Posted by: lylescott89 | December 13, 2010

You Just Knew it was Monday

Hey kids,

I have another story from the never ending parade of strange things I
see and hear on a daily basis.  Today as I was driving to the den of
iniquity it was quite cold.  In fact the temperature on the bank I
pass every day said it was 39 degrees and with the wind chill it probably felt a good seven degrees colder.  It was a good morning to be in the car with the heater on.

However, I got behind a guy all bundled up like an Eskimo on a
motorcycle.  He was also being very festive as he was sporting a Santa hat.  As we turned the corner and I looked a little closer I saw that he was not only wearing a Santa hat, but also was wearing a gorilla mask.  Yes, that’s right.  There was a guy on a motorcycle wearing a gorilla mask and a Santa hat.  Not something you see every day.

I am guessing that the gorilla mask was in place to keep his face warm
and the hat was to make him look less creepy, though I am not sure if
that is possible.

Since I did not take a picture of him I figured I’d give you a photo of a hot girl in a Santa hat instead.  Trust me, it’s much better.



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