Posted by: lylescott89 | January 16, 2013

Thoughts on Things that are Bugging Me

Hey kids,

I have just a few things bugging me today that I have been thinking a lot about lately. Nothing major, but you know me and thus you realize I can make a big deal out of just about anything.

BeyonceYesterday the House passed legislation providing an additional $50 billion for Hurricane Sandy relief by a 241-180 vote. What is amazing to me is that anyone voted no. What is even more amazing (though it did not surprise me in the least) is the vote breakdown: 49 Republicans voted for the measure while 179 Republicans voted against. In comparison 192 Democrats voted for the legislation, and just one (Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper) voted against. Just think about that for a minute. I’ll wait. Okay, I’ve waited long enough. Roughly 80% of the House republicans voted against giving relief to the citizens of this country affected by Hurricane Sandy. Heartless bastards.

As I have mentioned before I have not seen a Super Bowl halftime show since Michael Jackson performed in January 1993. It started out as the time for me to walk the dog and now it is just because the halftime shows have become overblown affairs that just keep me from getting back to the game. So this year they have Beyoncé performing. I have nothing against Beyoncé in the least. I find her incredibly attractive and if she knocked on my front door and asked me to go for a private ride in her limo it would take me less than a second to say yes. However, I hate seeing her plugging Pepsi. Not that I really have anything against Pepsi (although I prefer Coca-Cola) but I hate that horrible picture of her with the Pepsi logo as her lipstick. I don’t know why, but it just grosses me out. I know she was probably greatly compensated for that and I am sure that if Pepsi offered me a million bucks to wear their logo as lipstick I would do it too. However, I find it incredibly creepy and I have to look away whenever I see it.

I have nothing against Ray Lewis, per se; however I am really sick and tired of the way that ESPN, NFL Network, CBS Sports and Fox Sports have turned him into some sort of deity ever since he announced his retirement. He’s an outstanding player and, in my opinion, a sure bet for the hall of fame. I’m just sick of hearing about him. Plus, have they forgotten the fight after the Super Bowl in Atlanta back in 2000 that resulted in two people being stabbed to death? I know he entered into a plea agreement and his companions that night were ultimately acquitted, but the whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way. What also bothers me is that after the win last Saturday night he was yapping about it being God’s will. Now I’m sorry, but if your god is so involved in football then he/she is not a particularly good at being a god. Seriously, children are slaughtered in Connecticut and God’s major concern is whether or not the Ravens win? Also, Lewis has six children with four different women. Was that God’s will as well? I doubt it.Too Much Ray Lewis

I have never liked Lance Armstrong. I have been critical of him ever since I first heard of him. He always came across to me as a condescending and arrogant pin head.  I’ve always had the impression he was dirty and now that he has come clean (to Oprah because everyone talks to Oprah when they want to confess) that he was using drugs I am not at all surprised. If it is possible that I can like him less I do. If that makes any sense. The guy is scum and I cannot stand him. Now, I know nothing about cycling. I’ve never watched it or given it even a thought. I cannot tell you anything about the Tour de France except that bicycles are used and it happens (I think) in France. And no, I have no plans whatsoever to watch his interview with Oprah. I don’t like her either.  Anyway Armstrong is a liar and always has been.  He’s not worth anyone’s time.

EnoughSo what else is bugging me? Well how about the fact that this Saturday the 19th has been designated as gun appreciation day. How sick is that? All I can think of is a bunch of NRA nut jobs hugging their guns. How about we have children appreciation day instead? So it’s not enough that 20 children in Connecticut will never again celebrate Christmas or a birthday but now the NRA has chosen to rub it in their faces by telling the world that owning their damn guns is more important. Pathetic.

And oh my gosh I am sick and tired of hearing about the dang flu.  I have only had three flu shots since I have been an adult and all three of those years I got the flu.  If I get the flu so be it, but I am not getting the shot.



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