Posted by: lylescott89 | February 20, 2013

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

Academy Awards Hey kids,

Well you know what time of year it is again…it’s time for the Oscars! Woo hoo! And naturally I will be situated right in front of my TV watching the entire thing from start to finish. I am looking forward to seeing Seth McFarlane host the show and I am hoping that the stars of the movie Ted all make an appearance. Seth offers a big swing from what we have seen for hosts in recent years and his edgy comedy is welcomed by me.

I give you my Oscar predictions every year and sometimes I hit and sometimes I miss. Regardless of the outcome I will always give you my selections and you can do with it what you want. However, as always I advise highly against making any wagers based on my predictions.

For the record I have only seen three of the nine movies nominated for Best Picture; Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild and Zero Dark Thirty. Some may say this does not give me much authority to make predictions, but it’s my blog and I’ll do what I please. So without further delay I will make my selections and then hopefully try to explain to you what brought me to that decision.

Best Picture: Argo
Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln
Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence – Silver Linings Playbook
Best Supporting Actor – Tommy Lee Jones – Lincoln
Best Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway – Les Miserables
Best Director – Steven Spielberg – Lincoln
Best Animated Feature – Wreck-it Ralph

Like I said, I have only seen three of the nine Best Picture candidates and I went with Argo because not only was it theSeth McFarlane best of the three I did see, but it was likely the best film I saw in all of 2012. Zero Dark Thirty was also a very good film, but paled in comparison to Argo. I think I was expecting way too much from Beasts of the Southern Wild. It was good, but hardly worth a Best Picture nomination. Off the top of my head I can think of several films last year that were vastly superior (The Dark Knight Rises, Ted, The Avengers, etc.) I never heard of Amour so I discounted that immediately. I cannot stand Quentin Tarrantino (I tried to sit through Pulp Fiction once and would love to get those 15 minutes back) and I think he is overrated so I never saw and never will see Django Unchained. Les Miserables is a polarizing film. I saw it on Broadway and it was good, but way too long. Everyone I have spoken too about Les Miserables either loved or hated it. There was no in between. I have heard that Life of Pi is visually spectacular, but my attempts to read the book were met with almost instantaneous sleep. Lincoln, while filled with great performances, sounds really boring. Unless Lincoln is killing vampires I can’t watch. I’ve heard it was incredibly dull. I would very much like to see Silver Linings Playbook and I have heard great things about it, but again it is more of a performance film than a Best Picture winner.

Best Actor was an easy choice and of all my choices Daniel Day-Lewis is the one I have the most confidence in. He just gets himself so involved in his roles that it would be a huge upset if he lost.

For Best Actress it came down to Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain. On a side not I recently heard America’s Biggest Asshole (Donald Trump) interviewed on Howard Stern and he told Howard that Jessica Chastain was not Best Picture nominees 2013ademy-Awardsattractive. He compared her to the girls in his Miss Universe pageant and said she would not hold a candle to any of them. I wanted to scream. Jessica may not be the most beautiful woman in history, but she is most definitely attractive. Anyway I thought she was superb in Zero Dark Thirty and if she won I would not be surprised and would have no issues. However, I am going with Jennifer Lawrence because I think the role she played was a bit more challenging. Plus she was superb in her past nominated role in Winter’s Bone (not a porn film) as well as The Hunger Games. I think the Academy wants to award her for her terrific work.

The Best Supporting Actor category was extremely difficult for me. Every actor is a previous winner so there is no sentimental favorite. I initially thought Alan Arkin would be awarded for his stellar performance in Argo, but the more I thought about it the more it came down to Robert De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones. I went with Jones due to the character he was playing and thinking that historical dramas often get rewarded. Again, a De Niro victory would not surprise me at all.

As far as I can see Anne Hathaway has Best Supporting Actress locked up. She plays a small, but vital role in Les Miserables and the Academy loves to reward any actress that cuts their hair and makes themselves look scrawny and yucky. Sally Field could win in an upset for Lincoln, but I don’t see it.

Best Director was also a tough one to call. Clearly the best director of 2012 was Ben Affleck, but for reasons unknown heSilver Linings Playbook did not get nominated. This has to go down as one of the biggest snubs in Oscar history. Without my number one choice I figured the winner would either be past winners Ang Lee or Steven Spielberg. Ang Lee could certainly be victorious for filming what was once thought to be an un-filmable story. And to do it in 3D that actually looked decent is even more amazing. However, I think Spielberg will get rewarded for Lincoln and the outstanding performances he got out of his actors. Lee just had a tiger.

Though I loved both Brave and Wreck-it Ralph, I think the silliness and nostalgia from Ralph will push it over the top. One could really not go wrong with either choice.

So there you have it. Enjoy the Oscars on Sunday night. I know I will.



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