Posted by: lylescott89 | October 7, 2011

Yankees Lose Ha, Ha, Ha!

Hey kids,

In the Faustian musical Damn Yankees the hapless Washington Senators sang a song called “Heart”.  In it they sang about how playing baseball was more than just being able to hit the ball because you “gotta have heart” to be a success.  After watching the hated Yankees lose last night I realized that they may have million dollar players, but the one thing they do not have is heart.

Now I am a lifelong Yankee hater so I took great pleasure in watching them lose last night.  Seeing A-Rod strike out three times, including the final out of the game, made me cheer and laugh.  I’m pretty sure I did a little dance as well.  Honestly I think I get more satisfaction of watching the Evil Empire lose than I do in seeing teams become victorious.  All that money, all those stars, all those fans and pseudo fans could not get them a championship this season.  To me the Yankees are a bunch of individuals and not a team at all.  Sometimes that will get you a title, but more often times it leaves you short of your goal.

But do not feel sorry for those players as they go home to beautiful wives and girlfriends in their multi-million dollar mansions.  I only wish I had such a problem as that.  Jeter always seems to have a beautiful girl on his arm.  Recently he and Minka Kelly broke up, reportedly because he did not want to commit.  I’m telling you now that if I was single and had a relationship with Minka I would do anything and everything to make sure she stayed with me.

As the game ended and the Tigers celebrated I watched the fans look dour and cry.  I cannot tell you how good that made me feel.  I was so pumped up I could hardly get to sleep.  They have now gone two straight years without a title.  Oh the horror of it all!

I should also mention the Rays and the great season they had to just make the playoffs.  That was as exciting a regular season finale as there could possibly be, but it was met with a first round playoff exit.  That’s the difference I guess in being a fan of the game and of a team that is not expected to do anything great.  When they do something fantastic, like make the playoffs a year after the team lost some of its best players, it brings great joy to me.  After game one of the playoffs and with their best pitcher, James Shields, starting game two I was convinced the Rays would advance.  However, when I watched Shields fall apart in the fourth inning of game two I knew it was over.  Not just that game, but the entire series.  I had zero confidence going into games three and four that the Rays would advance and unfortunately I was correct.  The Yankees and their fans could never admit to something like that nor could they accept it.  It’s the arrogance they have that helps makes them so hated.

But let’s give it up for the Tigers.  They had no pressure on them at all in this series because they were not expected to win.  They went into Yankee Stadium and did what they had to do and frankly they made it look easy last night.  They outplayed them.  Jim Leyland is one of the good guys in the game of baseball.  He’s an old time baseball man and in a few years there will not be too many of those left.  I’ll be cheering for the Tigers in the ALCS and in the World Series should they get there.

I also have to give a laugh out to the Fox network as they have the rights to broadcast the ALCS.  You know darn well that they were distraught when the Red Sox collapsed and did not even make the playoffs.  For crying out loud at the beginning of September they started running promo ads for the ALCS and it featured the Red Sox and Yankees.  They lost the Sox early and now they have lost the Yankees.  They have to be pissed and I love it.  Baseball should not be about one team dominating every year.  Heck, I’m sick and tired of the Phillies as well.  (Go Cardinals) It’s fun to see new teams make the playoffs and that makes the postseason substantially more interesting to me.  Maybe you lose those big markets like New York, but if they are not watching then they are not baseball fans to begin with.  (And most Yankees fans are not fans of baseball to be perfectly honest.  They like having on their Yankees gear, but know little about the game.  Not all of them, but many.)  I am a baseball fan first and the more exciting and new teams in the postseason the better.  Not Yankees fans.  It’s their guys or nothing.  That’s childish.

So goodbye Yankees, it’s nice to see you leave the party early once again.




  1. Ha ha! I’m so happy when the Yankees lose. And I’m even happier now that the Cardinals are in the World Series!! Let’s Go Cards!! Woohoo!

    P.S. I’m a HUGE fan of your blog. You are very funny. Thank you for the laughs!

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