Posted by: lylescott89 | May 31, 2013

Thank You Starbucks

starbucksHey kids,

As I write this I am sitting here in my daily recurring nightmare called work.  I don’t want to sound paranoid, but I think they are treating me worse and worse every day in hopes that I will quit.  I hate them all, but I won’t give in.  They cannot win.  Our computers are down today and I am sure they have already found some way to blame it on me.  It’s sad that I had such great dreams and visions when I was younger and now see that none of them will ever come true.  I am trapped in the endless nightmare and it is indeed hopeless.  I think it would be most appropriate to post a sign over the employee entrance that states “abandon hope all ye who enter here”.  (Sure, I stole that from Dante.  What are you going to do about it?)

A couple of days ago I went to Starbucks on my break for a delicious ice coffee.  I know that Starbucks is not everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee if you will) but I love it.  I have heard people bitch that it is too bitter, but to me it is delicious.  As a general rule I do like my coffee to be “industrial strength”. Anyway as I walked up to the door I saw a woman sitting out front with a sign.  I initially thought she was a homeless woman looking for some assistance, but as I got closer I could see that she was not asking for money, but rather having her very own one woman protest.  Her sign read “Boycott Starbux”.  (Apparently spelling was not her forte or she was just too lazy to write it all out)

Now I did not know why she wanted this boycott, but I was in no mood to ask.  I just wanted my coffee.  As I approached the door I saw a sign that explained that effective June 1st Starbucks was banning smoking within 25 feet of its doors.  I read this and was ecstatic.  Do you know how many times I have had to walk through filthy and disgusting cigarette smoke just to get myself some coffee?  I easily deducted that the woman with the sign was protesting this new rule.

As I purchased my lovely beverage I asked the barista how long that woman has been out there and if what she was doingSexy Barista was legal.  The barista told me that she had been out there about three hours and they had called the police.  However, she was told that as long as the woman stayed outside and continued to make purchases there was nothing they could do.  (Now I do not know the law and whether or not this is true, but it is what she told me so I am going with it.  I don’t need a bunch of comments about the legality of this.  Thanks)

So let me get this straight; the woman is sitting outside with a boycott sign, yet she is continuing to purchase coffee?  Yes, that was correct I was told and the barista added that she also bought a sandwich for lunch.  Does this woman have any clue how to successfully boycott a company?  Apparently not.

Kudos and great thanks to Starbucks and their new smoking ban.  I am looking forward to my next beverage.




  1. Since I am a vegetarian, I always have my bacon with tofu.

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