Posted by: lylescott89 | August 30, 2013

Summer Fun & the 2013 General Assembly: Happy Birthday Donna

076Hey Kids,

Sunday morning arrived way too early so Adam and I decided it was in our best interest to sleep in as long as humanly possible.  Donna decided that she would go and attend the church service at the assembly so she left us early and we continued to sleep.  I am not sure as to what time we finally got out of bed, but if I had to make a guess I would go with 9:45 AM.  Adam and I had breakfast in the room.

When Donna returned we asked what she wanted to do and she said she wanted to see the ducks.  So wince we had plenty of time we made our way down to the duck room and patiently waited for the ducks to arrive.  One can never see the ducks too often.  Donna had a nice discussion with the Duckmaster as well and since it was her birthday she was able to get a great seat for duck viewing.

We saw Ron and Susan and we all decided we’d go have lunch together.  Since it was Donna’s birthday she was allowed  to choose and she went with Marlow’s Tavern over at Pointe Orlando.  We arrived and were seated immediately since there were only a few other people there.  I have to say that I really enjoyed this place.  Thanks to Four Square we got a free order of deviled eggs, which I was told were delicious.  I hate deviled eggs.  Ron ordered the Famous Hummus and was willing to share.  Now I am not a big hummus fan, but I did find this particular hummus to be quite delicious.  The flatbread it was served with was also quite tasty.  For lunch I had the Buffalo Chicken Wrap which was wonderful and some very crispy and very flavorful French fries.  Yummy.

After lunch we returned to the Peabody.  Donna considered going over to hear some of the lectures at the assembly, but057 decided that she would rather spend her birthday relaxing and I cannot say that I blame her.  So while Donna relaxed in the pool Adam and I hit the pool once again.  Oh what a delightful swim we had.  fr being such a large hotel the pool itself was never overly busy.  We could always find a lounge chair for our towels to sit (we did not sit much) and there was always plenty of space in the pools for us to frolic and play.  You gotta love the Grotto Pool.  Well I guess you don’t, but I did.

After we swam we tracked down Donna (since she was napping this was not particularly difficult) and went down to see the ducks make their evening exit.  It is always fun to see the ducks.  Did I mention that once or twice?

For her birthday dinner Donna chose The Pub.  Now, The Pub is famous for its Wall of Beer, but since we do not drink that meant absolutely nothing to us.  For dinner Donna invited some wonderful people to join us; my very good friend Bill from Indiana and local favorites Ann & David.  We had a delightful time and many laughs as we celebrated Donna’s special day.  In case you were wondering I had the Shepherd’s Pie and it was very good.  Not the best ever, but certainly better than that slop they used to give us in the high school cafeteria.  Sadly we skipped dessert.

I have to tell you that we did not do a whole lot on this day.  After dinned we headed back to the Peabody to clean up and then went over to the convention center for the evening’s festivities.  On this night they started with the usual music which was very good, and followed it up with the Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins who is the General Minister and President of the DOC.  I find her to be a delightful woman and I have to say that I enjoy listening to her speak.  This night was no exception, however I sadly no longer have any recollection of anything she said.  Dang this getting old thing sucks.

061Afterwards we took Adam to see Ron’s show.  Ron is a renowned magician and illusionist and though I have seen his show many, many times I had not seen it in at least 10 years so I was looking forward to it as well.  Adam was on pins and needles in anticipation of seeing the show and Ron did not disappoint him or anyone else in the crowd.  The show itself was meant for the college aged kids and the sign said only adults 18 and over would be admitted.  I had talked to Ron the previous night to make sure that he hadn’t started doing a risque show and he assured me he had not and the only reason for the 18+ sign was to make the college kids more interested or something like that.  Frankly I don’t remember.  Like I said, getting old sucks.

As the show ended I saw that we had a very tired little boy and needed to get him back and quickly into bed.  He put up no fight so I knew he was exhausted.  We had a fun day, but Monday was coming and it would be very different; Donna would be in business meetings, Adam would be involved with the kid’s program and I would be on my own.  What would I do?  Stay tuned.



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