Posted by: lylescott89 | September 3, 2010

Funny faces, Homeschooling is weird and I miss Lost.

Hey kids,

When I am in the car and get to a stoplight I become like a
stone statue.  I do this because I know that the person in front of me is
staring at me in their rear view mirror and I do not want them to see me doing
anything stupid.  I know this is true because I am always staring at the person
behind me.  This morning as I sat at a seemingly eternal light waiting to make a
left turn I watched the lady behind me.  She was not particularly attractive,
but she was not hideous either.  She was very plain so in a normal situation you
would pay no attention to her.  However, she made the funniest faces.  She kept
scrunching her nose, moving her mouth in odd positions, opening her eyes really
wide, etc.  It was hilarious, but I could not laugh lest the person on front of
me start writing a blog about what I was doing.  Eventually she put on some
sunglasses and that led to even more funny facial contortions.  What a fun

I do not like home schooling.  I am against it 100%.  I have
met a few people that home schooled their kids and they all seemed to be
pretentious pricks to me.  The kids were like robots.  Children need to get out
of the house and be social.  Being with mommy or daddy all day and night is just
a little too much.  Plus, unless the parents are real teachers what really makes
them qualified to teach anything to children?  I don’t get this phenomenon.  The
parents that insist on this seem to me to be scared that their children will
learn something that they do not want them to know and the kids grow up to be
confused and lost when they have to venture out in the real world.  Seems to me
that most parents that do this do it for religious reasons, but I could be
wrong.  I doubt it, but I could be.  I could have written an entire blog ranting
and raving about the absurdity of home schooling, but I decided it would be more
fun to talk about…

Lost.  I miss my favorite show.  I saw the 12 minute
addendum that they made entitled “The Man in Charge” recently and it made me
miss it more knowing that after six years of dedication and obsession it was
over.  Before I ramble too much further I must say that I often get questions
about the ending and final season.  For the record I am going to clear it up now
once and for all for the misinformed out there.  Everything that happened on the
island actually happened.  The flashbacks and flash forwards all happened as
well.  The flash sideways did not really happen.  The island was reality.  The
sideways world was the fantasy world or purgatory not the island.  Jack died on
the island.  Ben and Hurley stayed on the island with Hurley in charge.  Got it
now kids?  Were all the answers given in the finale?  No, of course not so quit
complaining.  You do not get all the answers in life so why would you expect
everything to be answered for you on a TV show?  Some things remained a mystery
and others were left for your own interpretation.  I also have heard people
complain about the end of Inception, which I will not give you here, but I will
say that sometimes you have to use your brain kids. 

To me Lost was the
perfect show.  Their was so much mythology and so much going on that it often
took a second viewing to catch it all.  I loved looking for the numbers in each
episode.  I loved looking at what Sawyer was reading and then looking up the
book online and finding the correlations between the book and the episode in
question.  This was a show that never jumped the shark for me.  Each episode was
as compelling as the last one.  It made me think, it made me read and it made me
learn.  As I have said many times there is no such thing as too much education
and Lost definitely educated me. 

It was also fun for me to piece things
together.  I said early on in the show that I had thought Locke’s father was the
real Sawyer and I was eventually proven correct.  I like seeing how people’s
lives crossed in the flashbacks.  I liked spotting Jack in the hospital passing
by Shannon.  I loved looking for all those subtle things.  It became a game of

When the show was first coming on I was excited about it, but I
had no idea what I was in for.  Now it is over and I can only hope that this new
TV season brings me something that will intrigue and excite me as much as Lost
did.  BTW, the complete series collection of Lost is now available on Blu-ray
and while it costs $200.00 it does make a lovely gift for someone that has a
birthday in October. 




  1. How about I get you a Lost t-shirt instead?

  2. Okay.

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