Posted by: lylescott89 | November 13, 2012

Incident at Gaston’s Tavern

Hey kids, 

This past Sunday Adam and I spent the day at Walt Disney World. We had our passholder preview event at the New Fantasyland. And while we had already experienced that new section of the park a few weeks earlier at a dress rehearsal, we were excited to go back and experience it with our fellow passholders. The weather was very nice and we had a good time. However, I am not going to share our entire experience of that day. No, I am going to tell you specifically about our stop at Gaston’s Tavern. 

Gaston’s Tavern is a small snack shop just beyond the Be Our Guest Restaurant and before The Little Mermaid area. The featured item is LeFou’s Brew which is frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow and topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam. It can be served in a collectible Gaston mug or Belle goblet for $9.99 or in a simple plastic cup for substantially less. When Adam and I were there a few weeks ago we had just finished a beverage and decided to pass, but this time we thought we’d give it a chance. Although since we had just had lunch we decided to ride Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and enjoy a visit with Ariel before indulging in the sweet elixir.

As we waited to see Ariel Adam asked me what we would do if he did not like LeFou’s Brew. I told that I would drink it and then we’d go get him something else. He seemed okay with that.

We approached Gaston’s Tavern and were greeted at the door by a lovely young woman named Emily. Emily welcomed us and I told her we were going to try LeFou’s Brew. She said that she was sure we’d love it and that we should ask for extra marshmallow. I told her that Adam was concerned it would be too sweet for him. Emily shrugged her shoulders and told us to just ask for a sample. I was a taken aback and asked her if they really did that. “Of course” replied Emily, “this is Disney and we are all about guest service”. I said okay and we went inside where Gaston had used antlers in all of his decorating. That’s where I had a conversation with Sarita.

Sarita: May I help you?

Me: I was just speaking to Emily outside and she said that you could give us a sample of LeFou’s Brew.
S: Um…no, we don’t do that.
M: Okay then why is Emily telling us we can?
S: I don’t know, but we really cannot give samples because it won’t taste the same?
M: Excuse me?
S: The brew has to be mixed a certain way and we only know how to mix a full serving.
M: Well then someone should let Emily know that.
S: Since she promised I’ll try to make a sample, but I can’t promise it’ll taste the same.
M: Okay, thank you.
As Sarita began mixing up the sample a manager came out from around the corner. I knew she was a manager because she was dressed like a normal person and not in a costume plus she was wearing headphones and had a WDW ID around her neck. She looked at Sarita and started shaking her head and saying no. I don’t know if this is exactly what she said, but this is what I recall:

“No, no, no. Never. We do not make samples. Ever. No, no, no.”

At this point Sarita was done and she handed it to us. Adam tried it first and said it was delicious. I sampled it and also thought it was delightful. Very sweet, but extremely cold and full of flavor. I told Sarita that we would like one to share. She asked if we wanted to collectible mug, but we said no and went for the cheaper plastic cup. After she mixed it up for us the manager called her over and began scolding her. Now I used to work for Disney and we were always taught to put on “good show” while on stage and to never ever do anything that was not appropriate for the guests to see. Obviously this manager missed that class or she had no class. One of those two.

Since it was a nice day Adam and I went outside to sit and enjoy our brew. Emily was still outside and I thought I better tell her what happened inside. I went and relayed the story and apologized in advance if I had gotten her in trouble. Emily looked at me and said “We always give out free samples. It’s no big deal.” I told her that the manager in the green shirt was not happy. Emily rolled her eyes and said “the other managers have all told us that we can give out samples. Don’t worry about it, I’ll be fine.” I again apologized and thanked her for her trouble and went back to have some more. Adam was not too sure he wanted to share it, but I reminded him that I paid for it so he had no choice.

Shortly after I sat back down the manager with the green shirt came out and made a beeline towards Emily. Uh-oh. While I could not hear the whole (very one-sided) conversation I can tell you that green shirt lady did not put on “good show”. Her face was distorted much like the gargoyles over at the Beast’s castle as she spoke. Plus she was wagging her finger in Emily’s face. I distinctly heard the oft-repeated “No, no, no. Never. We do not make samples. Ever. No, no, no.” Emily held her ground and I believe she remained calm and explained that the other manager told her it was okay to give out samples. Green shirted manager looked as though she was about to burst into flames and then she returned inside. Emily continued to smile and greet guests as if nothing had happened. If it was up to me Emily would be the manager and green shirted lady would not be employed by Disney.

With the adventure over I thought briefly about again apologizing to Emily, but in the end I decided not to do so. She’d been through enough and she did not need a fat guy bothering her. So Adam and I finished up the delicious concoction and went to enjoy the rest of our day at the Magic Kingdom.




  1. That is when a quick trip to Town Hall on Main Street is called for. Guest relations will happily take your comment. For a situation like this, have them fill out 3 cards (I know it is a pain), but you want to separately praise the 2 cast members for their efforts to make your visit to Gaston’s a good one, then you want to offer your perspective on how the “green-shirted” manager handled herself while on stage while in view of the guests.

    • That makes sense, but I’m just way too lazy.

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