Posted by: lylescott89 | July 27, 2011

The Journey Continues: Fernbank & Tin Lizzy’s

Hey kids,

It’s Wednesday!  After a hearty breakfast it will again be time for more fun and frolicking in Atlanta.  We slept in longer than normal, but then again we are all pretty tapped after that ball game.  Although if we had been there last night for the Braves & Pirates 19 inning marathon game we’d have probably slept all day.

When we asked Adam what he wanted to see other than the aquarium he looked through a book on Atlanta I had gotten from AAA.  He found the Fernbank Museum and said he wanted to go there to see dinosaurs.  Since dinosaurs are always cool and fun to see I agreed and off we went.

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History is in a beautiful building that opened in 1992.  It houses both permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as an IMAX theatre.  We arrived shortly after 10:00 AM.  Once you purchase your tickets you walk in on the second level to see a huge atrium with dinosaurs.  Adam could hardly believe what he was seeing.  A 123 foot long Argentinosaurus and a Giganotosaurus.  He was thrilled and while he knew there were plenty of exhibits to see he was drawn right to them.

Adam was also intrigued by these display boxes on the second level which had taxidermied animals.  Beavers, raccoons, ducks and bears all for Adam to see close up.  He loved it.

What he did not love was the IMAX film in which he chose to see.  When we bought our tickets we had to pick an IMAX film and a time.  I asked Adam what he wanted and he picked “Ultimate Wave Tahiti” starring surfer (and native Floridian) Kelly Slater.  Since Adam is fascinated by surfing and wants to learn how to surf I thought he made a wise choice.  However, he said it was boring.  Personally I thought it was fascinating.  It’s amazing to me to see professional surfers taking on giant waves.  Plus there were more than a few extremely hot women in bikinis which is always an important asset in any film.

Having survived the IMAX debacle we headed to lunch.  It was free hot dog day at the museum plus we had been told that the deli there was very good.  So while we each got a free dog, but that would hardly be enough for lunch.  Thus Donna ordered a salad while Adam and I ordered deli sandwiches.  He got the roasted turkey on white and I had the chicken bacon Swiss on sourdough.  Normally museum food sucks, but our sandwiches were quite tasty.  I would definitely eat there again.  Plus, you get to eat under dinosaurs and that is quite awesome.

We ended up spending the majority of the day there and left shortly after 3 PM.  Adam was hot and wanted nothing more than to jump in the pool so that’s what we did.  Donna, of course, took a nap.

After our swim we had quite a contentious debate on where to dine.  We all wanted something different and could not quite agree on anything.  Sounds like a bunch of politicians.  Adam wanted chicken strips which is pretty much what he always wants.  I wanted Mexican and Donna wanted something near the hotel that was also cheap.  Finally, with the help of Yelp, I found a place that would make us all happy and it was a mere mile and a half away.  Plus, Adam thought the name of the place was funny so we went to Tin Lizzy’s for dinner.

As it turned out the traffic made the mile and a half ride take more than twice as long as it should have, but that was okay.  Food was waiting for us.  They had limited parking so I dropped Donna and Adam off at the door and looked for a place to park.  Suddenly a guy ran out from behind a car and asked me to roll down the window.  He identified himself as the Tin Lizzy parking dude and told me where to park.  It was a bit odd and I wondered if I owed him a tip.  In the end I decided that since he did nothing more than say “see where the motorcycle is pulling out of?  Park there.” I did not owe him a tip.

My colleague Sir Griffin Stromboli will be offering a full review of Tin Lizzy’s over on his website so I will just give you the highlights: our server was cute, the food was delicious, we got a free dessert and we ordered way more than we should have.  If you would like to read Sir Griffin’s take on Tin Lizzy’s click this link.



After dinner I asked if anyone wanted to go to the mall or do any shopping and the vote was 2-1 in favor of going back to the hotel and relaxing.  (Yes, it was I that wanted to wander around themall)  So it was back to the hotel for us and ultimately back in the pool for me and Adam.  We were leaving the next day for Chattanooga so I suppose it was best that we rested.  I know you are wondering what happened in Chattanooga, but you’ll just have to wait for the next entry.



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