Posted by: lylescott89 | August 27, 2011

A Stress Free Day in Indiana

Hey kids,

I spent Monday & Tuesday in Indianapolis, but really did not do a whole lot.  In my humble opinion that was absolutely glorious.  I used to always need to make sure my vacations included non stop entertainment.  Never a dull moment was my motto.  Now that I am older I really enjoy the do nothing vacation.  Thus it was with great pleasure that I was looking forward to these two days of little to do.

Monday started out with the discovery of my luggage.  Hip, hip hooray!  I asked my old bag what she did in Chicago without me, but she failed to answer.  That was not surprising to me.  Melissa had made some coffee so I headed downstairs and had a big cup.  Caffeine was a necessity.

Willy had worked during the summer at the Church Extension office downtown and he was being taken to lunch that day as a thank you.  Bill had a meeting to attend at the same office and Melissa was working so I was on my own.  So we drove downtown and they went to the office and I went across the street to the Circle Center Mall for a little down time.  If I had thought about it I would have brought my Kindle, but I was not thinking so I just decided to wander the mall.  It has been said by me and many others that two of the best places for girl watching are malls and airports.  I had seen a virtual babe-o-rama at the airports in Tampa & Chicago on Sunday so it was time to check out the local talent at the mall.  I was not disappointed and now realized that if I had brought my Kindle I probably would have not read more than a page or two.

I walked around the mall for a while and perused a few shops, but then decided to just grab a comfy chair, relax and girl watch.  Unfortunately for me I sat was too close to Auntie Ann’s Pretzels and the aroma was overwhelming.  I knew that I would soon be meeting Bill for lunch after his meeting, but I could not control myself.  One pretzel please!  The girl behind the counter made me a fresh, hot pretzel and even put a little extra salt on it for me.  The aroma was fantastic, but the taste was even better.  I sat back down and slowly enjoyed my treat.

About 30 minutes later I received the text from Bill saying he was done with his meeting and asking me to meet him at King David Dogs for lunch.  Now, if you have never been to King David’s I will tell you now that if you enjoy hot dogs you will never get a better one anywhere.  I’ve been there several times and have never had a bad meal.  The place is small and does not look like much, but don’t let that fool you.  On this day I went with The Chili Dog, which was a ¼ pound all beef dog topped with chili (with beans), cheddar cheese, chopped onions and spicy brown mustard served on a fresh baked Gonnella poppy seed bun.  I had my dog with a side of tater tots, a ½ pound chocolate chip cookie and an Arnold Palmer.  It was nirvana.

I don’t recall much from the rest of the afternoon, but I am thinking it involved nothing more than a nap and some video games.

That evening Bill & Melissa were headed to a sushi party at the home of one of his professors, and while I certainly could have gone they knew I did not like sushi and would be miserable.  So they had Willy take me to Bazbeaux Pizza.  Now I am not meaning to spend this whole blog telling you that Indiana has great food, but doggone it Bazbeaux makes one awesome pie.  We headed downtown to the location on Mass Avenue that Adam once dubbed “haunted pizza” due to the old brick building it was in and the creepy basement.  Well, haunted pizza was no more because they had moved to a new location directly across the street for reasons unknown.  Still on Mass Ave, but now facing the other direction.

Willy and I ordered a large Colossus, sans the mushrooms and black olives and substituting fresh garlic and pepperoncinis.  I have ordered this pizza three times now and I have suggested that they add it to the menu as the Lyle Special, yet they do not share my enthusiasm.  We had a very cute waitress and then we also had another girl in our area that was also quite attractive despite the fact she had soiled herself with some nasty tattoos.  It was also apparently “hot babe night” at Bazbeaux as there were several guests that fit that description.  We finished off the pizza and headed out for some frozen yogurt and then back home for more video games.

All in all it was a good, fun and relaxing day for me.  No stress whatsoever.  Tuesday would be quite similar, but you’ll have to wait to read that one.



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