Posted by: lylescott89 | April 17, 2012

BuccaneerBoy, Loren the nut and that Lying Liar Romney

Hey kids,

I must apologize for my recent absence.  I have no valid excuse, however, I will tell you that I have been working on writing my first book and that has been taking up a lot of my time.  The subject of the book is proprietary for now, but I can tell you that is in the non-fiction genre.  There will be more on this book later, but for now I have a quick story to share as well as a couple of comments about the biggest liar in the country and a little reminiscing.

First of all, as most of you know I have been an avid Tampa Bay Storm fan and have been a season ticket holder for a few years now.  One of my passions, besides the game,  is photographing the beautiful ladies that comprise the Tampa Bay Storm Cheerleaders (formerly known as Dancers).  If I can I attempt to get to the forum early enough to greet them outside for photo opportunities.  Whether I do that or not, I always stay after the game and greet them down on the field.  I post all of these photos on flickr under the name BuccaneerBoy.

Now let’s jump to this past Friday night when I was outside with the lovely ladies when a man came up to me and said hello.  I said hello back and he introduced himself as…well, I don’t remember, but he said “I know you, you’re BuccaneerBoy”.  I said I was in fact and he told me that he was a big fan of my photos.  I was honored that my work was at least appreciated by one person.  I also noticed that he had a camera that was the type that a professional photographer or at least a person really serious about photography would use.  I wondered if he was just being nice telling me my pictures were great or if he really believed that.  No matter, I was noticed for my work and it made me feel pretty good.  Much better than the time some guy stopped me in the bathroom at Hooters and asked me if I was BuccaneerBoy.

It is also common knowledge that I am a huge Howard Stern fan and listen to his show every day.  Even when his show is a rerun I still listen.  He’s just that good.  But, there are times during the day, after his show has ended, that I switch to music.  Today I was feeling a bit stressed so I thought I’d spend a little time listening to some New Age music.  Now, I have never been a huge New Age fan, but I have often listened for the relaxing aspects of it.  It has always had a calming feeling, which is probably why it is used so much in spas.

Anyway, for some reason as I listened to the soothing sounds today I was reminded of a time about 25 years or so ago that I was sitting at dinner with some friends.  One of my friends, let’s call her Loren, said that she was “shocked” at what she had just learned that day.  We all looked at her with anticipation just wait8ing to hear something shocking.  This is what Loren said…”I just found out today that the Grammy’s now have a category for New Age music”.  There was an audible gasp from the table.  I looked around wondering what the heck the problem with that was and thus I decided to make a joke.

“Well”, I said, “They’ve been giving Grammy’s away for Country music for some time now and that crap sucks.  It’s only fair they add a category for a genre that is actually good”.  (Insert more audible gasps here)

I had no idea what I had said or had done and I had no idea what was wrong with New Age music.  So, being 25 or so years dumber I asked what was wrong with New Age music.  (More gasps)  Allow me to paraphrase what Loren said, if I may.   Loren started going on and on about how New Age music is anti-Christian.  She said it was just another way for the devil to get his grip on you.  Loren went on about how it was evil and was pagan music and was designed to get you as far from Jesus as possible.  I said I had no idea and that I thought she was being kind of silly.  (Huge gasps)  Luckily, the subject was dropped and the gasps ended.  I often wonder whatever became of Loren, what she is doing now and whether or not she still thinks as backwards as that.

And speaking of thinking backwards we now arrive at the biggest liar in the USA: Mittens Romney.  I despise Romney.  The fact that there is one person in this country willing to vote for this liar is astounding.  Any woman that would cast a vote his way is a complete and utter idiot.  Romney is guided by his hatred for President Obama and his hatred for anything that he does not believe in.  Electing this dumbass would be the death knell for the middle class and the poor.  He has already said that the poor do not matter to him.  Any dog lover should run and hide from this dope lest he create some law saying that all dogs need to be strapped to the roof of your car on road trips.  I looked up some of his alleged lies on Politifact and found that everything I thought he lied about, he did.  Let’s take a look at some of this man’s lies:

“Obama failed to pass a budget”  – Hey dumbass, that’s the job of congress, not the president.  Blame your idiot republican cronies in the House for that one.  The president can make recommendations, but ultimately it’s not his job.

“Barack Obama is the only president to ever cut $500 billion from Medicare.”  And “Barack Obama is ending Medicare as we know it.” – Um, no dipshit.  The health care law does not cut Medicare.  Have you ever tried looking up facts before you speak?

“In the 2012 State of the Union address, President Obama didn’t even mention the deficit or debt.”  – There were actually six mentions, but who’s counting?

“Women account for 92.3 percent of the jobs lost under Obama.”  And “What president has the worst record on female labor force participation? Barack Obama.”  – Sorry asshole, both lies.  I bet you’ll never hear Romney tell you about the over 5 million jobs  that men lost in the last years under that dimwit Bush because Romney wants to go back to all those policies that got us in trouble in the first place.  Seriously, how could anyone vote for this guy?  A lot of Romney’s lies come from the fact that he believes that Obama is responsible for everything bad that happened prior to his taking office.  Bush gets none of the blame with him.

Look, President Obama is not perfect, but he’s done a heck of a lot for this country.  Romney wants to repeal the health care law and put millions of people out there without proper health coverage.  I don’t know about you, but I actually prefer everyone being healthy as opposed to a select few.  The guy also wants to end Planned Parenthood, which offers many, many services for women beyond simple birth control.  Besides, there are way too many people in this country to begin with.  I’m all for more birth control.

Romney is not just a liar, but he’s a fool.  He does not care about you unless you are one of his billionaire friends or a corporation.  The man hates President Obama and he is unforgiving of this fact.  If Obama cured cancer Romney would bitch that he put cancer treatment centers out of business.  Romney wants to waste more money on the military and on senseless wars.  He seems to think that war and military spending is good for the deficit.  Romney is not stupid, he’s just a liar.

The problem lies with the stupid people in this country.  The people that watch Fox “News” and think they are watching a real newscast.  The people that don’t bother to look up the facts and instead just believe the lies that Romney spreads.  The people that are blatant racists.  The people that are die hard republicans and even though the republican policies hurt them, they refuse to believe it because they think abortion or making everyone a Christian is more important.  These people are idiots and they know who they are.  People we have to keep our country moving forward.  We are making progress under President Obama.  Put your hatred, racism and idiotic ideologies aside and look at the facts.  Don’t listen to the lies of this privileged liar.  Oh and the wife of his?  Don’t get me started.  Give me Michelle Obama any day.  That is a real woman.

When I was in the 7th grade I recall studying the decline and fall of the Roman Empire in social studies.  My teacher said that every great nation, including the USA, will eventually fall.  I did not believe him at the time, but over the years I have come to understand that he was correct.  The USA will fall one day.  The decline began with Reagan and while we had prosperity under Clinton, Bush killed all of that in a matter of months.  With the divisiveness, lies, racism and partisan politics that are alive and well in our country now it is only a matter of time.  Electing that lying liar Romney will speed that timetable up drastically.



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