Posted by: lylescott89 | June 20, 2012

Franklin, NC Day 3: Quest for Falling Water

Hey kids,

Sunday mornings may be the best morning to sleep in.  I’m not sure why, but even on vacation it is still wonderful to sleep in on a Sunday.  I did just that on day three of our trip.  I am not sure what time I finally did get up, but I was well relaxed when I did.  Donna and Adam were going to church that morning, but I chose to stay home and relax.

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but I am a master at making breakfast burritos.  Donna and Adam had both already had cinnamon buns, but asked if I’d make my specialty before I left.  I obliged.  The recipe is simple; it starts with real butter in a frying pan.  I add onions and sausage (or spinach for Donna) followed by my egg mixture.  That mix includes eggs, salt, pepper and Texas Pete Garlic Hot Sauce.  Unfortunately we forgot to get any Texas Pete at Ingles so we had to do without.  On this day since Adam had been so nice to get me jalapenos I cut one up and added it in with the onions and sausage.  Once the onions get nice and hot I add the egg mixture and top it off with cheddar cheese.  Then I mix it all up and serve it in the soft tortilla shells.  The fold is especially important as to keep it all in.  Personally I enjoy mine with a large glass of iced coffee, but Adam likes his with orange juice and Donna goes for hot coffee.

After cleaning up all the breakfast dishes (aka placed them in the dishwasher) I went to prep for dinner.  Adam and I had picked up some beautiful thick cut sirloins and had to marinade them for that night.  I used this stuff I found at the house that was made by and/or endorsed by Emeril.  I know this because his name and picture were on the container.    I followed the directions and I’ll give you more on that in a bit.

After all that was done I went outside to sit on the back porch.  They had a porch swing so I utilized that and along with my Kindle and iced coffee I was totally relaxed.  The weather was a bit damp, but was quite cool so it was very pleasant.  The golf course appeared empty, but after a while two die-hards came by and played through.  They would hold umbrellas over themselves until they teed off.  Eventually, Donna and Adam returned from the church service and our adventures were ready to begin.

We had plans to go out into the Nantahala National Forest and take a look at some of the waterfalls.  However, the weather forecast was still for heavy rain.  I checked the radar and while it was cloudy, the big storms looked to be passing us by.  Donna fixed us some lunch and we set out on our journeys.

Our goal was to travel down US 64 and see four different waterfalls.  Unfortunately they were doing some parking lot construction at the Dry Falls and we were unable to see those.  Still, three out of four waterfalls was not bad.  Regardless, the drive down the road was beautiful.  Our first stop was at Cullasaja Falls and they were very nice.  Adam liked to pretend he was falling into the gorge, but he never really put himself in any danger.  We stopped, took several photos and just stared at the flowing water.  I have never understood why falling water mesmerizes me so much, but it does and I enjoy it so we stood there a while longer.

After passing by Dry Falls parking lot, which was blocked off, we came to Bridal Veil Falls.  These were pretty cool because we could not only walk behind them, but we could drive behind them and get the full effect of the back side of water.  Again, we spent quite a while there and I was thrilled that we did not have to venture out onto some hilly trail just to see any falls.  However, that glee would soon end.

We continued down the road and had to turn off at this forest service road where there was a sign marked “Glen Falls”.  (One must feel bad for Glen as he falls so often)  The road was rough, but manageable.  We arrived at the trail entrance and parked near two other cars so it was clear we were not the only ones traversing the trail on that day.  The guidebook we had said “the one mile trail to the falls is steep and rough”.  Did that deter us?  Of course not.  So we ignored the “Beware of Yeti” sign and started down the trail.  The trail was winding a bit, but was not bad at all.  Then I suddenly realized that we were heading downhill the whole way to the falls. That could only mean that going back up would be a nightmare and suddenly I was depressed.  Still, when we finally arrived at the falls they were majestic and beautiful.  They were quite a sight to see.  There was a nice stopping point next to the falls, but the trail went farther.  I looked at how steep it was and said I would pass, but Donna and Adam decided to give it a try.  They were gone about 15 – 20 minutes and I just stood there watching Glen fall over and over again.

I was very glad I stayed where I did because the trek back up was over rough terrain and was steep.  Very steep.  I had to stop several times to catch my breath while Adam was running up the trail telling me to hurry up.  As we passed others that were traveling down I felt kind of bad for them, but not so much.  One couple passed us with two small kids and a cute little doggie.  I warned the dog to save her energy.  When we finally made it back to the top I was exhausted and soaked with sweat.  Fortunately I was wise enough to bring a dry shirt so I changed it, sat down in the car and blasted the a/c.  It felt really good.

We headed back to the house and briefly checked at the Dry Falls to see if there was any way to sneak in, but alas there was not.  When we got to the house I showered, took a few minutes to lie down and then started broiling the steaks.  The marinade made the steaks very tender and delicious.  Of course having a good cut of meat was vital and I had done a very god job picking them out.  They were chock full of flavor.  Adam must have really worked up an appetite on the trail and he ate more steak than I’d ever seen him eat before.

The rest of the evening was spent riding in the golf cart with Adam, watching a little baseball on ESPN and reading.  The Kindle is an awesome thing to have.  What’s in store for day four?  Stay tuned.



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