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Summer Fun & the 2013 General Assembly: Sweet Honey Bunches of Oats

127Hey kids,

It was Wednesday morning and also the last full day in Orlando as the assembly would be coming to a close that evening.  As usual Adam asked if I would pick him up early and I said I would, but not nearly as early as I did on Tuesday.  I had big plans for this day and all of them involved the wonderful Grotto Pool.

Knowing this was the last full day at the Peabody I got up a tad bit earlier than I had the past couple of days.  I had promised Adam that we would take him to the B-Line Diner for breakfast one morning and while Thursday was a possibility we decided that Wednesday would be better.  Adam had seen a picture of the pancakes and waffles covered in strawberries and he had to have them.  Since Donna had meetings and such we went to the diner around 8:00 AM or so.

Just as we were when we dined here on the night we arrived, we were promptly seated.  Our server came over and Adam ordered some OJ, Donna went with coffee and I decided that water with lemon would be my beverage of choice.  After perusing the menu Donna decided to order oatmeal with fruit while I went with the Egg Sandwich served on a brioche bun with American cheese and Bacon served with a side of hash browns.  It was quite delicious, but as expected it was also way overpriced.  Regardless we had a nice breakfast and then we both walked Adam over to the kid’s program across the street.  Again I promised him I’d get him early.

With Adam all settled I went back up to the room to prepare myself for a day at the pool.  Once I got my swimsuit on I headed down to the pool.  I staked out what was now my favorite spot and got myself settled.  It was very hot and the water was very refreshing.  I would swim for a while then get out and read for a bit.  This was repeated early and often.

But this was the day I was waiting for; I was going to order a beverage and something for lunch and have it served to me131 poolside.  I had a feeling that Donna was going to text or call me and then ask me about lunch.  I would have to let her down gently because I had no intention of putting on shoes or regular clothes that day.  No, I was going to stay at the pool all stinking day and no one was going to stop me.

After about two hours of hopping in and out of the pool I got in my chair and waited for someone to come by and check on me.  Naturally I was waiting for a hot girl, but I got a tall skinny guy named Chris instead.  Oh well, what could I do?  Chris asked me if he could bring me a drink and I told him I would really like a refreshing Coca-Cola.  No problem he said and off he went while I looked at the menu.  When Chris returned I told him I was in no hurry and to check back in a few minutes.  I already knew what I was going to order, but I wanted to stretch out this poolside situation as long as possible.  After I finished my Coke Chris came by with a refill for me and then I told him I was ready to order.  I ordered the slow roasted BBQ pork sandwich with fries and coleslaw.  Wow!  It was fantastic.

While all this was going on Donna stopped by and checked on me.  She gave me a look and a roll of the eyes, but she was glad that I was relaxed and enjoying myself.  I am so tense with this god awful job I work at day in and day out that I think she was relieved to see me enjoying a lovely beverage poolside.  We chatted for a few minutes and I told her I would not be joining her for lunch, but she already had determined that.  Chris asked if she wanted anything and she said no and headed back to the convention center.  I reminded her I’d be picking up Adam.

After lunch I continued to read and drink as many Cokes as Chris could bring.  (You gotta love free refills) I was completely relaxed and wondered what could be better than this.  Even though it had been less than an hour since I finished eating I decided to defy the advice my mother gave me as a child and jumped in the water.  I did not sink to the bottom.

133After getting finished with my refreshing swim I looked up and could see dark clouds forming in the distance.  I knew rain would be there soon so I got another refill and then decided to just sit and read until it happened.  The skies got darker and the wind picked up, but for whatever reason it was still safe to be outside.  I had been out for a while and was thinking it was time to get back in the water when suddenly a huge bolt of lightning pierced the sky followed by really loud thunder.  Everyone at the pool jumped up, grabbed their things and headed inside.  My Coke was empty, but I still needed to pay so I tracked Chris down, signed for the food and went inside.

By the time I got back to my room I could see a brutal storm raging out the windows.  I could no longer see WDW from my room and in actuality I could barely see the pool.  So I got myself cleaned up and decided to head down and hang with the ducks until it was cleared up enough to go pick up the boy.  Once it settled down to a light rain I grabbed a courtesy umbrella and got Adam out his self-imposed torture chamber.  The pools were still closed due to lightning in the area so we just hung out in the hotel.  We had some nice plans for dinner that night so it was best to rest up.

Adam and I got the car from the valet and headed to meet everyone else at the Brick House for dinner.  Along with the ever popular Ann & David and the ever present boat lover Jeff, we were also joined at dinner by two people I did not know particularly well, Steve and Tracey.  I was not sure what to think because I think I had barely said two words to either of them in my entire life, but I found them both to be quite pleasant.  They both love Disney so right there they were good people in my book.

We were pretty much the only ones in the restaurant save for a few tables and couches with happy diners and consequently we had excellent service.  I ordered the Drunken Chops which were two house brined center cut pork chops with a whiskey bbq glaze and topped with onion strings & served with cheddar mashed potatoes.   They were absolutely delicious.  I was kicking myself afterwards for not taking a picture of them, but I guess they were so good my mind could not focus.  Don’t ask me what anyone else had because I was preoccupied with my pork chops.

As I enjoyed my dinner I asked what was on tap for the evening service.  I was told there was no speaker, but we would be136a entertained by a group of singers called Sweet Honey Bunches of Oats.  I asked who that was and I was told I had the name wrong.  What the real name was I never did figure out so I kept calling them by different names all night.  Anyway, Sweet Cream and Honey Smacks was allegedly a group of women that sing A capella.  Since I am not a huge fan of A capella music I was not particularly thrilled, but I was nice about it.  Apparently Tracey was a big fan of Sweet Buttercream Frosting and Pears and had several of their CD’s.

We finished dinner and after a brief stop at Walgreens we returned to the Peabody.  Since there was not a lot going on that night I thought I might skip it, but since everyone was raving about Sweet Potatoes and Creamed Corn I figured I’d go over and listen.  Boy did I make a mistake.

135Let me tell you about Sweet Strawberries and Creamy Pudding; I have to say that they were all accomplished singers with lovely voices.  However, that does not make up for the fact that they sang the most boring and uninteresting songs I may have ever heard.  I zoned out several times and I am not sure, but they may have sung a version of Itsy Bitsy Spider in four part harmony.  To be blunt, they just were not my cup of tea.  They were okay, but my overall feeling when it mercifully ended was “meh”.  So if you like Sweet Pickles and Lola good for you, but it did not work for me.  I put on a good act though as they performed.  I acted interested and I applauded loudly, but fell short of offering a standing ovation.  I can only BS so much before I make myself sick.  Thumbs down for Sweet Apple Crisp and Banana Cream Pie.

We said goodbyes to all the people that we would probably not see for another two years when we reconvene in Columbus, OH and headed back for our last night in the Peabody.  The next morning we would pack up and head out for the second part of our adventure.  What would it be?  Stay tuned.



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