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For those about to Rock…

Hey kids,

The breakfast buffet at a hotel can be hit or miss.  I’ve been at places that served what amounted to a feast and others that were not more than watered down OJ and muffins.  We were treated to a feast.  Scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, Sausage McMuffins, oatmeal, bagels, pancakes, French toast and waffles that you could make yourself.  Each and every morning at the hotel they served this buffet in a huge, ornate room and each and every morning I pigged out.

Thursday morning was sunny and cool.  It was in the upper 60’s and we decided to walk to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Only Willy and I were going as Bill did not have much interest, but he did walk down there with us.  As we walked we discussed the Cleveland videos and even saw the thing that the people there think is art.  But before we got too close to that art we saw a giant bunny in front of the courthouse.  We thought it may be one of those things where different companies decorate something and they auction them off.  I’ve seen it with cows, turtles, dolphins, etc.  However, we had already seen several guitars around town and it was clear that those were the selected works of art that were the symbol of the city.  The bunny was a mystery, but it was cute.  We determined that the bunny was the guardian of the courthouse.

We arrived at the hall and it was a beautiful building.  Right on the edge of Lake Erie we were certainly getting a cool breeze off the water.  I could only imagine what this place would be like in the middle of winter.  Although it does not look like it, the building actually has seven levels of exhibits.  It was kind of like a maze in there and there were escalators going all over the place.  The lobby is bright and shiny as it is right under that big glass pyramid and the museum itself houses both permanent and temporary displays.

I had already purchased our tickets through AAA so there was no reason to wait in that long line.  No photography is allowed inside the exhibit areas so my camera was rendered useless.  They had a place where you could check your camera (and coat in the winter), but the girl said it was not necessary as long as I promised not to take any pictures.  I gave her my word.

We walked in to the first level and were introduced to the world of music.  There were many displays showing the history of rock & roll.  Of particular interest were the permanent displays which emphasized the music scenes of different cities: Detroit, Memphis, NY, San Francisco, Liverpool, London, LA and Seattle.  There were also extensive displays featuring The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix.  Outfits worn by performers were on display in another section.  Bands such as Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac and ZZ Top as well as solo artists like Michael Jackson.  I was really impressed to see the shaggy drum set that ZZ Top once used, the pointe shoes that Stevie Nicks wore on the cover of the Rumours album and Michael Jackson’s glove.  Willy and I lost track of time when we were in there.  It was like being in a fantasy world of music where there were no clocks, no jobs, no business, just music.

We came across a theatre showing the 25th anniversary concert from 2009.  The sound and clarity of the film were exceptional.  When we walked in we could see Metallica on stage and they were welcoming Lou Reed to perform with them.  Lou sang “Sweet Jane” and his performance was incredible.  The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, performed Iron Man/Paranoid with them and lost his glasses in the process.  That was funny.  Ray Davies came out and sang “All Day and All of the Night”.  Finally, Metallica jammed on their best known song, “Enter Sandman”.  The concert would continue to play, but we had plenty more to see so we moved on.

Eventually as we toured we came to the actual area where the hall of fame inductees were located.  In the curvy part was a wall with all the signatures of the inductees.  That was pretty cool, but I think I would have liked it a little better if there was more of a display for each artist, producer, innovator, etc.  They did have a large room with three big screens showing the inductees year by year.  It was run on a continuous loop and we watched from 2005 – 2011.  We saw bands such as Black Sabbath, Blondie, R.E.M., The Ronettes, The Hollies and Genesis.  We saw solo artists like Madonna, John Mellencamp, Miles Davis, Alice Cooper, Darlene Love and Patti Smith.  What we did not see were The Sex Pistols.  Oh those crazy kids.  They refused to attend the ceremony and instead wrote a poorly written letter in which they referred to the hall as a “piss stain”.  As you can see the letter was pretty funny.

The major temporary display at this time was “Women who Rock” and it was located on the upper levels.  Stories of women who pioneered rock & roll were mixed in with memorabilia.  It featured clothes worn by Aretha Franklin, Ann & Nancy Wilson, Deborah Harry, Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett and many others.  Oddly enough it also had outfits worn by Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, neither of which I would consider in the category of women who rock.  However, I will admit that Carrie is unbelievably hot despite the fact that her music sucks.  But my favorite item was the meat dress and matching shoes that Lady Gaga wore to the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010.  The display also featured the story of how the outfit was preserved by a taxidermist.  Gross, yes, but still very impressive.

We had seen virtually the entire museum and were now starving.  After a stop in the gift shop we walked back to the hotel to meet Bill and then over to the Hard Rock Café for a late lunch.  The Hard Rock seemed most appropriate after the morning we had.  We were served by a beautiful blond named Erin and lunch was delicious.

After an all too brief nap we met up again in the lobby for the night’s baseball game.  We were still pretty stuffed from our late lunch so no need to have dinner.  We thought we might get something at the ballpark, but that never happened.  Our seats tonight were in the upper deck, but right behind home plate.  We could see everything.  They were very good seats as far as we were concerned, but it was a bit of a letdown after the nirvana of the previous night.  Justin Verlander was pitching for Detroit and he got the win that night as the Tigers won 4-3.  Fausto Carmona pitched well for the Indians as well, but just not well enough.  There were several times I looked down into the dugout suite and was angry at whoever was in my seat.
After the game we were starving.  So we made our way overt to Harry Buffalo for a late evening snack.  I did not want anything too heavy, so I ordered a buffalo chicken wrap.  The service was slow.  Very slow.  We were all tired and just kind of staring at each other waiting for our food.  Every time a server went by with food for someone else my mouth was watering.  I was so hungry I could hardly handle it.  After what seemed like hours our food finally arrived.  My wrap was very spicy and quite tasty, but it was still a little disappointing after waiting so long.  I finished it off pretty quickly, paid and went back to the hotel.  I was beat to a seal pup tired and could not wait to get into my glorious king sized bed and sleep.

Again, we made plans for breakfast the next morning at 8:30.  I’ll give you a free preview now and tell you that I was a tad bit late as I overslept.  If you want to hear any more about Friday you’ll have to check back later.




  1. BUNNY!! That is so weird. I didn’t see the bunny when I was in Cleveland. I did see the guitars. Man, I would love to see painted bunnies like that all over Tallahassee. 🙂

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