These people want to pick and
choose which parts of the constitution to abide by and you just can’t do that. 
It’s all or nothing. 

You know, when I was in 7th grade I had a history
teacher that told us about the fall of Rome.  He said that no nation lasts
forever and the USA would one day suffer the same fate.  I thought he was nuts
at the time, but now I can see he was correct.  President Obama is not a Muslim,
but 20% of Americans think he is.  That tells me that 20% of all Americans are
stupid.  There is a big opposition to a mosque in NYC, yet the constitution
protects freedom of religion.  Opponents do not care about that.  Republicans in
congress refuse to support anything that the president supports.  Whatever bill
or whatever is endorsed by Obama is opposed by any and all republicans.  All
they want is for the president to fail.  That’s just wrong.  If the president
fails, America fails and we all fail.  Bush failed miserably and now we suffer
for it.  Do we want things better or worse?  Well, opponents of Obama want
things worse obviously and if they continue to oppose him that is exactly what
they will get.  Of course, all they want is a republican president and if they
get that they’ll be happy regardless of what happens to America.  They’ll just
blame Obama anyway.  The ultimate death of America will not come from outside
sources, it will be from within.



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