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Franklin, NC Day 4: We take Adam Fishing

Hey kids,

Are we already up to day four?  Incredible.  It’s so odd that a day at work feels like 12 hours, but a day on vacation seems like five minutes at best.  Frankly I don’t understand why we don’t vacation for the majority of the year and then work for a few weeks.

Monday morning started off with the inevitable sleeping in followed by more breakfast burritos.  I told you they were delicious.  They are in high demand.  Fortunately for me Donna had stopped by Ingles and picked me up some Texas Pete so they now had that little extra kick.  This all was followed by more riding with Adam in the golf cart and even better, more Kindle time on the back porch swing.  It was another overcast day with heavy storms in the forecast, but like Sunday those storms never materialized.  Oh sure, it did rain a little, but nothing bad enough to ruin our outdoor activities.

After lounging around the house until about noon Adam asked if we could take him fishing.  We said yes and found a great place which we will discuss in a moment.  But first we decided that lunch was a priority before an afternoon of fishing.  After much (okay, not that much) discussion we decided to head over to the Sunset Restaurant.  It sounded good, was on the way and allegedly had excellent pie.  I have written up an entire review of the Sunset in which you can see here if you are so inclined.  It is worth a read because the food at the sunset was outstanding.  Go.  Read it.  I’ll wait.

(Insert musical interlude here.  Probably “The Girl from Ipanema”.  That seems to be the gold standard for interlude music)

Are you back?  Great.  Let’s continue….

After lunch we traveled a few miles down the road to Rose Creek Campground.  We had called earlier and checked on the prices and rules for fishing and we were told that we could come by at any time.  The lady we spoke with said that a fishing license was not necessary (which was a good thing) and that someone there could clean the fish we caught if we wanted.  (An even better thing).  All of those for the low, low price of $6.00 per pound.  She said the lake was stocked, but due to the recent rains was a little murkier than normal.  We said that was fine and decided that was the place for us.

When we arrived we went to the office and there was a note on the door.  It was from the same woman we had spoken to earlier and it said that she was out on the property and she left a number to call in case anyone needed anything.  So I called her and she said she was very busy, but if we drove up the road about 100 yards or so we would see a green truck that belonged to a guy named Steve.  She said that Steve would help us out.

The search for Steve was officially on.  We went to the truck and next to it was a tent.  There was a guy inside talking on his phone and working with a laptop at the same time.  I asked if he was Steve, he said yes and then said he’d be with us in a minute.  There was also a very cute dog nearby and his name was Samson.  Steve emerged from his tent and told us he had been on the phone with someone in India for the purpose of upgrading their website.  Very cool.  We told Steve what we wanted to do and he said to follow him.  Samson followed as well.

Steve opened up a small shack and told us more about his new website.  He asked us if we’d be willing to allow him to use photos and videos of our fishing excursion in exchange for a free fish.  Since Adam really wanted to catch two fish that seemed like a pretty good deal so we said yes.  So we walked over to the fishing pond and Steve advised Adam as to where the trout liked to congregate and then went to get his camera.

There Adam was, all set with his pole and bait (corn).  He was so excited.  His first cast did not go very far so he tried again.  This one went very far.  I was busy taking pictures and being the proud daddy while Donna was ready with the net for that inevitable moment when Adam caught a fish.  Despite the fact that the pond was stocked it still took a while for Adam to snag a fish.  When he did the smile and excitement on his face was priceless.  Little Mr. Trout fought a courageous battle, but Adam won in the end.  He lifted the fish out of the water and Donna put the net underneath.  Adam, much like his daddy, completely refused to touch the fish.  Luckily we brought Donna with us or we’d of been up a creek.

The initial fish was a good catch and Donna placed him in the bucket Steve had provided.  However, Adam said he could do better and boy was he correct.  It took a while and there were a few close calls, but Adam finally hooked his second fish of the day and this one was a whopper.  It weighed in at 1 lb. 5 oz.  Adam was willing to hold this fish as long as there was a towel between his hand and the fish.  He said it was to ensure he would not drop it, but I knew better.  The two fish together totaled 2 lbs. 1 oz.

Then came the fun part: the cleaning.  Steve asked Adam if he wanted to watch and being a small boy he of course said yes.  I caught a glimpse of Steve gutting the fish and was about ready to hurl, but I stayed strong for Adam.  (And to not embarrass myself too badly)  Steve cut off the heads and Adam asked if he could keep those as souvenirs since we’d be eating the rest.  Donna and I quickly shouted “no”.

After Steve cleaned himself up I went with him into the office to settle up.  He said he was just going to charge us $5.00 for everything and I thought that was a pretty good deal considering he cleaned them and packed them in ice for us as well.  So I paid him, we placed the trout in the cooler we had brought along and Adam could not stop talking about his triumph.  And Steve was great.  We were thrilled with his assistance.

On our way back to the house we stopped in Downtown Franklin to look around.  Steve said that with the day being overcast and the fish packed in ice so well that we had a couple of hours before we needed to get them home.  We walked around, took some photos and stopped in several stores.  There were several small gardens downtown with beautiful flowers and Donna and I took advantage of the peacefulness and plopped down on a bench for a short time.  Eventually Adam grew tired of this and was suddenly more interested in a nearby bakery.  I have to say I was on his side with that one.

We stopped into the Life’s Bounty Bakery and I told Adam he could choose one item.  The smells were fantastic and free so I was pleased that he was in no hurry to choose.  So many items looked good, but we eventually decided on some yo-yo cookies which we saved for dessert that night.

As Donna continued to shop Adam and I headed back to the car.  All of a sudden a guy started yelling at me.  He was calling “Ronnie!  Hey Ronnie!’ over and over and since I am not named Ronnie I just ignored him.  I finally said I was not Ronnie and then he said he was sorry he had gotten me confused with someone else.  For a moment I felt bad for Ronnie, whoever he was, because of his alleged resemblance to me.  That thought soon passed when the stranger told me some sob story about a flat tire and asked me to give him a ride.  I politely told him that I could not give him a ride and walked away.  He thanked me and went to bug someone else.

Unfortunately this incident frightened Adam.  There is no way in the world I am going to give a ride to a stranger and possibly endanger my boy.  It’s just not going to happen.  You can give me all this crap about how it could have been Jesus in disguise, but if that was true he could have fixed his own dang tire.  In all honesty I was very confident that he was trying to scam me.  Adam and I got into the car and he asked me to lock the doors which I did.  Poor guy.

Later that night Donna prepared the fish for herself and Adam while I made myself some chicken fajitas out of the leftover garlic & brown sugar chicken I had made on Saturday.  It was awesome.  Adam was afraid for a while that the creep in the parking lot had followed us home, but I told him there was no way.  Heck, I drove that maze of streets to get back to the house every day and I was still never sure if I’d make it back.  By the end of the week I was still unsure of which roads to turn down.

After dinner we had a relaxing evening and got to bed early for we had a big day ahead of us on Tuesday.  What was it?  You’ll just have to keep reading to find out.



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