Posted by: lylescott89 | August 20, 2013

Summer Fun and the 2013 General Assembly: Arriving at The Peabody

017Hey kids,

Every two years the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the US & Canada is held somewhere in the country (well, this country not Canada for reasons unknown) and with few exceptions we always attend.  I like to attend to see old friends, visit new places and stay in a really fancy hotel.  We have been to some really nice cities over the years (Portland, Nashville, Denver, etc.) but then again we also had to go to Pittsburgh once so you learn to take the good with the bad.  This year it was held close to home in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center.

We were scheduled to arrive on a Friday night before the festivities began on Saturday.  However, Donna had an issue.  She had to travel to Kansas City, MO to officiate a funeral.  So she flew out on Thursday, did the service and would meet us at the hotel on Friday night.  This left Adam and I to travel on our own and make sure that we had Donna’s luggage loaded in the car and not just our own.  (We did)

I worked all day at my nightmare of a job, picked up Adam from camp and hit the road at 5:00 PM.  I was worried that the traffic on the causeway would be horrid.  It was not.  Then I worried that the traffic on 275 would be way backed up.  It was not.  So then when we got on I-4 I thought it would be smooth sailing all the way to Orlando.  It was not.  We got to the amphitheater and traffic slowed to a crawl.  I figured it would clear up once we got past the I-75 interchange.  It did not.  So we poked along at a speed that made snails laugh.  Eventually we came to the trouble; a hot dog cart flipped on its side and blocking two lanes of traffic.  The truck it was once attached to sat on the side of the road with a police car behind it.  I imagine they were waiting for the tow truck.  Now it was finally smooth sailing.

Our reservation was at the luxurious and very expensive Peabody Hotel.  Fortunately they gave an incredibly reasonable004 rate for the attendees of the Assembly otherwise we’d have been somewhere else.  We arrived and were greeted by the valet.  He unloaded our massive pile of luggage and asked if we wanted valet parking.  I always want valet parking.  Any time I can get someone else to do something tedious for me I will accept it even if it costs me a few bucks.  Oh who am I kidding; I love valet parking!

We walked in and were astounded by the beauty of the hotel.  Then we walked to the front desk and I was astounded by the beauty of the girl checking us in.  She kept talking, but I could not understand half of what she was saying as I was mesmerized by her beauty.  She could have said they would charge us extra for towels as far as I knew.  Well done Peabody Hotel, well done.

She then sent us over to bell services to get our luggage taken up to our room.  Now normally the only people at bell services are big bulky guys or old men.  We got a young girl that was incredibly small.  My guess is that she was about 5’2” and weighed maybe 105 lbs.  However she was quite strong and very capable.  She pulled the giant thing of luggage like a pro and then unloaded it with ease.  I had no choice but to give her a good tip.

The room was awesome for several reasons:

• I could see WDW from my room
• The pool was below us so I was sure that I would eventually see hot girls in bikinis
• There was a TV embedded into the mirror in the bathroom.
• Also in the bathroom was a light on the floor that came on whenever it sensed movement
• They had one of those in the main room too
• Did I mention the view?

Adam and I were hungry and we did not feel like getting back in the car and going anywhere nor did we feel like going out and walking to any of the nearby restaurants.  So we decided it would be fun to eat at the B-Line Diner right there in the hotel.  They have a huge display case of desserts when you first walk in so the taunting begins immediately.  The restaurant itself is very cool looking and since I like diners anyway I knew I’d enjoy it.  However, the prices were decidedly non-dineresque.  The kid’s meal was actually very reasonable.  For $6.00 Adam got a cheeseburger, fries and a lovely beverage.  My meals were not anywhere close to that price.  Since the specialty of the house was the world famous Peabody Chicken Pot Pie I decided to order it.  At $16.00 it was also the world’s most expensive chicken pot pie.

Our food was brought to the table and my pie was beyond piping hot so I had to let it cool before I could dig in.  It was cute that it had a duck stamped into the crust.  I was guessing the duck stamp added at least five bucks to the price.  Adam was starving and chowed down on his burger, but did let me have a bite and I can tell you it was very good.  The fries were good as well.  Once my pie cooled down I took a bite.  “Oh my gosh this pot pie is awesome!” As I do with many of my food items I added some Tabasco and a little pepper and that just made it even better.  No, it was not worth 16 bucks but it was a good size and quite delicious.

After dinner I checked on Donna’s flight (she was getting a ride to the hotel from a minister friend so no worries there) and saw it was running a little late so Adam and I decided it was pool time.  The pool was spectacular with a grotto, a waterfall, a slide and all sorts of fountains to get us all splashy wet.  It was beautifully landscaped as well.  There was a lot of pool time in the course of our stay so I’ll save some of the pool highlights for later.  Hope you do not mind.  We swam for about an hour or so and then decided to go see if Donna was back at the room.  She was not, so Adam watched TV in the bathroom just because he could and I unpacked our luggage and put the bags in the closet.  A few minutes later Donna arrived and she was exhausted.  Adam and I wanted to tell her all about the fun stuff at the hotel and in the room, but she was too tired to be interested and went straight to sleep.

The next day was Saturday and while Donna would be busy for part of the day, Adam and I would have a lot of free time.  What would we do?  Well, stay tuned.



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