Posted by: lylescott89 | September 28, 2011

Why Yes I am a fan of both Football & Baseball

Hey kids,

As most of you know I am a fan of two sports: football & baseball.  I don’t waste my time with basketball and I am not a hockey guy either.  The Olympics don’t really interest me and golf is not a sport, it’s an activity so that wouldn’t count even if I liked it.  So I pride myself in knowing a lot about my two favorites.  I used to take it personally when a team I was rooting for lost, but no more.  That’s just a waste of energy.  And while I understand that not everyone cares for the two sports I love, I certainly do not like being made fun of for my passion.  That has happened a lot and quite frankly I find that ridiculous.  But what I really despise is when someone who clearly knows little about the sports starts talking like they are an expert.  Some examples of what has happened to me recently follow.

An old friend of mine who I will call Alison lamented on facebook that her Bears had lost that Sunday afternoon and she was sad.  I commented that I had just had a good Sunday since my Bucs had won.  She said nothing in response, but then someone whom I do not know made a nasty comment to me that I will not repeat here because this is a family blog.  I will call this someone Toni the Bitch or TTB for short.  TTB was obviously upset that my “Bucks” as she called them had beaten her Vikings and apparently thought I had something to do with her team folding in the second half and blowing a 17 point lead.  She then went on to say that her team was the better team and technically won that game.  Well, I could not let that go.

It was obvious to me that TTB was not a very intelligent person based on her comments alone, but the fact that she had virtually no spelling ability and her grammar was poor certainly cemented that theory.  I pointed out to her that her team was beaten by the Bucs and not the Bucks, who happen to play basketball in Milwaukee.  I asked if she could please explain the logic of how her team won by scoring less points than the opponent.  This was answered by further obscenities and stupidity followed by an accusation that I was the instigator.  All I said was that I was happy and she responded with an f you.  To me she was the instigator.  Thus I took the high road and dropped it, but since she would not I had no choice but to block this evil person and report her as abusive.  I’ll hopefully never have to see a post from this person again and she will not be hearing from me.

In the second scenario I was the instigator, but only because someone was showing a lack of knowledge and I could not hold back.  This guy, who we will call Blake, said that he was going to see the Falcons play the Bucs in Tampa.  Then he added that “both teams suck”.  I called him out on this because it’s just not true.  I was probably a little too assertive in my statement, in which I said that Blake had limited NFL knowledge.  Whether he truly does I do not know, but what I can tell you is that he was clearly wrong.  Allow me to demonstrate:

• The NFC South is arguably the strongest division in the NFL
• In 2010 the Falcons were the top seed in the NFC playoffs with a 13-3 record
• In 2010 the Bucs were 10-6 and lost the playoff tiebreaker to the Packers, who went on to win the Super Bowl
• Both teams, along with the Saints, are expected to contend for the division title
• The game was scheduled for 4:15, which most NFL fans know is the time that the bigger games of the day are scheduled.  The only other NFC matchup at that time was Packers/Bears.

Blake later responded that he still believed that these two teams sucked and that they were no better than high school teams.  Now, even the worst team in the NFL would smash any high school team.  We all know that so this comment was ridiculous.  Granted, I started this with my comment so it is my fault and I will accept the blame, but I will not make that mistake again.  I have just learned that I need to allow those that are not knowledgeable about the NFL to just remain that way.  No more comments from me.

In this third scenario I want to bring up my good friend whom we will call Vlad.  As far as I know, Vlad has no interest in any sport.  Vlad does not watch football nor does he watch baseball to my knowledge.  And you know what?  That’s perfectly fine.  Vlad has never said to me that I am dumb for watching these sports.  Vlad never tries to talk about football or express an opinion.  He just ignores it and I respect that way more than I respect people that think good teams suck or tells me f you when their team loses.  Bottom line is this: if you know nothing about football or baseball please do not try and discuss it with me.

And now our final scenario, which we will call number four.  There is a guy that seems to want to desperately make conversation with me, but knows of nothing he can ask me about other than the Bucs or the Rays.  We’ll call this guy Chumley.  This would be fine if Chumley actually cared or knew what he was talking about.  It’s almost as if he looks and sees something in the paper in the morning and then brings up the subject to me.  Then he asks his question and I give my answer and this is what happens: I give an answer which is often very detailed and I just watch his eyes glaze over and lose interest.  You see, Chumley is just trying to be friendly, but when I happen to know what’s going on I have no choice but to comment even though I can tell he has zero interest in my answer.  The fact that someone has that much interest in me to just stand there and listen to me drone on and on is, quite frankly, frightening.



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