Posted by: lylescott89 | April 19, 2011

Be Your Own Cathy May

Hey kids,

As some of you have already learned, I am somewhat obsessed with internet sensation Cathy May.  This poor girl has no shame.  She is easily one of the worst singers I have ever heard in my life, yet I cannot look away nor can I turn down the sound.  She is just plain awful, but from the looks of it I think that she thinks she is really good.  Sad?  Yes.  Hilarious?  Oh yes.  Take a look at Cathy as she sings Mamma Mia:

I have always said that there is no such thing as good poetry, but Cathy is poetry in motion.  She says hello to us.  She takes a drink.  She turns down the sound for us.  She winks at us.  She is just magical.  Plus she has an incredible wardrobe.

Who is Cathy May?  I don’t know and I don’t care, but I know that I would rather hear the painful sounds of her “music” than any generic, auto tuned singer that is popular right now.  I know you are just itching for more Cathy so here you go:

When it comes to internet sensations I am not easily impressed.  Remember that dopey kid that wanted to be the governor or mayor or whatever the heck he wanted?  people were fascinated by what appeared to me to be a bratty little kid with some serious issues.  That kid needed therapy.  Cathy May needs no therapy.  She is strong.  She dares to sing poorly for the world to hear.  She opens herself to ridicule, but cares not what you or I think.  Cathy May is brave.  Cathy May is what we should all strive to be.




  1. Hooray for Cathy May!!

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