Posted by: lylescott89 | January 16, 2014

The National Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2014

Greg Maddux BravesHey kids,

I was very happy last week when the 2014 inductees for the Baseball Hall of Fame were announced.  Former Braves pitchers Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine were elected as well as former White Sox slugger Frank Thomas.  This was their first year of eligibility.  I was a little disappointed that Craig Biggio fell a mere two votes shy of induction in his second year of eligibility, but he will remain on the ballot and will be eligible again next year.

One of the most impressive things to me is that I have seen all three of those players play live and in person several times each.  I’ll include Biggio in that fun fact as well since I actually walked up to him after a game in Houston and asked for his autograph.  Once I got it I wondered what I was going to do with it, but nonetheless I did get it.  I have no idea what I did with it.

I have to say that I was disappointed that Maddux was not unanimously elected, but then again no one has ever been given that honor.  Not Ruth, not Mantle, not DiMaggio.  Not Aaron, not Clemente, not Spahn.  No one.  There are those in the BBWAA that for some reason do not believe that any player should be elected on his first ballot.  I don’t agree with that at all.  Members of the BBWAA are eligible to vote for 10 players on their ballots, but they can put as few as zero or just one or two if they’d like.  Just because there are 10 open lines on the ballot does not mean that there are 10 qualified candidates.  This is the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of the Very Good.  But what I really do not agree with is the work of two idiots: Dan Le Batard and Ken Gurnick.

Let’s start with Le Batard, who I will now and forever refer to as Le Bastard because that’s what the spell check thinksGLAVINE C DCS it is and I am tired of correcting it and it’s funny.  (Yes I realize I could add it to my dictionary, but do I really want that?  No)  Le Bastard gave away his ballot and votes to a website called Deadspin.  Apparently this is a sports website, but I have never visited it before and certainly will not do so now.  Apparently he was protesting because he was not in favor of the current voting process.  If I had a vote (and I should) I would be honored because it is an honor to have such a vote.  To throw away your vote like that is a reprehensible and unforgiveable act.  As such, Le Bastard has been forever stripped of his Hall of Fame voting privileges.  This was the right thing to do.  The man does not deserve such an honor.  As it turns out, the name Le Bastard fits quite well.

Ken Gurnick (which the spell check wants me to change to Gerick, but since that is not as funny as Le Bastard I’ll stick with Gurnick) decided that on his ballot he would not vote for anyone that played during the steroid era regardless if they ever took PED’s or not.  Thus he only voted for pitcher Jack Morris.  Okay, there is a whole lot to bitch about here.  First of all, Morris is not a Hall of Famer.  He’s a Hall of Very Gooder, but not a Hall of Famer.  This was Morris’ 15th and final year on the ballot.  Since he was not elected his name will now be removed from all future ballots and his only hope to get in is via the Veteran’s Committee.  With a career ERA of 3.90 it is clear that he does not belong amongst the greats, but he did have his supporters, just not enough of them.

Gurnick never accused Maddux or Glavine of taking PED’s (and if you look at them you can see why), but he penalized them as well as Thomas for having played in the era.  What Gurnick failed to realize is that the career of Morris bled into that era as well and thus the hypocrisy of his vote.

Frank_Thomas_1997_CROPLook, if you don’t want to vote for Thomas because he spent a good portion of his career at DH, okay, but don’t penalize him because he played during the time of known cheaters.  If you don’t think the 355 wins and four Cy Young awards for Maddux are enough, well you’re just kind of not paying attention.

Now when it comes to the PED issue I am of the mindset that if a player ever used them then they should never be elected to the Hall of Fame.  The HOF is for those that played the game honestly.  Sure, there are jerks in there (Ty Cobb) and the possibility remains that there are players in there already that used steroids, but I don’t think we’ll ever know that for sure.  I have heard the argument that players like Bonds and Clemons were HOF caliber players before they took PED’s and they should still be enshrined.  While you can make that argument I cannot agree with it.  If they had just stayed off the sauce and played fairly then they would be HOF’ers, but once they took that first injection and took the field all bets were off.

I look forward to seeing the three new players enshrined this summer along with former Braves managers Bobby Cox & Joe Torre as well as former White Sox skipper Tony LaRussa who were all elected by the Expansion Era Committee.

I’d be remiss if I did not take a moment here and at least mention the suspension of A-Rod or as I like to call him, A-Fraud.  I’m not going to go into to many details, but the investigation onto the Biogenesis mess was thorough andcooperstown MLB did everything they could to get all the details before handing down punishment.  MLB had overwhelming evidence and identified 13 players of being linked to Biogenesis.  12 of those players took their punishment like men.  One decided he was going to fight; A-Fraud.  What he is fighting for I do not know, but he is now suspended for the entire 2014 season and hopefully will never play the game again.  (Any team that would allow him to play would be foolish to do so.  What a circus atmosphere that would be) He is an embarrassment to the sport and a rash on the ass of MLB.  Of course he is going to continue to fight and make himself look worse and worse.  I know Anthony Bosch (of Biogenesis) is a shady character, but after watching the 60 Minutes story on Sunday night I am convinced that A-Fraud’s attorneys are just as bad or worse.  Yes Bud Selig was late to the steroid party and waited way too long to do anything about it, but when he finally did something he went full force.  I’ve never been a big fan of Selig, but he handled this issue correctly and as such I must give him his kudos.  I have no problem with the way MLB handled this.

I’ve given A-Fraud enough space.  He is not worth our time and thankfully he will never be in the Hall of Fame unless he buys a ticket.  Even then the Hall should have the right to refuse entry and kick him out.




  1. Lyle, No complaints about those who made it and agree about Biggio. I would really prefer a Baseball History Museum. One that could be visited virtually on-line as well. Then you could enjoy your players, teams and eras as you wished. For instance, Tony Oliva, Cesar Tovar, Dave Parker and Al Oliver. One of those hologram things from Star Trek would make it even better

    • Larry I think the Baseball History Museum would be an excellent idea. Love the Star Trek hologram idea. That should be in every museum.

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