Posted by: lylescott89 | August 29, 2011

My High School was Never Like That

Hey kids,

On Tuesday morning we all went to take Willy to his high school registration.  Willy’s friend, Nick, joined us as well.  For reasons that I never really fully understood Nick had already registered.  I suppose it had something to do with Nick being a freshman, but that did not really matter.  I had been to Willy’s school before, but never inside so I was kind of looking forward to it in an odd way.

However, before I get too far into my story please allow me you tell you a little about Nick.  He reminded me of Greg in the Brady Bunch, but I have no idea why.  I think he mentioned he lived in a house with three siblings and I could definitely relate to that.  (For the story of my life please go see Our Idiot Brother, now in theatres)

We arrived and were greeted in the parking lot by some kids that were chasing each other in pickup trucks and then going way too fast and spinning around.  I am sure there are many names for kids that do things like this, but the words that immediately came to mind were stupid and assholes.  We ignored them and went inside.

It is important to know that the entrance to the school consists of several doors, but only one magic door that was unlocked.  Some sort of crowd control issue I suppose, but then again it was the farthest door possible so I could only guess that it was part of a janitor’s ploy to annoy both parents and children.  I grabbed some bench and watched as student and parent alike tried hopelessly to find the right door.  I sat idly by until I saw a super hot mom and her equally hot daughters walk up.  As any good person would do, I got up and ran to the door to open it for the hot girls.  (I should add that, despite the backlash that will likely come of this, girls were not this hot when I was in high school.  I have no idea what happened in the last 30 years, but I am all in favor of it)

After a tour of a portion of this rather large school and some relaxing in the auditorium, it was time to leave.  The creepy kids’ trucks were still out there and I think the football team was practicing too.  The weather was quite pleasant.  Melissa had to go to work, but the rest of us decided to head out and have a late breakfast/early lunch.

After a brief stop at the house to drop off Melissa we went to Sophia’s for breakfast.  I had never heard of the place, but was looking forward to it nonetheless.  I ordered biscuits & gravy along with some scrambled eggs and bacon.  I cannot recall what Bill or Willy ordered, but I can tell you that Nick got this great looking stack of cinnamon apple pancakes.  He said they were good and while my biscuits & gravy were not the best I had ever had, they were still quite delicious.

As we talked at breakfast I was getting a little disappointed that Nick was not going to be joining us on the trip to Cleveland.  He was very nice, funny and had some interesting things to say.  He and Willy actually taught me some things about Cleveland that they learned on YouTube.  Things I had never known.  These are now things I have chosen to share with you, my loyal readers.  Here is the first video:


Unfortunately I cannot embed the second video, but here is a link:

Hastily Made Cleveland Video Second Attempt

They really want to make you just get up and go to Cleveland, don’t they?  Okay, so now you know I really wanted Nick to go with us so he could protect me from danger.  Fine, now you know I fear crippling depression.

After an afternoon of playing more video games and most likely another nap, we headed out to Shallo’s Antique Restaurant & Brewhaus for dinner.  There was only one thing I wanted and I knew they had it: breaded tenderloin.  But before I get to that I should tell you that the hostess was as cute as any hostess I had ever seen and our waitress was as well.  With that out of the way I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the tenderloin.  The breading was exceptional and the flavor was amazing.  I just added a bit of Tabasco and some mayo to make it a complete sandwich.  As you can see by the photo the bun hardly covered the meat and that is exactly what you would want in any tenderloin.

I wish I could tell you that something interesting happened in the evening, but not hardly.  We were off to Cleveland the next morning and although we were not leaving at any sort of exceptionally early hour I still wanted plenty of rest prior to the road trip.  What happened on the road and that first night in Cleveland?  Find out next time.



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