Posted by: lylescott89 | August 1, 2012

Guilty by Association: An Open Letter to my facebook friends

Hey kids,

I cannot make my friends on facebook read this, but I can only hope they do.  You see, I am tired of all the hatred, idiocy, bigotry, judgments and blatant racism I get from people that are supposed to be my friends and as far as I am concerned it is going to end now.  It’s been going on ever since Barack Obama was elected president and frankly, I can no longer take it.

Let’s go back a few weeks shortly before my vacation began.  (And I realize many of you were hoping for day three of the vacation drama, but I have had this entry specifically planned for August 1st for no other reason that it was the day I chose)  On July 15th one of my friends posted something about Michelle Obama disrespecting the flag.  Apparently she whispered something to her husband and according to her view she said “all this for a damned flag” and claimed it was backed up by someone from The River School in Washington, DC.  I correctly pointed out the following:

• Lip reading is not an exact science and can be interpreted many different ways
• The River School released a statement that they never were involved in any translation for any video circulating on the internet
• One should always check your sources before posting anything.  Do not take anything on the internet at face value.  If your mother tells you she loves you, check your sources.

I also stated that it was ridiculous to think that the First Lady would say anything like that at a 9/11 ceremony and said that another interpretation online allegedly proved she said “it’s amazing how they fold that flag”, which makes a lot more sense.  In addition I referred her to a bad lip reading website where they have lots of different famous people saying ridiculous things that match perfectly with their lips.
Her niece “liked” my comment and mentioned something about it being great to have an alternative interpretation.  This was nice, but it was followed by some rather blatantly racist and incredibly closed minded and stupid statements.  Here are two statements from someone whom I do not know who I will call Marion:

• “Obama has no respect for the military”
• “It’s well known that Michelle Obama hasn’t had respect for this country for along (sic) time—she said so herself.  I hope her uppity self is removed from OUR (sic) White House soon.”

Marion (not her real name) is obviously a person that watches Fox “news” and believes everything she hears.  I have yet to hear or see any evidence that President Obama has no respect for the military.  He’s the Commander in Chief for crying out loud.  And how is it well known that the First Lady has no respect for the good old USA?  When did she say this?  The answer is simple…never.  Uppity?  How can anyone in their right mind think she is uppity?  She comes across to me as a loving wife and mother that is honored to serve as the First Lady.  Don’t even get me started on “OUR White House”.  If that is not a racist statement then I’m Bill Gates.

But it does not stop there.  Not at all.  Let’s hear what was said by another person I do not know who we will call Blaine:

• Obama is “president for all except those who cling to their guns and bible.  He says one thing to the powerful and another to the masses.  i (sic) have no doubt that those were her exact words and that he agrees.”

Again, this is another Fox viewer that refuses to believe anything except what he is told by the talking nuts at Fox.  I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating that people that watch Fox “news” are generally uneducated and unable to think on their own.  They are sheep that need to be told what to think.  They are also filled with hate and bigotry and the election of Obama was all they needed to release their racism.  President Obama has done nothing to take away anyone’s gun or bible.  Blaine’s rationale for believing this hoax is totally irrational and unfounded.

My comment was then deleted which told me that my friend knew that I was correct, but could not allow her friends to see that.  I commented (politely) about my comment being deleted and that comment was deleted as well.  So I decided that I would post a video that showed another interpretation and that was quickly deleted despite my friend’s niece stating her belief that hearing both sides of a story was a good thing.  Her comment was deleted as well.  So much for listening to both sides of the story.

Obviously this upset me.  In the facebook world you can be whomever you want, but I choose to be myself.  And in doing so I apparently alienate people I once thought were normal and rational.  Whenever a person like or joins a group on facebook they need to remember that that group reflects back on them.  If you join a racist group then you, by association, are guilty.

But there was another incident when I returned from my journey.  I jokingly asked for advice as to what to do with the wretched Chick-Fil-A calendar I had gotten as a gift last December.  (I am not going to get into that whole controversy except to say that if you are in charge of a company you really need to keep your opinions to yourself.  Sure you can have any opinion you want, but why alienate any potential customers?  Heck, I’ve thought that Ronald McDonald has been having an ongoing affair with the Hamburglar for the past 40 years, but does the Grimace ever mouth off about it?)  Anyway someone responded and then her comment disappeared.  I found out the she unfriended me.  This did not bother me because I do not need nor do I want any friends that do not believe in marriage equality.  If you are against that you are against my family and several of my friends and I can’t have that.  Anyway, I laughed it off and said no big loss.

However, later that night another friend of mine stated that she thought “Christians were not supposed to judge others”.  I thought that was a reasonable statement so I wrote that I agreed.  Well, this did not sit well with my bible thumping former friend and she made a comment about God being the only judge and that he is the greatest, the bible is the final word, etc.  So I replied that if God was the only judge then why did she judge me based on my comments about the Chick-Fil-A calendar?  I also said that she needed to remember that the bible was written by men and that the last time I checked men were not infallible.  This apparently pissed her off and she then blocked me, which I found even more hilarious.  I ask you, do these comments make me sound the least bit threatening?  I don’t think so.  Thus I am done with her and again, no big loss.

Then came yesterday and two friends of mine (including Michelle Obama hating friend A) posted something stupid about how they miss George W Bush.  Saying you miss Bush is kind of like saying you miss the measles; you are missing something that did nothing for you except make a healthy country sick.  Like I said yesterday, that is an ignorant statement.  I then found that those friends belonged to a group that I had never seen before so I investigated it.  It was full of racist images and comments and I was appalled.  How could people that are my friends be part of such hatred?  Well I cannot answer that. Bottom line is this: if you miss a guy that took a prosperous country running on a surplus and turned it into the largest deficit ever, then you are part of the problem.  And out of your mind.

All of that brings me to my final statements of the day.  Effective today I will be staying off facebook for one month.  No posting of anything from me, although I am sure that some groups I belong to (such as Word Press, Blogger, flickr & pinterest) will post automatically.  Why?  Well, for one to give me some time to do other things that do not involve trying to defend common sense.  In that time I am asking anyone who is my friend to take a good long look at themselves and our relationship.  I don’t mean to say that we must agree on every issue, but there are things that are just common sense and common decency that I cannot ignore any longer.  I don’t want to be associated with anyone who is a bigot, a racist or a defender of Bush the warmonger.  I don’t need to be friends with people that are in favor of my family members being discriminated against.  (And yes, I have already unfriended several.  Heck, I’ve had two people unfriend me because I like to go to Hooters.  How crazy is that?)  If you think that Obama is doing horrible things to this country, goodbye.  If you are against health care for all Americans, so long.  If you think having your guns is more important than keeping Americans healthy, then see you later.  I can no longer tolerate lies and stupidity.  I can no longer tolerate anyone’s intolerance to religions other than their own.  If you think that continuing to give tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans is a good idea while people like us pay a higher percentage, well I just cannot comprehend how you can justify that.  And you know what; I will not regret losing any friends because if you can’t listen to reason and facts and would prefer to cling to lies and distortion, then that is your problem and not mine.  I need less negativity in my life.



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