Posted by: lylescott89 | July 25, 2011

The Journey Continues: I Never said it was Interesting

Hey kids,

Our first full day in Atlanta started with a delicious hot breakfast at the hotel.  Many hotels serve breakfast free with your stay, but some are obviously better than others.  This particular Marriott property put on a decent spread.

We spent the morning at the Georgia Aquarium.  Even though I had already visited the Georgia Aquarium in 2009, Donna and Adam were not with me and they both wanted to see it.  Plus they had dolphins now which they did not have when I visited.  We went there early to avoid the crowds and had tickets for the 11:30 dolphin show, known as Dolphin Tales.  How original.  Our hotel was not far away and we arrived about 9 AM.  After parking in the garage we used the tickets we had gotten at AAA and went right in.  Adam made the decision that the first thing he wanted to see were the whale sharks so off we went.

I’ll spare you the details of every minute at the aquarium, but I will tell you that it is a spectacular aquarium and is the world’s largest.  Well worth the trip if you ever get that way.  Dolphin Tales was a good show, but a bit on the cheesy side.  It was not particularly long, which is understandable, and it is an additional cost from the regular aquarium admission, which kind of sucks.  Was it worth it?  Based on the smiles from Adam I would say yes.

After the dolphin show we spent about another hour or so there before heading off to lunch.  I had promised Adam that he could get a bison burger at Ted’s Montana Grill and it was well within walking distance.  We walked through Olympic Park and it was miserably hot so when we arrived I was sufficiently sweaty and thirsty.  Adam ended up ordering the bison sliders and I went with bison with cheddar, bacon, grilled onions and mayo.  Toss on some lettuce, tomatoes and onions and you have one spectacular hunk of bison.  One of the specialties at Ted’s is the Salt & Pepper Onion Rings.  They are absolutely delicious and quite possibly the greatest onion rings of all time.  I should also mention that the service there is impeccable.

We walked again through Olympic Park and headed back to our car.  We stopped briefly at the fountains and offered Adam the chance to run through them as we had a change of clothes in the car.  Unfortunately for me Adam declined and said he’d rather just go back to the hotel and swim in the pool.  I was hot and wanted to run through the fountains, but would look silly without a child with me.  We had a big evening ahead so back to the hotel it would be for an afternoon swim and as always, a nap for Donna.

In the evening we headed to Turner field to see the Braves play the Rockies.  We were still full from our big lunch so we passed on dinner and decided if we got hungry we’d grab a snack at the ballpark.  We arrived about an hour before game time so we had plenty of time to wander, look around and pose for photos.  Adam decided he wanted a shot in the pitching cage.  He wanted to see how the radar gun would read his pitches.  It was $2.00 for six throws and Adam was, by far, the smallest person in line.  When it was his turn he stepped and got ready to throw.  He threw all six pitches in excess of 33 mph.  His best throw went 41 mph and he also threw a couple at 38 mph.  I was impressed.  The big goofy guys in line were impressed and the hot girls running the cage were also impressed.  The crowd applauded Adam as he stepped out of the cage.  It was cool.

We had great seats in the upper deck right behind home plate.  Adam loved the experience of his first Braves game.  He thought the park was beautiful and he really enjoyed the game.  We got a couple of hot dogs and some chips and it turned out to be a great game.  The Braves won 5-3 and Adam cheered ecstatically.

Getting out was not as difficult as I had thought for a couple of reasons:

1. Attendance was only 17,718.
2. We had Meagan, our GPS, to guide us out.

You see there was this huge line of cars in the left lane waiting to head north on I-75 which was the way we needed to go.  I went in the right lane past all those cars and right through the light.  Meagan recalculated and had me turn left at the next light and then another left.  Finally I was coming around the opposite side of all those yokels waiting to turn left.  Now she told me to turn right and I was instantly on I-75.  With the lights I am guessing it would have taken 15 – 20 minutes to get through had I not zipped around.  One must be willing to take chances and trust Meagan.

In a matter of seconds after we got back to the room Adam was asleep.  Frankly it did not take me much longer.  It was a great day with a ton of fun and some good eating.  What would Wednesday hold in store for us?  Keep reading.




  1. And a good time was had by all!

    Thanks for the good read.

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