Posted by: lylescott89 | August 22, 2011

The Journey Continues: Believe it or Not

Hey kids,

Saturday started early for Adam and Donna.  They returned to the fishing hole hoping that the fish would be a little more active and Adam would finally catch a fish.  I slept in.  Unfortunately Adam’s fishing luck was no better than it was the night before.  So when they finished they called and I prepared a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon & toast.

The day before when we were in Gatlinburg Donna had seen that they were having some sort of crafts show downtown and she wanted to go.  Because that would have bored me almost as much as an attempt to read The Help, I told Adam I would take him down the parkway and allow him to do anything he wanted.  We walked down the street and he was a bit overwhelmed by all the different attractions.  The conversations went something like this:

Me: Hey Adam, would you like to ride the tram to the top of the mountain?

Adam: Umm, No.

M: Hey Adam, would you like to try the hall of mirrors?

A: Umm, No.

M: Hey Adam, would you like to go to the Guinness World records museum?

A: Umm, No.

And this went on and on until Adam finally decided on something:  He said “daddy, I want to do Ripley’s Haunted Adventure!”

Me: Umm, No.

Adam noticed that the sign said that you had to be over six to get in so he was eligible.  However, I told him that he would be terrified and it would be a big waste of money.  Never mind that I would have also been terrified.  So we went to the ticket counter and asked the lady how scary it really was.  Her response?  Absolutely terrifying.  So much so that she refuses to go in.  She then said that we would be chased by a guy with a chainsaw at the end.  Adam’s eyes got very wide and he said there was no way he was going in.  Phew!

We walked a little further and then Adam decided that he wanted to go see the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Odditorium.  I reminded him that we had done Ripley’s in Orlando last summer, but he did not care.  He said that they had different stuff and he loved it so much he would not mind seeing more weird things.  So, Ripley’s was the winner.  When we purchased our tickets (with a coupon of course) the lady gave us a $1.00 off coupon for getting a mold of our hands inside.  I said I was not interested, but Adam thought that sounded really cool.  I told him if he was still interested when we got to that point we could discuss it further.

We ventured through the museum and they really did have a lot of different items so it was quite fun.  Adam got scared as we went through the chamber of horrors and I asked him how in the world he thought he was going to make it through the haunted attraction if he got scared at stuff that was just sitting still.  He giggled.

When we arrived at the halfway point we were then at the area where they made the molds of hands.  It was surprisingly inexpensive so I told Adam it was okay.  He had his hand cleaned and placed in cold water before he started getting his hand dipped to make the mold.  He thought this was great.  He chose to make his hand green, but declined to have his name written on it, which surprised me.

Donna texted us when we were about finished and said she was going to Calhoun’s for lunch and would order an onion loaf that may or may not still be there when we arrived.  We concluded our tour and walked to Calhoun’s for lunch.  There was still plenty of onion loaf left and the place was surprisingly un-crowded.  The day before when we walked by it was fairly well packed so apparently we lucked out.  I ordered the Calhoun’s Trio, which consisted of baby back ribs, hickory smoked pork and chicken tenders.  All were very, very good.  In fact, they were so good and I was so hungry I totally forgot to take a picture before I ate.  Sorry.

After lunch we headed back to the cabin for some afternoon relaxing and a little hot tub time for Adam and me.  Donna took; wait for it, a nap.  It rained a little bit, but nothing heavy.

There was one more thing that we had promised Adam and that was to play a little mini golf, which is absolutely plentiful in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area.  Adam said he wanted to go to Ripley’s Davy Crockett Mini Golf and that was not a problem since I had a coupon.  They had two courses there, but we were only going to do one.  Adam picked the one he wanted and we got started.  We did not keep score, so there is no way to know who won, but I will say that Adam got two holes in one as we played.  Very impressive.

We were not really hungry or ready for dinner yet so we decided to take one of the driving trails in the park.  It was still light out and the rain had cleared, but we were still one of the only ones on the trail, which was nice.  We stopped periodically for photo opportunities and such, but then we came across a mama bear and her three cubs.  We stopped, but wisely chose to stay in the car.  I tried to take pictures, but they came out horribly.  At one point mama bear stood up and started shaking a small tree and all three of her cubs came a running.  It was so cool to see.  Mama & babies also crossed in front of our car so we had to sit and wait for them to move along.  I can tell you now that we did not mind the wait.  Adam thought this was the best part of the entire trip.

Afterwards we headed back to the cabin and I made a delicious dinner of grilled garlic chicken with twice baked potatoes.  Yummy!  Adam and Donna chose to turn in early and I spent the rest of the evening with my Kindle.  It was glorious.

It was to be our last night in the cabin and we’d be headed home the next day after breakfast.  Not much to say about that right now, however, you can check back later for that installment.




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