Posted by: lylescott89 | September 25, 2013

Summer Fun & the 2013 General Assembly: Melbourne Beach

141Hey kids,

When I awoke on my final morning at The Peabody I had mixed feelings.  I was sad to be leaving such a lovely and glorious hotel, but was happy that the second part of our summer fun was about to begin.  Before I get too far I want to make note that if I had known then what I know now I would have made sure to say goodbye to the ducks.  You see I have recently learned that The Peabody has been sold and after September 30th the ducks will be gone for good.  This is very sad for me, but the ducks will end up at a farm somewhere and be very happy.  At least that is what the press release said.  I have a feeling the ducks will be someone’s main course in the restaurant on October 1st.

We had a light breakfast in the room and began packing up all of our stuff.  As most people know I am a very particular packer in that I make sure that items we do not need get loaded in bags that will eventually be loaded first into the car.  I think checkout time was 11:00 and sometime around 10:30 we called the valet to get our car ready and for the bell service to come get our luggage.  Instead of a cute young girl picking up our bags we got an old guy that was reminiscent of the old man character that Tim Conway used to play.  He walked slowly and shuffled his feet a lot and I was not sure if he could handle picking up any of the bags, but when I asked him he said he was fine.  And to his credit he did quite well.

With the car loaded and ready to go I asked the crew if they wanted to grab a late breakfast/early lunch before we left151 Orlando or if they wanted to hit the road.  By unanimous decision we decided to hit the road and find food somewhere along the way.  However, Donna insisted that we stop by McDonald’s first so she could get a cup of coffee.  No big deal except for the fact that the smell of McDonald’s always makes me hungry.  I wish Yankee Candle would put out a product that smelled like McDonald’s.

After our brief stop we were finally on the road to Melbourne Beach.  Yes we have been there before and it is one of our favorite little getaway places.  I do find it odd that we enjoy the beach quite a bit, yet despite the fact that we live but a 10 minute drive from it we rarely go.  It is so much more fun to go to the opposite side of the state and pay money to stay in a hotel that is right on the beach.  I have very odd logic.

Once we got on I-95 and headed south the boy began expressing his desire for food.  I saw an exit up ahead with several options.  I just wanted to grab a quick bite at Wendy’s, but Donna wanted Subway so we asked Adam which he preferred and he said “IHOP”.  I immediately thought about how an omelet and a stack of pancakes would be an awesome lunch since breakfast was basically missed.  Donna said IHOP was fine so off we went.  I’ll spare you the details of our meal since I figure most of my readers have been to an IHOP at least once.  I’ll just tell you that I had a Colorado Omelet, pancakes and a vanilla iced coffee.  Delicious.

150We got back on the road and made our way to the Doubletree on Melbourne Beach.  We arrived prior to check in time, but our room was ready so we were able to get quickly checked in by the hot blond working the front desk.  She gave us a room on the 9th floor, which I thought was great, but it got even better when I realized it was the top floor.  We had the best views and no one above us.  Awesome.

The room itself was nice, but far from the luxury of The Peabody.  The views of the beach and the ocean were great, while out the front window we could see houses and bridges and such.  We had a balcony as well and that was great.  I knew that we could sit out there at night and just listen to the waves as they crashed onto the beach.  One plus that this room had that our room in Orlando did not was the king sized bed.  You gotta love that.

Once we got settled Adam and I gathered up all of our beach items and headed down for some fun.  I believe Donna took a nap.  Adam got his boogie board out and was riding the waves.  He had gotten much better at it than he was before.  The waves were great that day for riding, but were a little rough on me.  I was knocked over several times and now that I am writing about it I can suddenly feel the waves hitting me once again.  We had a great time in the water, but we also made some feeble attempts at sand sculpting.  Honestly, if there is anyone less talented than us in making sand sculptures I’d like to meet them.  We ended up just digging holes because that was easy.

After all the fun at the beach we naturally got cleaned up.  Adam took a shower while I waited outside on the balcony.  When149 I finally had my turn I walked into the bathroom and it appeared that someone had taken a bucket of shells and sand and dumped them into the shower.  How he had all that in his swimsuit I have no idea.

We started to discuss dinner ideas so I went to see the hot blond and ask for recommendations.  She gave me a sheet of restaurants that were nearby and told me her favorites.  I went back to the room with the list (and not the blond) and shared her suggestions with the crew.  After checking out several websites and perusing menus we had a few places in mind, but Donna wanted Mexican food.  It is a rarity that I turn down such an offer so I quickly mapped out the fastest way to get to Cantina Dos Amigos.  (Turn left out of the parking lot, go about a mile, restaurant on right)

We were seated promptly and I thought the restaurant was decorated quite nicely.  There were plenty of TV’s available for us to watch baseball or Sportscenter or whatever else they had on. Our waitress was an older woman and she was quite friendly and it appeared that she had been working there for quite a while as many of the locals seemed to know her by name.  I do not remember her name, but I think it was Agnes.  Anyway Adam and I ordered Cherry Cokes while Donna chose the iced tea.  What they had for dinner I do not recall, but I had a burrito filled with chicken and covered in sauce and cheese.  Many of you will not believe this, but this burrito was so big and stuffed that I was unable to finish it.  I know!  I suppose the fact that we went through two full baskets of chips and were working on a third when our food arrived may have had something to do with it.  There was no dessert on this night, although a churro did come with our meals.  That was good too, but certainly not the best churro I had ever had.

157We were stuffed and we went back to the hotel to relax.  We took an evening stroll on the beach and came across a guy fishing while his super hot girlfriend watched.  Adam seemed fascinated with the fish in his bucket, but I think he was more interested in speaking to the hot girl.  That’s my boy!

We also told Adam not to go in  the water past his ankles, but that was just a waste of breath as he was soaked before we knew it.  Oh well, it was vacation and he was having fun so no big deal.

Back in the room Adam was exhausted and he fell asleep watching TV.  Donna and I sat out on the balcony for most of the evening just listening to the waves and the occasional sounds of people at the pool.  We did not get to the pool on this day, but we would before the stay was complete.  Regardless the night sky was remarkable and I was very relaxed.  Eventually Donna got cold (on an 82 degree night) and went inside.  I stayed outside and read for a while before heading to bed.  I knew Adam would be up early and I knew his mind would be on the beach.  For more on that, stay tuned.



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