Posted by: lylescott89 | January 31, 2012

Cruising on the Carnival Paradise: Hello Mexico

“Oh Mexico, It sounds so simple I just got to go.  The sun’s so hot I forgot to go home, guess I’ll have to go now.” – James Taylor

Hey kids,

Day three of the cruise started off pretty much the same way with me sleeping in.  When I awoke I looked out the window and saw…another ship.  I figured we had docked in Mexico and I would be exploring after breakfast.  After I cleaned up there was a knock on the door.  It was Mike.  I asked him what time he was leaving for his Mayan ruins excursion and he told me it was canceled.  I felt bad for him, but was pleased that he would be joining Brad and me as we wandered the little Mexican village.

It’s not that I am against shore excursions; it was just that I did not want to be bothered with anything on the cruise.  I wanted total relaxation and thankfully that was what I got.  The girls took a dune buggy ride which included snorkeling and such.  They did invite me, but I declined.  I am sure it was fun, but it was way more work than I was willing to do on this trip.

I found that when people go on shore excursions they close up most of the breakfast stations earlier than normal.  So with only one buffet line open I was a tad limited in my selections.  After first breakfast I went for more, but the line was excruciatingly long so I went to have an omelet made for me.  It was a very good omelet, but nothing compared to the masterpiece I had in Atlanta three years ago.  That was an award winning omelet.

We disembarked and the weather was perfect.  Sunny and about 74 degrees.  I teased Mike and Christina when we saw a Mayan ruins fountain and told them the reason they could not see the ruins today was because they were flooded.  As Christina shopped we looked around and found that Gummy, Desirae & Shianne were also shopping as well as the comedian from the previous night.  We also noticed that the t-shirt shops all had an abundance of bizarre and somewhat offensive and/or obscene items.  I wondered aloud as to what kind of person would go to Mexico and bring home a shirt with a cartoon drawing of a guy drinking a beer while simultaneously getting lucky with a fish.  Where does one wear such a shirt?

As we wandered from shop to shop I took a few photos and we continued to chat.  I bought some hot sauce (which turned out to be quite hot and quite delicious) and some magic vanilla.  After a couple of hours I felt a bit parched and ready for lunch so I said I was ready to get back on the ship.  Christina wanted to explore the actual city of Cozumel and Mike, despite having what appeared to be walking pneumonia, agreed to go with her.  Me?  Well, you know that I was thinking that if I went I would be kidnapped and tortured by some crazed Mexican drug lord and then forced to become one of his drug mules so naturally I declined the opportunity to join them.  We took their packages back to the ship and I secretly wondered if I would ever see them again.  They said they would be gone just a short time and would meet me near the pool.

Brad and I dropped of our packages at the room and then headed to lunch.  I went through the buffet as usual and then followed it up with an incredibly delicious pastrami & corned beef on rye.  Dang that’s a fine sandwich.  I have got to get me another one soon.  After lunch I headed back to the cabin, changed into my swimwear and made my way back on deck with my Kindle.  I checked out a towel and proceeded to relax.  I should also add that if you are lying on the deck of a ship for more than two seconds you will be bombarded countless times by someone asking if you needed/wanted a drink.  I always politely declined and stuck with my Arnold Palmers.

As I kept my eye out for Mike I was thrilled to be enjoying the weather and the peace and quiet on deck.  I had the pool and the slide almost all to myself for most of the day, but when I was not in my lounge chair I was normally in the not so hot tub.  There were several hot tubs on board, but only one that was lukewarm and that was my favorite.  My peace and quiet was interrupted by a band, but even that did not bother me.  Nothing was going to bother me on this day unless I was captured and dragged into the Mexican jungles.  And since I was back on the ship there was little chance of that happening.  Still, Mike and Christina were nowhere to be seen.

I had a couple of chili dogs and a burger and then returned to my book and relaxing on deck.  Not surprisingly the chair I was using was still available and I plopped myself right back down in it.  After a little while I made my way back to the not so hot tub and was joined by an older couple.  I said hello and found out they were Vernon and Sandra from Tallahassee, or as they liked to call it, lower Alabama.  Sandra told me she was originally from Kentucky.  I did not care, but I nodded and acted like I did.  After they ordered some wild and crazy drinks (a coke and a diet coke) Vernon began reading a book.  Sandra kept talking and she would occasionally say things like “isn’t that right Vernon?”  To which Vernon would always reply “mm-hmm”.  Then a younger couple joined us.  He was overly tattooed and she was overweight. (Yes I realize I am the pot calling the kettle black, but when a woman wears a bikini that small she should make sure she looks good in it and not like the Michelin Tire Man covered by a bandana)

As I came to the realization that Mike and Christina were never showing up on deck and were probably now residing in a Mexican prison I wondered what I should do next.  I figured it was time to get out of the sun and find myself a quiet place indoors to continue my reading.  I went back to the room, changed and then headed off to the café for another coffee beverage.  (Kindle still in hand)  I met my favorite Russian barista and ordered myself a mochachino.  She said she would take good care of me and add extra chocolate and whipped cream.  Again, I realize that she probably does the same for everyone, but I still was thinking that she thought I was cute and if I was single I’d have a date for the evening.  The mochachino was, of course, delicious.

After I finished my coffee I wandered the deck for a while and enjoyed some last glances of Mexico as the sun was going down in the sky.  It was almost time for dinner and I once again got changed and made my way to the dining room.  When we arrived Gummy and the girls were already there, but Mike and my girls were not.  I knew that Mike was desperately trying to escape his captors, but where were the ladies?  Had the jeep flipped?  Were they lost at sea while snorkeling?  I had no idea, but I knew it was bad.  After a few more minutes Mike and Christina arrived and told us about how they met up with some other tourists and they all safely enjoyed a visit to one of the beaches of Cozumel.  Phew, what a relief.  But my girls were still missing.  After we ordered they finally arrived and I was relieved.  They told us of all the fun they had and of the poor guy that was stuck in the jeep with them.  That could have been me.

As always, the service at dinner was exceptional and my meal was delicious.  I think I had the roasted pork, but frankly I can’t remember.  Nicky Boy did remind us that the Mexican Fiesta would be served on the Lido Deck at 11:00 PM and we all made plans to be there.

After dinner we made our way to the top of the ship and enjoyed the fresh, cool breeze.  It was incredibly windy up there as one would expect, but that was okay.  Christina started making the rounds on the track while I took a few night shots with my camera.  After a while Brad made his way back to the cabin for some rest, Christina went and did something and Mike & I grabbed some lounge chairs, listened to the band and spent a couple of hours just chatting.  Naturally, Desirae and Shianne were right there dancing to the music.  I really wonder what it’s like to be able to dance without pain.  Dang I hate getting old.

The Mexican Fiesta was extraordinary.  First of all as we were seated the fun people on the ship were all up and dancing things called the electric slide and something known as the chicken Macarena.  It was bizarre to watch, but fun.  As the fun people danced I was able to get through the buffet line with little resistance.  There were tacos, chimicangas, nachos, churros and all sorts of goodies.  It was not exactly what I needed to be eating at that hour, but I limited myself to just one plateful so I guess it was okay.

I got back to the cabin shortly after midnight and went right to sleep.  One more day to go and it would be spent at sea.  What kind of adventures were waiting for me on Sunday?  Keep checking back and you’ll learn.



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