Posted by: lylescott89 | June 16, 2011

If a Bunch of Drunks Did That to My Car I’d be Pissed.

Hey kids,

First off today I want to tell you how proud I am of Adam.  At the end of this school year we met with him and his “gifted” teacher for an end of the year conference/review.  Adam had to complete the following statement on one of his papers:  If I were in charge of the world I would…  Adam wrote that he would get rid of all the guns and make sure everyone had plenty to eat.  I have never been more proud of him.

I am not one to start something violent nor am I a person who partakes in alcoholic beverages, so it’s quite difficult for me to understand the rationale of those people that started the riots in Vancouver.  Now, let’s get this straight right now that the vast majority of the citizens in Vancouver did nothing.  It was only a couple of hundred angry drunks that have given the city a bad name.  And for what?  Because you were favored to win the Stanley Cup and lost it?  Because you were up 2-0 at one point and then lost four of the next five games?  Because you lost game 7 on your own ice?  I will never understand a bunch of angry drunks.  All I can say is that if I had been at the game and when I left found of bunch of idiots burning my car I’d have been really pissed.

Another thing I will never understand is the extreme hatred for Lebron James.  I will tell you now that I do not watch the NBA nor do I watch any basketball for that matter.  But what did he do that was so wrong?  Sign for millions of dollars to play in Miami as opposed to Cleveland?  Athletes become free agents every year and every year athletes spurn the team that nurtured them for greener pastures.  As far as I can see the only thing he did wrong was make a national TV show about his decision and frankly you can blame ESPN for that as well.  So leave Lebron alone.  He’s 26 years old and has a lot of years left in him to win a championship.  Remember that Dirk Nowitzki has been playing for 13 years and finally has a title and he lost on his first attempt as well.

The other thing that I have heard (and from more than one person) is that Lebron did not win because he did not have God in his life.  This led me to a couple of questions.

1. How in the world do you know anything about his private life?

2. Does this mean that you have come to the conclusion that every athlete that wins a title does have God in their life?

Seriously, can someone please explain that kind of arrogance to me?

I am paying as little attention as I possibly can to Casey Anthony.  Why is this national news?  Unfortunately a lot of children go missing and are found dead every year.  What makes this case national news?  I am actually appalled at some of the things I have read online about Casey.  Again, I have not been an avid follower of this case, but from what I have heard it sounds to me like she did not intentionally kill her daughter.

I did not watch the republican debate the other night because I am sure I would have vomited if I had, but I did see some highlights of the closed minded idiots babbling.  Some, if not all of them, want a constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriage.  Of course this is absolutely ludicrous to me and any sane person in this country, but it also smacks of irony.  These republican and tea bagging bozos are always screaming for less government and here they are now calling for further government intrusion into the lives of this country’s citizens.  If they really want to practice what they preach (which we all know they do not) all republicans would becomes staunch supporters of gay marriage.

By the way I really think the tea party needs to go back to using their original name: Nazi’s.

Now I also need some help from you kids.  I need you to come up with the punch line to this joke:  What do you get when you cross Casey Anthony with Anthony Weiner?   There is no prize for this, but the best answer will be featured in an upcoming entry.  Keep it clean kids.



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