Posted by: lylescott89 | December 15, 2010

Goofy Holiday Traditions

Hey kids,

It seems to me that just about everyone who celebrates Christmas has a
tradition of some sort. Whether it be hiding a pickle in the tree or putting up the decorations in a certain order on a certain day, they are all important to us in our own little way. Here’s a little story that I think you kids will enjoy.

The year was 2003. We were having our first holiday as a family of three instead of just two and it was time to decorate the tree. As I unpacked the multitude of ornaments I found one that I did not recognize. It looked like Santa getting ready to administer a prostate exam. I had never seen anything like it. I asked Donna if she had ever seen it before and she said no. We were both wondering where it could have possibly come from because there is no way that either of us would buy an ornament that looked like Santa prepping for a prostate exam. And who would have given this to us as a gift? A urologist? Proctologist? Take a look and see what you think of him.

Bend Over Big Guy

The box shows that it came from Hallmark and while I do collect Hallmark ornaments I certainly had no recollection of buying a creepy Santa.  I asked my sisters and none of them recognized it either.  So we put the new ornament on the tree and named him Prostate Exam Santa. Every year when we unpack the ornaments PES pops out of the box and we wonder where he came from. Yet, every year that answer remains a mystery. PES always goes on the tree even though I still find him more than a bit disturbing. It’s just another Christmas tradition for us that gives us a good laugh every year. We discuss PES, wonder and theorize about his origin and then think about that poor reindeer that gets in his way.

At this point I think it’s a good idea for the origin of PES to remain a mystery because it makes him special. This is the eighth Christmas with PES on the tree and now it just would not be Christmas without him.



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