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Summer Fun & the 2013 General Assembly: A Day at the Beach

183Hey kids,

I really need to apologize for taking so long to give you the next installment of this incredible journey.  I have been very busy with a new project that was thrust upon me with little to no warning.  I will be sharing that story with you soon, but allow me to finish the travel story.  Thanks for your understanding.  You kids are the best.  (Except for you; you know who you are)

It was Friday morning and the sun was shining as usual.  I fixed myself a nice breakfast in the room and went out to enjoy it on the balcony.  The beach was almost empty so there were no bikini girls to watch, so I just sat there enjoying the sounds and smells of the surf.  It was most relaxing.  I wanted Adam to join me, but he was busy watching TV which was apparently more interesting that what I was doing.

We headed down to the beach for what would end up being a lovely morning.  It was not too horribly hot yet so Adam and I spend a good portion of our time playing in the sand.  As you know our sand sculpting abilities are practically nil, so we started by building a sand highway complete with tunnels and bridges and then ended by burying Adam in the sand.  He loves that.  Of course there was also plenty of playing time in the ocean as well.  Adam again used his boogie board a lot and I stood there and watched him.  I know that sounds incredibly boring, but doggone it I was having fun.

After about three fun filled hours we decided to pack it up and head to the pool.  Now this pool was nothing like the pool at176 The Peabody.  They did have a little restaurant by the pool, but we did not partake in any of their offerings.  Anyway we rinsed off thoroughly to avoid getting sand in the pool (just like the sign said) but we were apparently the only ones to follow that order.  As we stepped into the (rather small) pool we saw that the bottom was covered in sand.  It was here that I began to feel a twinge of pain in my right ear.  I was afraid that I may have been getting an ear infection after all the swimming I had been doing lately, but because I was on vacation I decided to ignore the warnings and just keep having fun.  This was a dumb idea.

We went back to the room to get cleaned up and head to lunch.  I put some over the counter drops in my ear that I was convinced would clear up my ear issues.  I was wrong.  And I knew I was wrong at the time, but I just did not want to allow myself to be sick.  So I continued to ignore all the warning signs.  I showered, put on some clean clothes and we headed down to the car.

The day before the cute girl at the desk had given me a list of good restaurants in the area and one really piqued my interest.  It was called Long Doggers and was about a mile from the hotel.  I had checked them out on Trip Advisor and read their menu online so I was convinced this was going to be a good place.  I was right.

169Even though we were there well after the normal lunch rush time it was still pretty busy, but then again it was not a very big place.  We were seated outside and while I was not initially thrilled with that setup it worked out great.  They had a huge fan running so I never even broke a sweat as we sat there.  Plus I could see people parking and going to the beach, which is always fun.  Our waitress was really pretty and she wore these tight jean shorts that fully accentuated her figure.  Plus she had her bikini on underneath her t-shirt which made her even sexier.  I forget her name, but for the sake of argument we will call her Jessica after my dream girl, Jessica Tandy Alba.

Jessica asked if we wanted an appetizer and since this was vacation (and the only time we were going out to eat on this Friday) I said yes.  We all agreed on the Basket of Hoops, better known as onion rings.  The rings were served with a choice of three sauces, but we only tried two of them; Ranch and Spicy Tsunami.  The O-rings (which if I recall was the downfall of the Challenger) were fried to a perfect golden brown.  They were also seasoned in such a way that they were perfect without any dipping sauces at all, but since I had two sauces I knew I should try them.  I should also add here that while Donna technically tried the dipping sauces, she went with her standard ketchup dip for her hoops.  The Ranch was delicious and Adam seemed to like that one the best, but I was partial to the Spicy Tsunami.  I cannot tell you what was in the Spicy Tsunami, but I can tell you that it was delicious.  The hoops quickly disappeared.

It was time for the main course.  Since the place was called Long Doggers and I truly believe that, if prepared properly, the171 hot dog is one of the world’s greatest foods.  I ordered the High Life Hot Dog, which was a foot long dog with chili, bacon, shredded cheddar, onions and jalapenos.  I made it a platter by adding fries, fruit and slaw.  I don’t have to tell you that the High Life was one of the most delicious dogs I have ever eaten, but I will.  The High Life dog was one of the most delicious dogs I have ever eaten.  I added a little Cholula to the dog for some extra spice because that’s what I do.  This was not a dog that one could pick up and eat.  No, this was a fork and knife dog and that was fine with me.  I ate the slaw, which was very good, but I allowed Adam to have the fruit.  The fries were waffle fries and I was very glad I had saved back some the Spicy Tsunami because it was good on the fries as well.  Plus there was so much chili and cheese falling off the dog that chili cheese fries were occurring naturally.  (I think chili cheese fries should occur naturally in nature, but that’s just me) It was an awesome meal.  For the record, Adam and Donna both had fish.  I think Adam had fried fish and Donna may have had a grouper sandwich, but don’t quote me on that.  I was way too wrapped up in my meal to worry about fish.

As we finished Jessica came over and asked if we wanted dessert.  I did want dessert, but I was so full that dessert would have pushed me over the edge.  Honestly at that point a wafer thin mint may have been a mistake.  Adam had seen some kids earlier taking ice cream out of a big freezer and asked Jessica if he was allowed to do that too.  She said that because he was so cute she would allow it and not charge him for it.  He was very happy and he picked out some sort of ice cream sandwich.

174As I was sitting there chatting with Jessica, Donna and Adam decided that they would check out a nearby consignment shop.  So I stayed, paid the bill, flirted with Jessica and then walked over to meet up with them.  I am not a fan of consignment shops because they are little more than glorified garage sales to me.  I walked inb and sitting on the counter was one of the cutest yorkies I have ever seen.  The cutest yorkie ever was Buddy and this one looked remarkably similar.  Two big differences: this one was a girl and both her ears stayed up.  I asked the ole lady at the counter if I could pet the yorkie and she said yes.  I said hello and she rolled over and allowed me to scratch her behind the ears.  (The yorkie, not the old lady) Then when it was time to leave I told her goodbye and she gave me some wet & sloppy kisses.  (Again, the yorkie and not the old lady)

I knew it was a bad idea, but when we returned to the hotel Adam and I hit the beach once again.  The waves were higher and Adam could do some serious wave riding on his board.  My ear was getting worse, but I figured (incorrectly) that the stuff I shoved in there would heal me up and it was okay to get in the water and frolic.  So ignored my ear and got pounded by the waves once again.  By the time we were done I was beached out for the day, but not Adam.  It was once again shower time, but after that we were staying in for the night.  Or so I thought.  Adam was just not satisfied with the amount of beach time he had all day so we took a stroll on the beach at dusk and allowed Adam to splash in the water as much as he wanted.  This time I had a towel.  After the walk he jumped in the pool with a bunch of other kids and he played for a bit while Donna and I relaxed poolside.  It was a nice evening.

When we returned to the room we put in a movie (Here Comes the Boom) that we had brought with us and all sat together173 as a family.  We also snacked on food we had in the room and leftovers from the night before and from lunch.  (I had nothing left over from lunch) It was a very nice, even though the movie was pretty stupid.  It was a kid’s movie and Adam liked it so that is really all that mattered.

When I went to bed my ear was throbbing and I knew that I would not make it all the way to Monday, but I convinced myself that I could do it and that it would be much better by morning.  Was it better?  You’ll have to wait for the next installment to find out for sure, but I am confident you already know the right answer.  I promise a shorter wait for the next part of the story.



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