Posted by: lylescott89 | August 15, 2012

DC, Maryland & a Little Virginia Day 9: On to Baltimore

Hey kids,

Day nine began with another breakfast, this time prepared by Donna.  She made the eggy mix that I always prepare so well, but for some reason it just did not taste quite the same.  It was still good, just not as tasty as my eggy mix.  I think she left out the hot sauce.  No matter, it was still good and filling and it was also our final breakfast at Tim’s place.

We packed up all of our stuff and loaded up the car, but before heading off to Baltimore we decided that we all needed to go and enjoy some time in the better pool.  Yes, the one with the lazy river.  It was wonderful to have Natalie with us, not just because she is a good kid, but because she and Adam could spend the time at the pool playing together while leaving me to go around the lazy river an endless amount of time.  And that is precisely what I did.

But let me tell you a bit more about the pool.  Besides being surrounded by fake palm trees, the pool is also staffed with a plethora of female lifeguards in bikinis.  Yes, hot young women in bikinis ready to save me at any moment, aka a dream come true.  As I floated around I would pass several lifeguard stations and spend a little time with each lifeguard.  Oh they had male lifeguards as well, but only a couple were out working that day.  I debated for a while which was my favorite, but ultimately I found the blond at the slide to be tops.

There was also a short time at the pool when it was adult swim only and the kids had to get out of the pool.  This was great and yet sad at the same time.  Great because there were no screaming kids in the water for 15 minutes, but bad for several reasons:

1. Most of the lifeguards left to take a break leaving me with only one bikini clad girl to appreciate.
2. Adam and Natalie found a spot on the bridge to stand and drop/throw balls at Tim & me.
3. The young, hot moms in bikinis were also out of the pool

However, I toughed it out and before I knew it the kids, the moms and the lifeguards were back.  This is when I saw something really stupid happen.  A small boy, who was maybe two at best, wandered into the pool up to his waist and started crying.  His mother (not hot) stood at the side of the pool screaming.  Not one lifeguard moved.  As I swam over to grab the kid and reunite him with his not hot and overly tattooed mother another person who was closer grabbed him and handed him back to mom.  Now if my child was in a pool screaming it would take me about two seconds to get in the water and go to him.  Why this mom just stood there screaming I have no idea.  It just seemed bizarre to me.  Anyway, the kid was fine so I went back to floating and admiring the scenery.  Oh, and it was morning yet still about 100 degrees outside.  The water was quite refreshing.

When it got close to Noon we changed out of our wet clothes and said our goodbyes to Tim & Natalie and headed towards Baltimore.  I inquired whether we wanted to get lunch on our way or get to the hotel and then have a meal.  I was outvoted and we progressed to Baltimore with my growling belly.

We arrived at the Town Place Suites near the Baltimore airport shortly after 1:00 PM and I went inside to see if our room was ready.  If it was not we were going to have lunch and come back in a bit.  However, as luck would have it our room was already ready for us and we checked right in.  We unloaded the car and brought all of our stuff up to our room.  Donna had packed several left over items from various dinners and such and she recommended we utilize the microwave and stove in the room and have those items for lunch.  It was an excellent idea and we did just that.  After lunch I asked what everyone wanted to do.  Donna wanted to nap and Adam wanted to swim.  So down to the pool we went while Donna got some rest.

A day or so earlier Adam had been complaining that he never gets to choose where we eat lunch and/or dinner.  That’s not exactly true, but for the sake of argument and to keep him from going ballistic I told him that we’d go wherever he wanted (within reason) for dinner on Wednesday and lunch on Thursday.  That brought a big smile to his face and he said that for dinner he wanted ribs.  Now Baltimore is not really known for outstanding rib joints, nut nonetheless I agreed.  This took a little effort on my part.  Okay, very little effort.  I Googled “best ribs in Baltimore” and the first place that popped up was The Corner Stable Restaurant in Columbia, MD.  It was about a 15 minute (or so) drive so we hopped in the car at about 6:00 PM and headed that way.  Unfortunately we hit a lot of commuter traffic and it took a little longer, but we had no other plans that night so it was no big deal.

We walked in the door and Donna saw that in addition to what they claimed were the best ribs they also had the best jumbo lump crab cakes.  For what it’s worth, I have no clue what they mean by “jumbo lump”, but frankly it does not sound right.  I mean if a doctor came to me and said I had a jumbo lump I’d freak out.  But apparently in the crab cake world it is a good thing.

Adam ordered his ribs from the kid’s menu and Donna and I ordered what they called “The Showstopper” which was a half-pound of jumbo lump crab cake plus a full rack of meaty, mouth-watering Baby back Ribs that fall off the bone! It was served with two side orders.  So Donna had her lumpy crab cake with one side and I had a nice full rack (just like the ones I saw at the pool; badum tish) of ribs with some yummy French fries for a side.  Donna said the crab cake was “incredible” and “absolutely delicious”.  The ribs were very tender and very good, but Adam and I agreed that they were not the best ribs we had ever had.  Then I remembered that they were not supposed to be the best ribs I ever had, just the best ribs I had ever had in Baltimore.  Since they were the only ribs I have ever had in Baltimore I guess they were right.  The ribs were incredibly tender and literally did fall right off the bone.

Adam was given two Oreo cookies for his dessert, but he decided to save them for later and split a peanut butter cup sundae with me.  That was pretty darn delicious too.  When we left we were all very full and looked forward to getting back to the hotel and getting some rest.  We had a big day planned for Thursday in downtown Baltimore and we could not wait.  The Inner Harbor was calling my name and I was prepared to sing “Good Morning Baltimore”.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.  I’ll tell you all about it next time.



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