Posted by: lylescott89 | March 25, 2014

The Possum Trip: Part III


Welcome to EPCOT Center

Hey kids,

The day I had been waiting for had finally arrived; the day I would get to spend at Walt Disney World.  Now keep in mind that this was WDW 30 years ago and at the time EPCOT Center was new, there was no Animal Kingdom and no MGM Studios either.  Heck, the Grand Floridian Resort did not even exist yet.  This was vintage Disney, but more on that in a bit.

As expected, Disney music woke us all up in the morning.  As we were at a campground we had showers available to us.  It had barely been 14 hours since my last shower I was eager to get clean knowing this would be my last opportunity until the inevitable return to Illinois.  We also had breakfast there at the campground, but again, Yogi Bear was nowhere to be seen.

Since Brad, Matt O. and I all desired to go to EPCOT Center we felt it was best to ask before we just took off.  We were told that since everyone would be pretty much on their own all day it would not be a problem.  However, we were supposed to arrive at the designated meeting point, the game room at the Contemporary Resort, by 9:00 PM.  No problem at all we said.  Then he said something a tad bit odd; he told us to be sure and see the laser show at the World Showcase Lagoon.  I knew that the show, which was called Laserphonic Fantasy, began at 9:00 PM so how could we meet them at the same time as the show?  Inquiring minds wanted to know, but we said nothing.  On the bus over to WDW I made an announcement that the three of us were going to EPCOT Center and asked if anyone wanted to join us.


O Canada

Dead silence.  And so three it would be.  (Technically Brad and I had park hopper tickets and could have done a little of both, but we did not want to leave Matt O. out in the…well, heat)

We arrived at the Transportation & Ticket Center (TTC) and disembarked the bus.  The three of us hopped the monorail for the trip to EC while the others all got in the long line for the Express Monorail to the Magic Kingdom.  I explained that they could take the ferry if they wanted or they could take the hotel monorail since it stopped only at the Polynesian before it made its way to the Magic Kingdom.  They all just stood there in the Express Monorail line because why the hell should anyone listen to me.  I guarantee you I knew more about WDW than anyone else there that day, including the guides.  After the guides had us take the long way up the side of a mountain I’m surprised they did not suggest hiking or swimming to the Magic Kingdom.

The three of us arrived at EC and began our day of fun.  Back then you did not have to wait until 11:00 AM to get to World Showcase, but I am pretty sure we spent the vast majority of the morning in Future World anyway.  I was excited to go and ride Horizons because it had not yet been opened on my last visit.  I have written before of my fondness for this attraction and it all started that day.  I was amazed at how wonderful it was.  It was new, yet Vintage Disney all at the same time.  One of my other EC favorites that no longer exists was the World of Motion so we made our way there next.  Dang I miss those attractions.

There was no Living Seas at the time and Wonders of Life had yet to open (and eventually close) but the original Journey into Imagination was there in all of its glory.  Back then it was common to ride then head upstairs to the Image Works before seeing Magic Journey’s, the original 3D film at the pavilion.  Not only were we having a great day


EPCOT Center

at EC, but we were away from all those guides.  We sat to have lunch somewhere in Future World (since we were all college kids I cannot imagine we had anything more interesting than burgers and fries, but I could be mistaken) and I brought up the discussion about Laserphonic Fantasy.  We decided that since he told us not to miss it, that we should do as he suggested and be late for meeting them at the Contemporary.  What would they do, leave without us?  As much as I would have liked that to happen I knew they wouldn’t dare.

After lunch we made our way into the World Showcase.  We wandered through all the pavilions, hit all the shops and made sure we saw every movie and show.  I would really like to share some of the photos I took because I did take a picture of this really pretty blonde working in Germany, but I cannot find it.  I also had a photo of Matt O. holding an $800.00 bottle of wine in France, but again I cannot find it.  We walked the entire World Showcase and then headed back to hit a few places in Future World that we bypassed in the morning.  I really wanted to have dinner in one of the excellent World Showcase restaurants, but none of us could really afford that so counter service it was once again.

We continued our most enjoyable day at EC with an enjoyable evening at EC.  I don’t recall what we had for dinner, but I have to think it was nothing spectacular.  Eventually we settled ourselves on a bench and waited for Laserphonic Fantasy to begin.  Astute readers will know that LF was the predecessor to the original Illuminations and for what it’s worth I thought LF was better than the original Illuminations.  At 9:00 when the show began we had a good laugh knowing that we were supposed to be somewhere else, but he said see the show so we saw the show.

When the show ended around 9:20 or so, we headed back out to the front of the park with the rest of the crowd.  It


Hey, I am in World Showcase!!

took a while, but we finally made it to the monorail.  Now in addition to having to take the monorail to the TTC we then had to get on the resort monorail to the Contemporary.  And since we had to do that we obviously had to make stops at the Polynesian and the MK before making it to the Contemporary.  By the time we made it to the game room it was almost 11:00 PM.  If we were in any trouble we did not care because we had a great day and the thought of getting back on that bus was not fun.  No one said a word to us and we sat and waited while some others continued to play air hockey and random 80’s era video games.  Eventually we were called to get loaded (on the bus) and we climbed aboard.  It was all set for the night and it was straight to bed.  I believe I slept very well.

There was more to come so please come back for the fourth and final chapter in this ever so exciting saga.



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