Posted by: lylescott89 | November 15, 2010

The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few

Hey kids,

On Friday I added a post about my disdain for the closing of streets and such for a race.  I got a few rude comments from strangers.  The comments were written in such a way that I did not care for and did not post.  Frankly if you want to make a comment you need to make it constructive or I will not approve it.  The jerks that commented all had the anonymity one gains from the internet.  If you want to say something nasty please reveal yourself.  Otherwise I can’t have any respect for your words and I will ignore you.  They can write their own blogs if they so choose and I can ignore them there too.  There is no law that says they have to read this blog.

But, allow me to clarify a few things from Friday.  I do not have a problem with people that run, bike or swim.  You want to go for a run?  Have fun.  You want to swim?  By all means enjoy yourself.  A bike ride?  That’s fine too as long as you obey the rules of the road, unfortunately I come across groups of cyclists every weekend that completely ignore those rules.  Regardless, have your fun, but don’t close down the roads for a day to do all three.

The city and the people that organized this race year after year seem to believe that the needs of the few far outweigh the needs of the many.  What the people that nastily defended this to me were saying is basically that we don’t care:
• About parents that need to take their children to soccer games.
• That people are inconvenienced.
• That people need to run a business for their livelihood.
• That anyone needs to go to work.

Listen, I offered a viable alternative for this race.  Bus the bikers to a track and let them circle the track until they have gone their 200 miles or whatever it is.  Then go to another track and run around it until the 50 miles or so are done.  Easy as that and hardly anyone is inconvenienced.

But, whatever.  It’s over now and I don’t care any more.




  1. Well-said, Lyle.

  2. Lyle, I love to run and bike, but am also a doctor who has been closed off from a hospital for race/run. It drives me crazy that major thoroughfares are disrupted. I love to be active, but when the beeper goes off, I have to book it. No fun, but happy to be on call and help someone. I just wish these groups would be sensitive to the needs in the city they run/bike to allow personnel to make it where they need to be whether on a weekend or holiday. All of the participant’s input can make a difference!!
    Cathy, MD

    • You’ve made some excellent points. A few years ago the race blocked me from visiting my mother in the hospital. I had to wait until evening for the roads to be cleared to go. Again, this year that had not one, but two hospitals blocked off. Nice. Real nice.

  3. Great ideas Lyle! It defense was a pain in the rear, the good thing it was back to normal by 1p.

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