Posted by: lylescott89 | March 2, 2014

I had a Dream, I had an Awesome Dream

dream-1Hey kids,

My apologies to Lionel Richie for borrowing a line from his smash hit “Say You, Say Me” to use as the title for this blog entry.  Lionel, if you’re reading I hope you do not mind.  It seemed appropriate for me to use in relaying to you the story of a dream I had last night.  I do not usually share dreams with you kids, but I liked this one so much I felt an obligation to do so.  I know some of you are going to accuse me of making this all up and that is fine because my mind did technically make it up.  However what you are going to read is what I remember and I will tell you that I do recall this dream vividly.

In the dream I was in a very nondescript room.  In front of me sat a beautiful woman.  I had no idea what was going on or how I had gotten there.  I was very disoriented.  She told me that she was a spirit.  She instructed me to stay calm and all my questions would be answered. Our conversation went like this:

Spirit: Hello Lyle.  Welcome back.

Me: Where am I?

S: Technically you are nowhere.   You are not on Earth, you are not in space and for right now you do not exist.

Me: Am I dead?

S: Yes, but you’re going to be okay.

Me: What is happening.

S: To put it into terms that you will understand this is sort of a way station.  You are between lives right now and I am here to get you to the next one.

Me: I don’t understand.  Are you God?

S: Yes…and no.  Look around you.   (I look and see hundreds, if not thousands of people sitting down and talking withWay Station Restaurant Newhall the spirits) I have explained this to you many times before.  God is not one person, but rather a collection of spirits. You see there are two worlds, the human world in which you were born into and the spirit world in which I am a part of.  There is no one God.  That is something created by humans.

Me: So you are a collective, like the Borg?

S: If that helps you to understand then yes, we are like the Borg.  But we are not evil.

Me: Why do you look human?

S: I will appear however you envision me.  Most humans are more comfortable with another human form.

Me: How did the universe begin?

S: The universe always has been and always will be.

Me: What is the right religion?

S: There is no one right religion.  All religions were created by humans as a form of comfort.  Humans have free will and different humans created different religions.  It doesn’t matter.

megan-fox-behind-the-deskMe: Is this purgatory?

S: Again, a human made creation.  It does not exist.

Me: Heaven?

S: Same thing.

Me: Hell?

S: Earth is hell, or so it has become that way.

Me: Prayer?

S: Humans talking to the air.  Whatever is going to happen is what is going to happen.  We have no control.

Me: So what do you do?

S: Our job as spirits is to guide your souls from one life to the next.  Your job as humans is to treat each other with love and kindness.  The nicer you are, the better your next life will be.

Me: So this is a never ending cycle?

S: Yes.

Me: What about Jesus?

S: He was a real person.  He has been here and been to many places in the world many times.  So have his disciples, Mary Magdalene, Moses, Noah…all those people you gave read about are real and still alive today, albeit in different forms.  However there was no Ark, no parting of the Red Sea, etc.  All of those are stories that over the years became embellished.

Me: Where is Jesus now?

S: I cannot give you the whereabouts of anyone else.  I can only guide you.

Me: You said we’ve met before.

S: I know you can’t remember, but yes you have been here many times.  You, like everyone else, have lived many lives.

Me: Why can’t I remember any of them?

S: In a way you do.  You see each time you are sent back to Earth for your next life you retain the essence of who you have been since your initial birth.  So if you like music, you will always like music.  Men will always be men and women always women.

Me: I don’t like fish.

S: I know.  You never have and you never will.

Me: So what happens next?

S: You have to choose where you will live your next life.  There are rules though.  YouMountie cannot return to the same place you were on your most recent two lives.  That rules out the USA and Canada.

Me: I was Canadian?

S: Yes.

Me: Where can I go?

S: Anywhere else.

Me: Do I get to choose my whole life now?

S: No.  Your life is always made up of choices.  Sometimes you make good ones and sometimes bad, but they are your choices and you must live with the consequences.

Me: Meaning…

S: If you live a good, clean life; are helpful to other humans and treat others with care and respect you get rewarded in your next life.  If you do a good job your next life is better.  Better schools, better job, better life.  If you are evil and do something bad like murder or rape, you must live a similar life until you can make the right choices.  You have done well in each of your lives and as such they have gotten progressively better.  The better you live on your most recent life the longer you live on the next one.  That is why you sees some people living well over 100.  They have each probably had 100 lives.

Me: What did I do in Canada?

S: You lived a very nondescript life, much like the one you just completed.  The last time you were here you said you would make different choices and not end up working in an office, but you repeated many of the same things.

Me: Where will I live and with whom?

S: Where is your decision.  The rest is mine based on what you have completed in each life.  You know how you always complain about people that were born wealthy and never had to want for anything in their lives?  That’s not an accident.  They have earned it and one day you will as well.  Where do you want to live.

Me: Um, England.

S: Okay.  Your choice is made and I will see you again when you have completed your next life.

colors-of-englandMe: So I’m going to be a baby again?

S: Yes.  Your parents have been chosen and your birth is imminent.  Best of luck.

With that she and all of the other spirits disappeared and I could see England below me.  Then I woke up.

I don’t know what to make of this.  Was it just a dream or was I somehow rehashing the plot of Defending your Life, but a lot less interesting.  Was I getting a message from the spirits?  I have no idea, but I kind of hope that this is the way it will be.  Sounds like fun.  And I know that there is no way I am ever working a blasted 8-5 office job again.



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