Posted by: lylescott89 | February 20, 2014

Inside Amy Schumer’s Back Door Tour

Conan, Episode 0405, April 29, 2013 Meghan Sinclair/Conaco, LLC for TBSHey kids,

I can now mark one more item off of my list; Item #2 to be exact.  I have seen Amy Schumer perform live and in a word it was spectacular.  Allow me to fill you in on the whole evening.

When I first learned she was coming to town I knew I wanted to see her.  Amy has quickly become one of my favorite comedians.  (For the record that list includes, alphabetically, Lewis Black, Lisa Lampanelli, Jerry Seinfeld & Sarah Silverman) She first came to the public’s attention on Last Comic Standing and although she did not win, she was easily the breakout star from that season.  I have heard her numerous times on The Howard Stern Show and she has always made me laugh.  Her show on Comedy Central is not great, but it has its moments.

Unfortunately for me I was unable to find anyone to go with me.  Donna was not interested so I asked several people to join me.  They all turned me down for one reason or another so if I was going to see her I would have to go solo.  While it is always fun to have someone to laugh with, I knew what had to be done.  I had to fly alone.

I parked my car and walked in with these two girls.  They were both nice, maybe a bit too nice, but we had a friendlycos-01-amy-schumer-peter-yang-de conversation as I guided them across the sky bridge and to the Straz Center.  They went to the will call window and I never saw them again.  I walked in and the nice usher lady told me how to get to my seat.  I already knew, but since she was a volunteer I let her tell me.  I had a great seat in the front row of the balcony right in the center.  Again, I allowed Grandma Usher to guide me to my seat with her little flashlight.

I sat alone for a few minutes when two twenty-something guys and their twenty-something female friend sat to my left.  They were so busy tweeting that I did not have much of a chance to converse with them except to say hello.  They apparently were turned off by sitting next to an old man.  Fortunately for me a charming lesbian couple arrived and sat to my right.  I did not say hello immediately, but waited until they got settled.  I did, however, quickly notice that the girl sitting right next to me was extremely attractive and wore these really nice leather boots.  I finally said hello and then we struck up a conversation that lasted until the show began.  Ah yes, the show.  That is why you are here so onward we go!

IMG_20140219_193946_582The evening began with a video presentation of the upcoming season of Inside Amy Schumer.  It was very funny so I have high hopes for the new season.  This was immediately followed by the opening act; a comedian named Mark Normand.

Mark was hilarious.  He was also on Last Comic Standing and I can definitely see him headlining his own tour one day.  The audience responded well to him.  He would ask questions of the crowd before making his observations and remarks.  For example, he asked if anyone in the audience was gay.  I was in the balcony and by the amount of screaming after he asked that question I was clearly in the minority.  He also asked if anyone was homophobic and there was just one jackass that spoke up.  He got made fun of.  He also asked if there were any Jews in the crowd and since I was unable to cheer for the gay question I was thrilled to be able to cheer for something.  The guy to my left cheered for both.  Then he asked if anyone went to Catholic school and one person yelped.  Mark responded to him by saying “so you were molested by a priest too; cool”.

After about a 20 minute set of hilarity Mark introduced the main act; Amy Schumer.  Amy came out to a standing ovation.  Of course she asked everyone to stand up, but that is beside the point.  She wore a very pretty black dress with these sexy boots that went up to her knees.  I know that a lot of Amy’s act involves her self-deprecating humor about her size and looks, but I find her to be quite attractive.  In my opinion she is very pretty and I think a lot of people agree with me so that adds to the humor.

She went along with the theme of her being not the ideal woman by talking about her recent stay in Miami.  According to Amy all the women in Miami and most of Tampa as well, are much thinner and much prettier than she is.  Amy said she cannot compete.  She made a joke about how she wished Google would try and stop her from making vacation plans in Miami.  When she began to make plans she wanted Google to ask her “did you mean Pittsburgh?”  Because, according to Amy she is a Pittsburgh 20.  I have news for you Amy, I have been to Pittsburgh and you my dear are a Pittsburgh 50.  She also did a very funny riff on working in Tennessee where she is considered a very thin goddess.

She also had a very good interaction with the audience.  She handled the occasional heckler very well with a quick response.  I really don’t understand why anyone would pay good money to go see a show and then heckle, but whatever.

I would like to tell you about some more of what she talked about, but she spent a good portion of the evening discussing her vagina and frankly I am not that comfortable writing about Amy’s vagina.  Plus much of what she discussed is unprintable in a family blog and I do not want to ruin the show for anyone that may go and see it.  I will say that she thought the Straz Center was one of the nicest places she had ever performed and she half expected to see the two old guys from the Muppets sitting in the balcony.  Suffice to say that I spent the entire show laughing hysterically.

amyschumer_690x310I had a great time and if she were to ever come to town again I would definitely want to see her one more time.  If you can handle vulgar humor and a bunch of naughty words I would highly recommend you go see Amy perform.  You’ll have a good time.  And who doesn’t like to laugh?

Finally I want to thank Ann for picking up the ticket for me.  You picked out a great seat for me.  Next time you will go with me.  No question.



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