Posted by: lylescott89 | January 6, 2011

Birth, School, Work, Death

Hey kids,

Long ago I came to the conclusion that we have some of the world’s biggest idiots in this country.  Yesterday as I was driving home I was stopped at a light.  I was in the right turn lane behind three other cars.  The guy behind me started honking his horn and waving his arms wildly.  Then he started yelling “come on let’s go” as loudly as he could.  Now, this guy was a moron for many reasons:

1. The light was red.
2. I could see that the traffic was very heavy so there was virtually no opportunity to make a right turn on red.i-see-stupid-people
3. There were three cars in front of me so where exactly did he expect me to do about the situation?
4. He was driving a Ford.

So being a very passive aggressive person I decided to take matters into my own hands.  When the light finally turned green and we were able to go I got into the left lane as I always do since I eventually had to make a left turn anyway.  Then I got next to the car that had been directly in front of me and matched her speed.  Thus crazy waving hand guy was trapped behind two cars going 45 mph.  Crazy waving guy apparently wanted to go much faster, but he could not; so he just kept weaving back and forth between the two lanes hoping one of us would increase our speed.  It never happened.  Ultimately I had to get into the left turn lane and let crazy waving guy pass, but it certainly was fun while it lasted.  Maybe he really had to go to the bathroom really badly and he could only go at home or maybe he was rushing to meet his pregnant wife at the hospital, but I really did not care.  You act like a jerk and you should expect the same in return.

This leads me to what is easily the biggest group of idiots in this country:  the money grubbing republicans.  Yes, those idiots have been in charge of the house for how long now and have done absolutely nothing to lower the deficit.  In fact, these morons that so many of the dummies in America just had to vote for want to increase the deficit by some $230 billion!  Why you ask?  Because these clowns have no agenda whatsoever other than to undermine the authority of President Obama.  They want to repeal the historic health care bill for virtually no other reason that it was supported and championed by Obama.  Republicans apparently like the idea of approximately 32 million Americans not having health care.  They want people not to be covered for pre-existing conditions.  They want to have millions of children living with illness and in poverty.  The more the republicans can squash the little guys the better.  As long as money from insurance company lobbyists is flowing into the well lined pockets of republicans why should they care about anyone else?  And you know what is going to happen?  Those people that have been complaining about Obama and the deficit the past two years are going to applaud the republicans and say one of two things:

1. Increasing the deficit is necessary to keep health care out of the hands of the poor, the elderly and the underprivileged and/or
2. It’s all Obama’s fault anyway.

You see, the neither the republicans in congress nor their supporters can ever take responsibility for their own actions.  To them it is all about blaming someone else for the troubles that they have created.  We’ve seen that for years now and I am damn sick of it.  I wonder if we would we see this much hatred and divisiveness if Obama was white man?  I honestly don’t think so. The party of hatred and ignorance is back.

Did you know that these idiots spent the day in the House doing nothing bit reading the constitution.  That’s right, they played down to the lowest common denominator (tea baggers) and read the constitution out loud.  What a waste of time.  And how much does this reading cost?  Over a million bucks. No one wastes more money than republicans.  What a bunch of ass clowns.

By the way did you notice they voted a crybaby named Boner to lead them? Boner, like the kid on Growing Pains.  Oh, the headlines I can imagine from this one.

I’ve said it before and I’ll apparently have to say it again.  Most, if not all of these republicans, both the ones in congress and those that put them there, claim Christianity as their religion.  (Most of them also don’t realize that “a lot” is two words and not one, but that’s another blog)  They love Jesus, they praise him and quote him and yet they fail him in so many ways that I cannot even count.  They fail to live up to the standards he set for them.  His own people not caring about their neighbors or their fellow humans.  Shame on you!

I guess Jesus really is nothing more that a Miracle Caterer to you guys and you don’t even realize it.   I wish you people would just be honest and tell us that your one true god is money.  You don’t care about the poor, the injured, the elderly, etc.  You want money and you bitch and complain any time you have to give it up.

So if the republicans get their way we will see health care taken away from the people that need it the most and a much larger deficit for our country.  See what you assholes voted for?  Happy now?  No need to answer because I know you’re happy.




  1. Republicans can’t do anything like repealing health care because Obama would have to sign the legislation, not to mention it would have to pass the Senate. So they’ll just have a bunch of hissy-fits and nothing will get done, and it’s all Obama’s fault. Actually, a lot of it is Obama’s fault for not fighting for the principles that got him elected. All this capitulating to conservatives isn’t making anyone happy. Liberals are pissed because he’s let us down. Conservatives are pissed because they hate Obama no matter what. This is the end of America.

    Namaste. 🙂

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