Posted by: lylescott89 | March 22, 2014

The Possum Trip: Part II

beach-boys-shirtsHey kids,

The next morning we were awoken to the sounds of the Beach Boys.  I had gotten a decent night of sleep and was excited to be at the beach.  Most people know I grew up in Florida before spending my high school and college years in Illinois.  I always felt out of place there and despite the fact that I eventually adjusted to it there is no way I could ever go back.  As I sat there in my bunk looking out the window at the beach I was desperately hoping that somehow they would leave me here by mistake.  That did not happen.

Although I really do not remember it, I am sure we had some sort of breakfast at the bus before being sent off to our day at the beach.  For the most part, the day is a blur.  I spent a lot of time floating in the Atlantic with my friend Matt Witt.  I recall an ongoing joke that we had whenever a wave would overtake us; we would say something like “here are the waves, where is Katrina?”  An obvious reference to the one-hit wonder Katrina and the Waves, but silly nonetheless.  We also spent a lot of time checking out the bikini babes on the beach.  Well, knowing what I know now apparently it was just me checking out the bikini babes.  No matter, it was fun.

After lunch a few of us went wandering around the shops at the beach and I bought a ridiculous looking t-shirt.  And in an effort to avoid the dehydration I suffered the day before, I went into 7-11 and got myself a Big Gulp.  As the dayDSCF7084 wore on I pretty much went back and forth between sitting on the beach and playing in the water.  I was back in my birth state and the horrors of mountain climbing were far from my memory.

The plan for the day was to spend the entire day at the beach followed by a trip to a nearby mall.  We would have dinner at Farrell’s and then had the option to just go shopping or see a movie.  I had decided that I would go see a movie although I was unsure as to what I would see.  Despite the fact that we were all college students we were told that we could not go see any R rated films.  I did not understand this and was hoping that there was something rated R that I wanted to see and could buy a ticket for and thus allowing my passive aggressive nature to take hold.

Fortunately for everyone involved there were showers at the beach and we were able to partake of nice, warm showers and get ourselves cleaned up.  It was wonderful to be clean again and wearing some clean clothes.  I believe I put on the ridiculous t-shirt I had purchased earlier in the day, in case you were wondering.

When I left the locker room and headed towards the bus I saw our guides perusing the newspaper, presumably to find out the movie times.  That was the idea, but something else caught their eyes.  Somewhere down the road on I-4 there was a mega-church hosting a concert.  The musician, whose name I do not recall, was a favorite of the guides and some of the others in our group.  Because I do not remember the musician’s name and I want to call him something I will now name him Jimmy Dickman.  They announced that instead of the mall and a movie we would go and see megachurch_700Dickman perform.  One problem: the majority of our group had just seen Jimmy Dickman’s show just a couple of weeks earlier in Illinois.  His show sucked in Illinois and since he was on a national tour the show was going to be identical to the one we had already seen.  I did not want to go and voiced my displeasure.  Sure the guy knew how to play the piano, but his songs were awful and his voice was, at best, meh.  I did recall him making some attempts at humor and those failed as well.  I shall repeat, I did not want to go and I found at least two or three others that agreed with me.  My pleas fell on deaf ears.  In order for us to make the trip to get to the concert in time we had to forgo our dinner until after the show, which also sucked.  I was not a happy camper.

We arrived at Mega Church USA and some of the group members were positively giddy.  Matt, Brad and I were hardly giddy.  While the rest all scoped out seats as close as possible we chose to sit in the back.  The show began and sure enough Dickman’s show was exactly the same as the one we had seen just a couple of weeks earlier.  Same songs, same bad jokes, same lame piano player.  I was holding my head in my hands and began plotting my escape.  Since I had two guys with me I suggested to them that we go outside and watch the traffic pass by on I-4 and then bitch about how we were cheated out of a trip to the mall.  They quickly followed me.  After a while we went back in just in time for someone to announce they were taking an offering for Dickman and Mega Church USA.  The guy even said that if someone wanted to pay by credit card they could put the card in the collection plate.  (Those would be the world’s dumbest humans) We went back outside without hesitation.

Eventually Dickman finished his show and we headed out for dinner.  I was still bitching about missing out on thevintage_04 mall and a movie since I have a hard time letting things go.  Some raved about how good Dickman was, but I knew the truth.  Dinner was good though.  I think it was the very last time I ever ate at a Farrell’s since they eventually closed up 99% of their locations.  Since the next day we were headed to WDW there was no overnight travel required so the bus was parked in a nearby campground for the night.  I think it was a Jellystone Campground, but I never saw Yogi Bear or Boo Boo.  I was excited about the next day because while the vast majority of the group would be headed to the Magic Kingdom, I was going to EPCOT Center (as it was known at the time) with Brad and a different Matt.  The next day would be awesome.  What could go wrong?



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