Posted by: lylescott89 | July 10, 2012

Franklin NC Day 8: A Day of Nothing & then Going Home

Hey kids,

Friday morning arrived and we all slept in.  We were still tired and sore from the previous days rafting trip so sleeping in was probably an excellent idea.  As we prepared breakfast we discussed what we wanted to do that day.  We discussed doing some more hiking, finding more waterfalls or just driving around and checking out the mountains, but in the end we were too tired for any of that.  We decided to do a whole lot of nothing and maybe a little shopping.

After spending the morning relaxing, reading and listening to Adam play video games we decided to make a trip to the Whistle Stop, an antique mall in Franklin.  And by an antique mall I don’t mean that the mall was an antique, but they had lots and lots of antiques.  The place itself was huge, but kind of smelled funny.  There was no food or drinks allowed so I had to finish my beverage while Donna and Adam went exploring.

As I entered through the turnstile I saw loads of really old crap.  There were antiques to appeal to anyone, but what stuck out to me were several items that I found a tad bit odd.  First of all there was a whole lot of Nazi memorabilia.  There were coins, guns, pins, flags and even a statue of a Nazi soldier with his faithful German shepherd.    Overall it was a creepy display.  As I continued through the displays, many of which were locked in glass cabinets, I noticed another equally disturbing theme:  Little Black Sambo.  There were books, posters, advertisements and a bunch of those metallic signs you normally see in the Cracker Barrel.  I guess it was probably a good sign that people were getting rid of this stuff, but eventually there was bound to be a buyer for it.   Speaking of which, does anyone recall the Sambo’s Restaurants of the 70’s?

After walking by and looking at junk that we neither needed nor wanted so we went out into the rest of the mall.  It was dead.  There were a few shops, but no one was around and none of the shops had any items of interest so we moved on.  It was time for lunch.

I had read about a place called The Hungry Bear that was known as a great place for both carnivores and vegetarians so we decided to try it.  It was after 1:00 and we had missed the lunch rush, which was great.  We sat down and perused the menus.  The Philly Cheesesteak made with prime rib caught my eye.  I had to have it.  Adam went with a giant cheeseburger while Donna chose some sort of veggie wrap.  When the food arrived at the table it turned out that the cook made an error and made Adam a cheesesteak too instead of a burger.  I have to hand it to the little man as he handled it very well.  For the error they offered of a free dessert.  We chose the double chocolate cake.  I’m not sure if Sir Griffin will be writing about this place or not, but I can tell you that it was clean, quaint and the food was extraordinary.  It was a nice lunch.  We briefly discussed getting up the next morning to try the breakfast there, but decided that since we had five grueling hours of driving ahead of us we would get plenty of rest instead.

We spent the rest of the day just chilling at the house and taking in the views and nice weather because we knew we’d be leaving sometime the next morning.   Adam made some final runs on the golf cart and we finished up all the leftovers we had on hand.  I was secretly hoping to go back out to dinner, but I knew we needed to finish the food in the fridge.

Since not much of anything happened on Saturday or Sunday I’ll go ahead and finish this up now.  Saturday morning Donna made French toast to finish off all of the bread we had left, Adam got in his last golf cart journey and we packed up the car.  We could have stayed later, but we were all cleaned up and ready to go shortly before 11:00 so off we went.  Well, first we had to drive the garbage from our week out to the giant garbage bins which were a few miles away.  (They had no garbage pick-up)  It was kind of a cool place.  You just drove your car up a ramp and tossed your trash into this giant bin.  Easy as that.  Apparently a whole lot of people in town wait and do this on Saturday morning because it was pretty busy.

After an hour or saw of driving we heard “I’m hungry” from the back seat.  We were driving into a small town in north Georgia and saw a Wendy’s on the left.  We got there and I could see inside and it was packed.  So we went across the street to Burger King (which I did not want to do) and found the same problem.  So we drove about a half mile down the road and saw McDonald’s.  I looked inside and there was no line so we parked and ate.  Then back to the road.

Nothing eventful happened and we were right back at the same hotel we had stayed at just a week and a day earlier.  The girl at the desk said I looked familiar and I explained to her why that was so.  I wanted to go back next door to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner, but Donna wanted pizza.  Since I will never complain about pizza I searched and found a place about a mile from the hotel.  Everyone back in the car!  (Okay, we went swimming first)

We went to a little family restaurant called Chicago Pizza & Pasta.  The place looked busy and very old, but we went in anyway.  There were several empty tables and the place looked like a reject from a 70’s farce about high school kids working in a pizza parlor.  The sign said to seat yourself so we did.  And then we waited.  And we waited and we waited.  I went up to the counter and asked what the problem was and the girl said someone would be right with us.  So I sat back down and waited and waited and waited.  I had had enough and said I was leaving.  Donna and Adam agreed and we started to get up when a waitress finally came over.  Since it smelled so good in there we were mesmerized by the aromas and chose to stay.  I ordered to Pizzaroli, which is much like a Stromboli, while Adam went with a thin crust pepperoni pie and Donna had the thick crust with veggies.  The taste lived up to the aromas.  Everything was delicious, even the veggie pie.  When I got the bill I saw that we were charged for water.  It was not bottled water, just water over ice in a plastic cup.  They only charged 10 cents each, but still, what kind of place charges for water?

After another restful night and a subpar breakfast at the hotel we headed home.  It was another grueling five hour drive and since I drove all day on Saturday Donna volunteered to drive it all on Sunday.  That was nice.  The drive was uneventful and we arrived home safely.  We unpacked our stuff and got ready for my return to my nightmare on Monday morning.  To ease the pain we went to Hooters for dinner.  That always makes me feel better.

So there you have it.  Our trip to NC and back.  Next time we travel I’ll be sure to share the details.  Thanks for reading.



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