Posted by: lylescott89 | July 30, 2013

The Great Smoky Mountains Journey Day 11: Sigh, Time to go Home

585Hey kids,

Our last morning of vacation had arrived.  In less than 24 hours I would be headed back to that hell hole known as work.  I was not in a good mood at all.  Let’s face it, I work a crappy desk job and I will always work a crappy desk job.  God forbid I get a job in my field of study.  I graduated from college 26 years ago and have not spent one second doing anything that I studied.  Yes I am miserable at work, but I have no choice.  I will never have a choice.  It sucks to be me.

Well now that I have myself and you readers thoroughly depressed I can now continue on the story.  I decided that I was not going to use my new shaving materials at the hotel.  I decided that since it was Father’s Day there was no reason for me to shave and I would use my gift tomorrow or the next day even.

We had breakfast.  It was essentially a repeat of the day before, but with an English muffin as opposed to a bagel.  We got all our stuff packed, grabbed one of those luggage carts and loaded up the SUV.  By 10:30 we were on the road.

The trip itself was incredibly uneventful.  There was no rain, no bad traffic and no major incidents.  Adam listened to a book on CD for the entire trip and even though I was in the vehicle I can tell you absolutely nothing about it.  I have no recollection as to what it was about and I cannot even tell you the title, but Adam enjoyed it and that was all that mattered.494  Lunch, however, I do remember.

On the way north we had passed by a place called Carroll’s Sausage & Meats.  I really wanted to stop there and pick up some sausage and meat, however we had no cooler to put it in and I am sure it would have all spoiled by the time we got home.  Technically we had a small cooler, but it was already full and we had no room to put one of those throwaway coolers in the SUV.  We were packed.  We had two options; leave Adam in Georgia or don’t buy any meat.  We kept Adam and did not buy any meat.  Donna, who was driving at the time, suggested I check and see if they served food so I went online and lo and behold they did serve lunch.  I programmed Carroll’s into Meagan and we were on our way.

They had hot meals and they made fresh sandwiches as well.  As we entered we noticed that the store itself was gigantic and they sold a whole lot of meat.  The butcher counter was the longest one I had ever seen.  The selection of sausage, meats and bacon was making me drool so we went back to the front of the store and went to the counter to order.  The special of the day was braised beef served with your choice of sides and a drink.  I decided I would get that along with the dressing and mashed potatoes.  Adam got a turkey sandwich and Donna went with a grilled cheese.  Hey, it was Father’s Day and if I wanted to pick a non-vegetarian friendly place that was fine.

I went and found a nice selection of BBQ sauces for the beef and I picked two to see which one I liked better.  I cannot tell you the name, but it had a hillbilly on the label and was a tad spicy.  The beef was delicious and full of flavor.  The dressing was easily the best dressing I have ever had.  The potatoes were delicious as well.  I was a little surprised at the low price of the whole meal.  Donna’s grilled cheese was only $1.00 and my entire meal was six bucks and change.  Nice.

It was my turn to drive so we hit the road once again and headed south.  A couple of hours later Adam and I were thinking about ice cream.  Since we were getting close to needing gas anyway we stopped at a station that had a Dairy Queen inside.  I do not recall what Adam had, but I tried one of their new frozen hot chocolates and I can tell you that I was shocked at how incredibly delicious it was.  I made Donna take over the driving so I could enjoy my frozen beverage undisturbed.

Eventually we arrived at home, unloaded the SUV and began the fun task of preparing for the upcoming week of work.  We were getting close to dinner time and I was asked what I wanted.  I was craving pizza so Donna went and picked me up a large pepperoni & sausage pie which I devoured.  Well, I did save a couple of slices for lunch the next day, but overall I ate595 quite a bit.

So there you have it kids.  That is the entire trip in 11 posts.  I hope you enjoyed and please stay tuned and read about our July journey which was much closer to home.



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