Posted by: lylescott89 | September 29, 2010

Welcome to the New Home of Me

Hey kids,

Welcome to my new blog location!  Apparently Windows Live is shutting down next March and it just had to be moved.  I had the choice to move it here to WordPress or somewhere else such as Blogger.  I chose WordPress for now for no other reason then the simplicity of doing so.  If I move to blogger, which is entirely possible, I will definitely keep you kids up to date.

So where should I go with this on my first day here?  Well I do not know, but I think I will just share some random thoughts since you all enjoy that so much.  I really do not care what I wrote today, I just want to get something new for my loyal readers.

There is a movie coming out that has been relentlessly advertised called The Social Network.  It is the story about the guy that invented facebook.  I met the news of this film by an overwhelming “who cares?”  I don’t really care what this kid had to go through or any of the problems he had.  I expect this movie to be only slightly less interesting than that movie that came out a few years ago about the guy who invented intermittent wipers.  I am really looking forward to the movie coming out next summer about the inventor of the wet nap.

Yesterday I took that online religion quiz that apparently dumfounded a whole lot of religious people.  It was 15 questions that, at least to me, seemed very simple.  However, many Protestants and Catholics did poorly on this test while atheists, agnostics, Jews and Muslims all did well.  What does this say?  I’m not sure, but I certainly found the results fascinating.  Your opinions are welcome.

We had some excitement here at work today too.  My office is separated by a mobile home park by an old wooden fence.  About 11:20 today I saw out the window that one of the mobile homes was on fire.  Holy cow!  Smoke & flames everywhere, but no sirens yet.  So naturally there was a concern that the dried out old fence would start burning as well.  911 was called, but they had already gotten the call.  As I left for lunch I saw the fire trucks coming down the street and turning into the Japanese Gardens.  By the time I returned the fires were out and the fire trucks were gone so I am guessing they got the fire out fairly easily.

Like I said, I really had nothing to say today, but I wanted to let you kids know that I am here at my new location and will certainly be helping to entertain you just like I had at Windows Live.  Thanks for your loyalty.



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