Posted by: lylescott89 | November 2, 2010

My Miserable Saturday

Hey kids,

As some of you already know, this past Saturday was a miserable day for me.  Nothing went as planned and I was frustrated and angry most all of the day.  If you read my previous entry you know that I was sick with a sinus infection and just needed to rest.  To understand how bad my Saturday was we need to go back a few days.

About a week earlier the air conditioner in my car started making a loud noise when you turned it on full blast.  I decided that while this was annoying and not crucial I would let it go and take it in on Saturday.  A couple of days later I noticed that the steering wheel was getting difficult to turn.  I figured that the power steering fluid was low and could take care of that on Saturday as well.  Then the sprinklers stopped working so we had to get the sprinkler people to come out and fix them.  Cha-ching!  Then I got sick and felt yucky.  Still, I figured I could take the car for repair on the morning and then rest for the day.  God laughed at me hysterically and said “no way dude”.

I awoke a few minutes before 8:00 AM and drove up the street (a little more than a mile) to the repair place I frequent.  I told them about the steering and the air.  They said that they would check it out.  They also said that the last time I was there they said I may need new front brakes on my next visit.  I said that was fine because I like it when the car comes to a stop.  I called Donna to pick me up.  As I stood outside waiting, sniffling and coughing, Donna called me back.  She said her car would not start.  Great.  She said she would ask the neighbor, let’s call her Debbie, to come get me.  I said I would start walking home since it was a cool morning and I felt uncomfortable hanging out in front of the car place.  I felt like I was loitering and the sign specifically said that I could not do that.  So I started walking and after about 10 – 15 minutes I saw Debbie and she picked me up and we went home.

At this point, Donna was to take Adam and go meet the other Cub Scouts at the school.  They were going to put out bags on people’s doors for them to fill with canned goods and be picked up by the Boy Scouts next week.  So, I was going to have a quiet morning and while I was going to have to wait for the AAA guy to come and install a new battery in Donnas’ car I know I could relax and read quietly while waiting.  So I went and cleaned myself up and called AAA.  They said they would arrive in the next 30 minutes.  Fine.  So I made some breakfast (scrambled eggs mixed with salt, pepper, Tabasco and cheddar cheese with a side of bacon served with a delicious iced coffee) and sat on the couch to wait.

Moments later, Adam came in the door screaming and crying.  Apparently one of the other scouts went to a house that Adam wanted to go to and put a bag on the door.  That got him all upset and he refused to go.  So, instead of reading I was now comforting an upset child and trying to explain that there were still 100 more doors to go and he would have plenty of chances.  I took him outside to join Donna and the other scouts, but he refused to go.  No relaxing and reading for me.

At 9:48 AM the AAA guy, let’s call him Jerry, showed up.  (15 minutes late, but whatever)  He tested the battery and the alternator and said the battery was kaput.  He said he could replace it (I love AAA battery service) and I told him fine.  Naturally Adam wanted to stand out there and watch him so not knowing Jerry very well, I stood out there with Adam.  I offered Jerry some bacon & coffee, but he declined.

As Jerry finished up we went to his truck so I could pay for the new battery.  Cha-Ching! I walked back into the garage and saw a problem with Donnas’ license plate.  The plate was still there, but the stickers had been scraped off.  When did this happen?  I have no idea, but I knew now that we had to file a police report and take it down to the DMV to get new expiration stickers.  Crap!  I was feeling crappy and tired, so I figured I’d leave that to Donna to take care of.

And as you recall Adam is home with me and when Adam is home I rarely get a moment to myself.  I begged him to watch TV, but he wanted to play.  I said I would set up a game on the computer for him to play, but he wanted to play with my phone.  Whatever keeps him quiet I said.

Then Donna came home and naturally we had to have a family talk about Adam not participating in the scout’s door bagging.  More fun.  A few moments later the kid next door asked Adam to come over and play so off he went.  Can I rest now?  Donna said yes and she was going work on installing the new faucet in the bathroom.  Now, we bought this faucet over three months ago so naturally Donna would pick a day when I was already in a bad mood and not feeling well to do the installation.  She said she would do it herself since I was essentially useless anyway when it came to any household repairs.  I sat down to rest.  Five minutes later Donna said she could not loosen the bolts and needed my help.  I said no, but then realized there was no way out.  I had to get down on the hard bathroom floor and crawl under the sink.  I was in so much pain as my back was killing me.  The water was off (doubtful I would have known to do this) but I was getting dripped on like a Chinese Water Torture.  I could not loosen the bolts either, so I asked Donna for a hammer and a screwdriver.  She said she did not think that was a good idea, but since I was down there I said that you either supply me with the tools I ask for or call a real man to do this.  I was successful and loosened to bolts and removed them.  Donna said she could take care of the rest.  A good five minutes later I finally got up from underneath the sink and went to dry off.

I sat in my chair as it was time to rest.  I was about to turn on the TV and watch a little ESPN when the phone rang.  It was Aaron, the mechanic.  He said that the power steering line (?) had broken and sprayed fluid all over the engine so the engine had to be cleaned and the line replaced.  Something called an alternator belt was also ruined by the fluid.  The brakes wore worn down by 90% and definitely had to be replaced.  The air conditioner was not making any noise, so they could not fix that.  Figures.  Cha-Ching!

I turned on the TV and watched for about two seconds when the cable box re-booted itself.  Okay, I thought, it must need to load some new stuff.  I can wait.  It finished re-booting and I turned it on again.  I watched College Gameday for about three seconds and poof, re-booted again.  Oh crap!  I tried one more time and it stayed on.  Phew.  Two minutes later it re-booted again.  Son of a beach.  I called the geniuses at Bright House and explained the problem.  The lady I spoke to, Doreen, said she could fix it from there.  No she could not.  While I had her on the phone I told her that a couple of days earlier the HBO/Cinemax channels had all disappeared from the TV in the other room.  She said she could fix that from there.  No she could not.  She said she would have to send out a tech.  I said she better send one out today or I would switch to Direct TV.  She said she would have someone out by 4:00.  Great.  The real problem?  My DVR was 70% full with shows I had not watched yet.  Now I would lose all my shows.  Son of a beach!

Donna finished the sink and I said I needed a drink really badly.  She said we could go to lunch and I could get a Coke.  Excellent.  She went next door to get Adam and he came home to go with us.  He asked if he could play my phone on the way and I said yes.  His little fingers kept hitting the side buttons as he was playing games and he started screaming.  I took my phone back and said that he could not play it any more today.  He screamed some more.  I did not care, but I wanted to drive off a cliff.  Fortunately cliffs are few and far between in Florida.

We got to Diner 60 West for lunch where Adam wanted his picture taken with the giant chicken outside.  No problem.  We were seated promptly (it was not busy) and for some reason we were seated in a spot where there was a wind storm.  It was just the air conditioner blowing and the waitress, Kristen, said that no one ever sits there, but the hostess insists on seating people there.  We moved over one table and all was good.  I ordered a Coke.  Sorry, no Coke, Pepsi.  Crap!  I do not like Pepsi, but I needed something stronger than iced tea and they did not have lemonade either.  Fine, I’ll have the friggin’ Pepsi.  Lunch was delicious though.

Time to go back home.  Would I finally get to rest?  Well, Donna got to rest.  She promptly flopped down on the couch and fell asleep.  Adam wanted to play so I entertained Adam until I was about to pass out.  Then Aaron called and said the car was ready.  I woke up Donna and asked her to drive me up there.  She got ready and told Adam to get in the car and he threw a fit.  He did not want to go, but he had no choice.  I picked him up and put him in the back seat and off we went.

We got to the mechanic and I paid for the repairs.  Aaron said they were sorry that they could not find anything wrong with the air, but if it happened again I should call them.  I got in my car and turned the air on.  The noise started immediately.  I screamed and used some choice words and then said the hell with it and drove home.

A short while later the cable guy called and said he’d be right over.  30 minutes later he showed up.  His name was also Adam, but to avoid any confusion we will call him Burt.  Burt was immediately able to repair the box with the HBO problem, so we went to go check on the box that kept re-booting.  It had just re-booted itself about five minutes before Burt arrived so I turned it on for him.  We waited for it to re-boot.  And we waited and waited and waited.  Nothing happened.  Burt and I sat and watched some football and talked for a while and about 15 minutes later we were still waiting for it to re-boot.  It never did.  Burt asked me if I wanted a new box (he had a brand new one of the new model with more DVR space on the truck) or if I wanted to keep my shows and hopefully the box had corrected itself.  Well, I was afraid that as soon as he drove down the street it would re-boot so I took the new box and decided that I would just have to go and watch my missed shows online.  Dang it.  Well, I do love the new DVR box and one of the cool things it does that the other one did not do, but I am not a fan of watching shows online.  I still have two episodes of Cougar Town left to watch and last weeks episode of Nikita to enjoy online and I will get to them soon.

It was almost 5:00 PM now and my day was shot.  I never want to have a day like that again.  My cheese was definitely moved.  In fact it was more than moved, it was thrown out the window, smashed by a truck and then eaten by rodents.




  1. What a crappy day!

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