Posted by: lylescott89 | March 1, 2013

Buying a hat should not be this difficult

Hey kids,

When it comes right down to it, buying a hat should not be particularly difficult. Unfortunately things are always different for me. Let me give you a little background. Adam is playing Little League once again this season. His uniform is completely provided by the team so he is all set. I like to have a hat to match his team’s hat so I can sit in my chair and show my support. Last year he played for the Rockies and since I already had a Rockies hat I wore it every game. This year he is playing for the White Sox and since I did not own such a hat I went to the Sports Fan-Attic to buy one. I thought it would be easy.

White SoxI walked into the store knowing exactly what I wanted so when I was met by an employee named Donnie I was tempted to just give him the brush off and just get my hat. However, Donnie seemed like he was bored and since I recalled my days in retail when I had nothing to do I allowed him to help. This would end up being a big mistake. Here is how the conversation went

Donnie: Good evening, what team can I help you with tonight?

(Take note that this was the point where I debated whether or not to talk to him. After all I am fully capable of picking a White Sox hat off a shelf and taking it to the cashier. Again, I should have done that)

Me: I’m looking for a White Sox hat to wear to my son’s Little League games.

D: You need a White Sox hat for your son. Well we have youth hats right over here.

M: No, he has a hat. I need one to wear when I attend his games.

D: So you need two hats?

M: No, just one for me.

D: Oh I see. Well what kind of White Sox hat do you want?

M: The same style that the kids wear on the field. I want mine to match his. I don’t want a fitted cap though, I want an adjustable cap.

D: Okay you want a field cap. We have them right here. (He walks me over to the fitted hats) Do you know what size your son wears?

M: It’s not for him, it’s for me and I do not want a fitted cap.

D: Oh that’s right, it’s for you. What size?

M: I do not want a fitted cap.

D: These are fitted caps.

M: That’s not what I want. I want an adjustable cap.

D: But you said you wanted a field cap.

M: No, you said I wanted a field cap. I only said I wanted it to match my son’s hat.

D: Oh, so you don’t want a fitted cap?

M: No.

D: That’s all we have.

M: No, it’s not. You have a whole section there of adjustable caps.

D: But those aren’t field caps.

M: I never said I wanted a field cap, you did.

D: Okay, but these will not match the hats they players have.

(I pick up an adjustable White Sox cap)

M: This one does.

D: So is that the one you want?

M: Yes.

D: Okay, we offer embroidery. Would you like your name on the side of the hat? White Sox Logo

M: No, that would be stupid.

D: How about your son’s name?

M: Is the embroidery free?

D: Um, no. It’s about $8.00.

M: Then no.

D: You could have his number embroidered.

M: Is that free?

D: No. It’s $5.00.

M: No.

D: So just the hat?

M: Yes.

D: No embroidery?

M: Is it free now?

D: No.

M: Then no, just the hat.

D: Okay, I can take care of you over here.

(The price tag on the hat showed the price as $18.00)

D: Okay your total is $21.39

M: How can that be if the hat only costs $18.00?

D: It’s $19.99.

M: No, it’s $18.00. See the price tag?

D: Oh wow that does say $18.00. Okay, I can fix that. (He fiddles with the computer) Your total is…$21.39.

M: Ummm, no.

D: Oh, wait. $19.26.

M: There you go.

So I paid and then got out of there as quickly as possible. It seems scary to me that what should have taken maybe a minute and a half ended up taking me almost 15 minutes. You would think they would have offered free embroidery.



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