Posted by: lylescott89 | October 25, 2010

Giants or Rangers?

Hey kids,

When I was a kid I loved getting prizes out of cereal boxes.  I got all sorts of crap that was essentially meaningless junk, but once I saw the price was a sticker with a Major League Baseball team logo on it.  I don’t recall which cereal this one was from (probably Cocoa Puffs) but I was pretty excited to get it since I liked baseball.  When I got the sticker out and saw it was the San Francisco Giants I was a little disappointed.  I don’t know what team I wanted because I did not have a favorite team, but the Giants were obviously not who I was looking for.  My mom asked me why I was sad and I told her.  Then my mom told me that the Giants were my dad’s favorite team.  I was intrigued and went to go ask dad about that.

So I went to dad and asked him if the Giants were his favorite team and he told me that yes, he was a big Giants fan when he was a kid.  He then told me a number of stories of going to the Polo Grounds and watching games.  He told me he was there the day in 1951 when Bobby Thomson hit the Shot Heard ‘Round the World and also at the 1954 World Series against the Indians.  (Frankly I have no proof that my dad attended either of those events, but I was a kid and he told me he did so I believed him)  Alas, dad said he was disheartened when the Giants left New York in 1958 and moved to San Francisco.  I thought this was all pretty cool so I took my sticker and put it on the refrigerator which got the following reaction from my mom:  “what the hell are you doing?”

So naturally now that the Giants are in the World Series and that Barry Bonds no longer plays for them they should be who I root for, correct?  But wait, there’s more…

Donna and I lived in Fort Worth, Texas from July 1989 to December 1992.  While we were there we went and saw the Texas Rangers play more times than I can remember.  We saw some good baseball, but as a general rule they were pretty crappy during those years.  I recall the first Rangers game I saw in 1989 against the White Sox and the last game I saw in 1992 against the Yankees.  We almost always sat in the outfield bleachers because they were the cheapest seats.  One time I got to sit in the upper deck behind home plate and another time in the lower section near third base.  I never caught a foul ball or a home run.  I cheered for the Rangers all the time and got caught up in following the team, but they disappointed every season.  I have always believed that it is important to support the home town team.  Despite the annual disappointments we always had a good time and often were sitting by ourselves in the vast outfield of Arlington Stadium.  That stadium is long gone and is now better known as a parking lot for the new ballpark (which is spectacular by the way).

So naturally now that the Rangers have reached their first World Series they are the team I should root for, correct?

And there is the dilemma.  When the series starts Wednesday night I will be watching, but who will I be rooting for?  That’s the question I am asking you kids.  I need your advice.  Which team should I root for?  Should it be the Giants of the National League, who my dad rooted for growing up in New York?  Or should it be the Rangers of the American League, who Donna and I spent countless evenings cheering for during our Texas years?  I am asking for your advice kids.  Please let me know what you think and I will take that under evaluation as I make my decision.  You have 48 hours so get to work on a good argument.  Go!




  1. GO GIANTS!! Buster Posey played for FSU and Paul’s nephew is a broadcaster for the Giants. And the Rangers beat the Rays. GO GIANTS!

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