Posted by: lylescott89 | August 17, 2011

The Journey Continues: Nashville is Really Hot

Hey kids,

I am going to go over the next three days in Nashville all in one mighty blog; because as bored as you already are I just don’t want to make it any worse.  Since most of those three days were spent at the Assembly there is not a whole lot to tell, but there are some highlights.

One highlight would be the morning line at Starbucks.  Not because it was Starbucks, but because the people that got in line ahead of me each day seemed to be Starbucks illiterate.  By that I mean that they seemed to have no idea how to order despite the fact that saying “I want coffee” is not particularly difficult.  None of these people ever ordered anything like a half caf café mocha which takes a little time and thought.  Nope, they just ordered coffee and were somehow totally confused as to what size they wanted.

On Monday, after a delightful lunch at The Bridge inside the Renaissance, Donna had a meeting while Adam was with his kid’s group at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  I decided that I wanted to take a drive and see The Hermitage.  Now, as most of you know, the Hermitage was the home of President Andrew Jackson.  I had already visited Hermy in 1982 as part of a choir tour in high school, but I had little to no memory of the occasion nor did I have any photos and thus I decided that since it had been almost 30 years I had to return.  Unfortunately for me I chose one of the hottest days of the year to do so.

I had asked some friends if they wanted to join me, but they declined, so I went solo.
The drive out to see Hermy was very pleasant and it was remarkably easy to find, but as I arrived nothing looked familiar.  I went to the visitor center, watched the movie and toured the museum and then it was time to see the house.  Dang it was hot.  I was a pool of sweat almost instantly.  They had water coolers strategically placed to keep the guests hydrated and I certainly needed that.  Anyway, I spent a couple of hours touring the home and the grounds and found it to be very interesting.  I had only vague recollections of my prior visit, but that was okay.  I was still boiling hot when I got back to the hotel and went right to the pool.

On Tuesday we attended the Eureka College luncheon so there was need to walk outside.  Past luncheons have always been hit or miss with the food.  I think at the last Assembly I went out and got a post-luncheon lunch and I was wondering if today would be the same.  But no, this one was a hit.  The chicken was delicious and so was the dessert so I was pleasantly full.

Since Tuesday was now officially hotter than Monday I did the most natural thing while Donna attended yet another meeting: I went for a walk downtown.  Yes, I am a complete idiot.  I stayed on the shady side of the street for the most part and visited the downtown Nashville Hooters and had a lovely conversation with one of the girls working.  (They were not the least bit busy)  She asked me if I had been to Nashville before and I told her yes, in 1982.  This was remarkable to her as that was eight years before she was even bored.  Damn this getting old crap sucks.  Anyway, she gave me a pitcher of tea to drink as I was quite dehydrated and she allowed me to show off some photos I had taken of Adam.  Naturally she thought he was the cutest boy of all time.

I wandered around downtown for a while monger taking even more photos, but then headed back for another swim.  It was the only way to properly cool off.

But then it was time for dinner and we decided to visit Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.  There was a live band in there, which was loud, but nice, and the food was delicious.  I attempted to take a photo of Donna with the friends that had joined us, but as in most photos she has her eyes closed.  Must be all that napping.

Remember the other day when Adam and I went for a walk and got ice cream?  Well, that same old fashioned soda shop served lunch as well at very reasonable prices so we went there for lunch on Wednesday.  The chili dog was exceptional as was my chocolate malt.  After that Donna and I decided to do the self guided tour of the Ryman Auditorium.  Like the Hermitage, I had also been to the Ryman in 1982.  And once again I had very little recollection of it.  I did remember standing on the stage back then and I was able to find one photo I took of the stage back then, but it was pretty lousy.  Well, since 1982 they had completely renovated the Ryman and once again started using it for shows so there was now only a small part of the stage that was available to stand on.  Donna had never been there at all so I am glad I was able to take her as she really enjoyed it.  I think I was more impressed now than I was back then.

Then it was time for the dinner fiasco.  We had decided to have dinner with some friends and they asked for recommendations.  I offered several based on what I was told by a guy I know who actually lives in Nashville.  He said the best one was a bit of a drive, but well worth it.  Everyone seemed to think that was the best choice so we headed there.  It took a good 30 minutes to get there and we were already looking at getting back just in time for the final night of the Assembly.  Well, I dropped off the ladies at the door and parked the car.  When I walked inside they told me it was at least a 90 minute wait.  Yikes!  As it turns out a busload of people had just gotten dropped off.  If we had gotten there 10 minutes earlier we’d have been okay, but no, we failed.  Well I felt horrible and blamed myself for ruining everyone’s evening.  However, they all said it was not my fault and said I should not be kicking myself for this.  It was not my fault.

Despite their kindness I was still upset and now we had nowhere to eat.  We drove around seeking out a nice place, but could not find one and we ended up at O’Charley’s.  I had never been to an O’Charley’s before, but the ladies said it was good and we were starving so we had almost no choice.  Well, I ended up having a surprisingly delicious meal and was quite happy with everything there, especially the blond in the tight pants that was, unfortunately, not serving our table.

We got back to the convention center a little late, but not so much that anyone was mad at me.  I have great friends.  The next morning we’d be packing up and heading out yet again so be sure to come back for the details.  Thursday was an interesting day.  Well, at least more interesting than the past three.



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