Posted by: lylescott89 | August 30, 2012

Flagler Beach Day Three: A Whole Lot of Nothing & More Food

Hey kids,

It was day three and I was completely and totally relaxed.  In my mind I could not imagine doing anything stressful and/or strenuous on this very hot Saturday.  So we began the day with a peaceful walk on the beach.

For what it’s worth, the morning and the evening are the best two times to be at the beach.  It’s the least crowded for one and is not as horrendously hot.  But this morning had another fun reason to back me up: the Tai Chi lady.  Those of us who watch Survivor are familiar with the Tai Chi antics of Coach on the beach every morning.  That’s always funny to watch, but by golly watching it in person is damn funny too.  As we strolled along the beach and got closer and closer to her it became funnier and funnier.  Then it got even better.  We saw Michelle & Ami heading the other way towards us down the beach and they were laughing at the crazy Tai Chi lady as well.  We met up, had a good laugh and then said we’d see them at breakfast soon.  But I was not done.  Once we got sufficiently far away from her I began doing my own little Tai Chi dance on the beach.  I wasn’t trying to laugh at her or make fun of her…okay, yes I was.  But, in my defense my Tai Chi was such an embarrassment that I am sure I was an easy target as well.

Once we returned it was time for breakfast.  Bob again offered a variety of fresh, homemade quiche in addition to the special of the day; pecan pancakes.  Since I do not like pecans (and no matter how many times you tell me to just try them and I would love them, it’s never going to happen) I went with another omelet.  Though this time I mixed it up a bit.  I had it made with bacon, chorizo, onions, peppers, tomatoes and cheddar cheese.  This omelet was even better than the day before.   As we sat and chit chatted about various things I found out that the girls were leaving that morning.  This made me sad for several reasons, but mostly because they were a lot of fun and I had hoped we could all do dinner that night.  But what could I do?  Well, just make the most of the time we had left.

After breakfast the girls began the process of packing up and checking out of their room.  I made a beeline for the pool.  I was pleased that the inn provided floats for the pool area and thus I was able to float around effortlessly for hours.  After they checked out, I was joined in the pool by Michelle who immediately commandeered the other float.  Ami stayed poolside with a book.  Since the Olympics were still being held Michelle and I decided we would make our own Olympic event.  We called it synchronized floating and we were completely awesome.  Oh, and remember the woman that looked like the Michelin Tire Man in a thong?  Well she was lying out by the pool in an all too revealing swimsuit.  Try to get that one out of your head.  I’m still haunted by that one.

After over two hours of floating Donna said it was time for lunch, which was code for “I’m hungry, get out of the pool”.  So I got out, got cleaned up, said goodbye to the girls and headed out for lunch.  We were both hungry for pizza and since Flagler has an overabundance of Italian places, finding pizza was not an issue.  We chose a place called Guiseppe’s because it was rated highly on Trip Advisor.  Before I say much more I will tell you that sharing a pizza with Donna is substantially less fun than it used to be since she went vegetarian.  We always split the pie down the middle with ½ all veggies and the other ½ with pepperoni, sausage and all sorts of good stuff.  The problem with this is that I don’t get as much to eat.  A pie is generally cut into eight slices.  I eat all four of mine and Donna eats two or three.  Then there is that last lonely piece of pizza covered with veggies.  Sometimes we just have to order two pies.

We drove up and wondered whether or not it was open because there was absolutely no one in the place.  We were eventually met by a very attractive young woman whom we will call Sierra.  She said that they had an all you can eat buffet for $10.00.  This intrigued me so I went over to look at the buffet.  Not only did it have pizza, but it also had several pasta dishes, garlic knots, sausage & peppers and big ass meatballs.  I decided that was the way to go for me.  Sierra also said they had a pizza special:  two slices with two toppings and a soda for $5.00.  So the decision was quite easy; buffet for me and pizza special for Donna.  Everyone was happy.

The buffet was very good.  The big ass meatballs were particularly delicious.  The initial pizza slices they had out were topped with pepperoni and were a tad bit dried out, so I asked Sierra if she could replace them.  She said she’d have fresh pizza out in a few minutes.  So I ate a plateful of buffet items and waited patiently for my pizza.  The timing could not have been better as Sierra was restocking the pizza just as I finished my plate.  The pizza was not the best I ever had, but was still very flavorful and I enjoyed it.  We tipped Sierra well because we felt really bad that we were the only customers in there that afternoon.

Now, I know this next part of the day will shock and amaze you.  Donna wanted to go to someplace called the European Village, but I had no interest in driving anywhere.  So Donna eschewed her nap and went for a ride while I stayed in the a/c and read for a little while.  After a while of reading I decided it was time to return to the pool.  Thankfully I had the pool all to myself.  I actually did some swimming for a little bit and then returned to my float.  As I floated around Donna returned.  I asked about the European Village and she said it was a waste of time and I would have been upset had I gone.  I asked why and as it turned out the place was all but closed down.  Donna was frustrated and went in to take her nap.  All was right with the world again.  I remained in the pool for quite a while longer until I saw some very dark clouds rolling in and began to hear thunder.  As it got dark I decided it might be a tad safer to get out of the water and head inside.

It was time for happy hour and I was looking forward to another helping of that sun dried tomato cream cheese spread.  Donna went with the hummus, which she said was quite good.  I had brought Tabitha (my tablet) with me and Donna brought her Kindle.  Since I had read earlier I thought I would put on my headphones and watch an episode of Breaking Bad.  I love that show.  So I watched while Donna read and only one other couple came in for happy hour while we were there.  It was quite a change from the other two days.  And you know what?  I liked it.

The storm raged for a little while and once it ended we decided to head out for dinner.  I wanted to walk to dinner and then walk back on the beach, but Donna said that we better drive in case the rain started up again.  I agreed (though it never did rain again) and we drove to A1A Burrito Works.  We parked right in front of the place too.  The place was very small and when we walked in we were immediately at the counter to order.  (All the seating was outside)  A lovely young woman named Brittany asked us if we had ever been there before.  Since we had not we said no.  She seemed surprised until we told her we were from out of town.  Brittan told us everything was made fresh to order and explained that all items come one of two ways.  The Works or Baja Style.  The Works included cheese, sour cream, cilantro, lettuce, onion, salsa & lime while Baja Style included onion, cilantro, lime, cabbage and spicy white sauce.

I ordered the UFO with chicken and The Works, which was a circular burrito with both soft and crunchy tortillas.  Donna went with the similar Mexicake; vegetarian of course.  We took a seat at a table outside under an umbrella (in case of rain) and began to dig right into our food.  The UFO was huge and quite delicious.  It was so big it could not be picked up and a knife and fork was a necessity.  Unfortunately all they provided were plastic knives and forks, which made it slightly difficult, but it did not stop me.

As we sat there I noticed a place across the street called The Waffle Cone.  After finishing up my UFO we walked across the street.  I love the smell of fresh waffle cones.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the pricing.  Most of the times when you walk into a local ice cream shop you are hit with outrageous prices. That was not the case here.  The prices were very reasonable.  I tried several flavors, but my two favorites were Cappuccino Kahlua and Espresso Chip.  I could not decide between them so I got both.  I can only tell you that the blend was pure ecstasy.

After we finished our treats we went for a little walk in downtown Flagler Beach and walked over to the pier.  They charged to walk out on the pier and since we are cheap we chose not to do so.  Eventually we returned to the inn, parked the car and headed out for our last evening walk on the beach.  The clouds were gone by then and we walked until it was dark.  Such a relaxing walk.  The next day would be our last at the inn as check out time was 11:00 AM.  There is not a lot to tell about the next day, but enough that you’ll have to wait.



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