Posted by: lylescott89 | November 3, 2010

Let’s Have a Toast for the Douchebags

Hey kids,

Forgive me for the Kanye West song line in today’s title, but I thought it really fit today.  Most of you are expecting me to go into a tirade about the republicans taking over the house and the idiots that were elected here in Florida.  Well, partially so, but not to the extent you may be expecting.  You see, that’s what makes me different from my republican cohorts.  I can show respect and I think that the country being strong trumps any political party.  I am not here hoping for elected officials to fail, like the republicans.  No I want them to succeed.  That’s an important detail that today’s republican party does not understand and yes, it is what makes me a better person than any of them.  I understand that when our leaders fail, we all fail.  Republicans, tea baggers and a whole lot of stupid people in this country don’t get that.

So yes, contrary to what anyone might think of me, I want those elected to do what is best for America and succeed.  All members of congress as well as all elected state officials need to work together to continue the economic growth that was started by President Obama.  However, I expect congress to continue to undermine the authority of the president and reverse so many of the good things he has done in the past two years.  Prove me wrong.  Please.

You see, Americans, as a whole, want things done now.  They wanted President Obama to fix everything overnight and that was just not possible considering the incredible mess he was handed.  Had McCain been elected he would have had the same problem, but would not have had the scrutiny that President Obama has had to suffer.  I’ve never seen anything like this kind of hatred before and it leads me to believe that it is pure racism, but let’s not go there right now.

But here’s the problem with the morons in this country wanting everything done now: they don’t vote for people, they vote against them.  That is the problem.  You can’t just keep changing things up every two years because things are not changing fast enough for you.  I am willing to bet that a vast majority of the morons that went to the polls went with the idea of voting out Democrats without even taking a look at the issues, the facts or anything else.  People see unemployment or an economy recovering too slowly for their tastes and they just vote someone out instead of looking at facts and voting someone in.  It’s a shame really because we do have a lot of intelligent and educated people in this country.  Unfortunately those of us who are intelligent could not get through to the thick skulled, impatient, closed minded and weak minded individuals that refused to listen.

The republicans did not care about the country when they headed into this election.  That’s what bugged me the most.  All they cared about was getting power.  They lied and lied and lied to get themselves back into power in the house (BTW, I have often said that all of congress should have an equal number of republicans and Democrats and they should be forced to work together accordingly.  No majority whatsoever.)  Anyway, the republicans lied and said that Obama had tripled the deficit when in fact the final budget from the incomparable idiot Bush was at $1.416 trillion while Obama’s first budget was reduced to $1.29 trillion.  A ridiculously high amount, but when you have something that big to reduce it is going to take time.  Oh, and remember when the republicans got stupid people to believe that the health care reform would cost $1 trillion when the facts showed that it would actually reduce the deficit by $138 billion?  And they said the stimulus did not work, when in actuality it did (albeit not as well as hoped, but hey, give it time people).  But my personal favorite was the bank bailouts that were requested by Bush and began before Obama was elected, yet he got all the blame for them.  Nobody spins lies like the republicans.

That said I hope that they wake up and instead of just going back to old policies that do not work that they please work together as a team.  We are all on the same team here, correct?  I want them to succeed because if they cannot work together we will see the end of America.  They seem to want a totalitarian state, yet they scream for less government.  Sadly, I envision a future where being ridiculed for going against the republicans will be the least of my worries.




  1. Way to go Lyle. Well said.

  2. You are awesome and I love you. Thank you for writing this. I am so lucky you’re my brother!

  3. Could not have said it better myself. Great blog

  4. Well-said, Lyle. I just don’t get it.

  5. Way to preach the truth!!!

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