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Twin Peaks & the Monorail



Hey kids,

It is time to share the story of completing item #36 of my 50 for 50 blog. I could tell you the story about how I completed #24, but explaining how I finished my taxes is probably less interesting than actually doing them. In addition to 36 being complete, part of #35 is as well. Here’s the story…

It was a beautiful morning. A bit cool perhaps, but it would eventually warm up to about 75 and that was perfect for what I needed to do. For those out of the loop, this was the day I had chosen to ride the monorail between the TTC and Epcot for a full hour, followed by ice cream. I had my camera ready and a full tank of gas so off I went.

I stopped at Starbucks on the way to enjoy a delicious iced coffee with vanilla & cream along with a Classic sausage, egg & cheddar sandwich. Knowing it was still early and was in no hurry, I sat in Starbucks to dine peacefully. I have to say that I really wish I could spend more mornings sitting in Starbucks drinking coffee just based on the abundance of young, beautiful women doing the same thing. After getting a refill, I left and hit the road.

I knew I also wanted to make one of my two scheduled visits to Twin Peaks this year and I chose this day for one of them. I had a choice to either ride the monorail or dine first. Since I was getting ice cream after the monorail ride it made more sense to go the extra few miles and dine at Twin Peaks first.

Pulled Pork Sliders & Fire Fries

Pulled Pork Sliders & Fire Fries

The ride on I-4 was uneventful until I got about ¾ of a mile away from World Center Drive. It was then that the traffic stopped. Apparently there was an accident about six miles ahead that led to some closed lanes. Anyone who travels I-4 through Orlando knows it can be a treacherous road to travel so I decided to take the World Center Drive exit and drive up International Drive until I arrived at Twin Peaks. It took a mere 15 minutes to go ¾ of a mile so I felt I made a good choice.

At 11:05 I parked my car at Twin Peaks and saw that many of the ladies were standing outside on this lovely morning, making it just that much more beautiful. I was taken to a table where I met my lovely server and told her of the day I had planned. I told her I wanted to take as many pictures as possible before I left and she said that would not be a problem. I placed my order and then went about the restaurant photographing the lovely ladies until my food was ready. I ordered the pulled pork sliders and a basket of Fire Fries. Absolutely delicious.

After about an hour or so I said goodbye to all the lovely ladies and headed back towards WDW and my ride on the monorail. Traffic was clear so it did not take very long. I decided to park at Downtown Disney, take the bus to the Contemporary and then board the monorail to the TTC for the trip to Epcot. This way, when I was done, I could get a bus back to Downtown Disney and get some ice cream at Ghirardelli’s. I actually spent about 30 minutes wandering the West Side of Downtown Disney before heading towards the bus.

Bay Lake Towers

Bay Lake Towers

The bus system at WDW is very simple, but some people love to make it complicated. Case in point: I arrived at the bus line and read the sign that said the Contemporary Resort was at bus stop 2. Easy right? Well I sat at the stop and this older couple (older than me, but not ancient by any means) came up and asked me if this was the stop for the CR. I said yes. Seconds later the bus showed up and I boarded. The older couple also boarded, but made sure to ask the driver if the bus was going to the CR. The fact that it said Contemporary Resort on the outside of the bus and the fact that I already told them it was obviously meant nothing to them. The bus driver said that this was the bus to the CR, but we’d be making a stop at Typhoon Lagoon first to drop off a few passengers. The entire bus ride they looked confused. We arrived at Typhoon Lagoon and the people in swimsuits all disembarked the bus and so did the older couple. They stood outside the bus for a moment and then turned back to the bus driver and asked “where is the hotel?” Mr. Bus Driver explained yet again that this was Typhoon Lagoon and that the CR was the next stop. They got back on the bus. Moments later we arrived at the CR. I quickly got off the bus, but I heard the older couple ask if this was the hotel. How is this much stupidity possible?

I took my time wandering the grounds at the CR and took some photos of the area and the Bay Lake Towers which still look out of place to me. I stopped for a break and just let the air of Disney envelope me before heading towards the monorail. I went upstairs and lo and behold the monorail was closed. There was a sign stating that the monorail would

Epcot from the monorail

Epcot from the monorail

be closed from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM that day for maintenance. Oh crap. I asked the cast member at the doors if the monorail to Epcot was running and he said yes and told me I could take a bus to the TTC. Phew. What a relief. I went back downstairs and waited about two minutes before the bus arrived. It was a very short bus ride.

I made my way up the walkway to the Epcot monorail and waited. I started a conversation with a cast member named Chad and told him what I was doing. He laughed and he said he would make sure I stayed on for a full hour. The monorail arrived and I grabbed my seat. I had no idea how many trips I would make, but I was ready for as many as it would take. It did not take me long to figure out that it would be three round trips as my first ride took about 20 minutes.

On my first trip I shared my cabin with two extremely hot young women who were headed to the Flower & Garden festival. At this point I really wished I could go with them, but since I did not know them it would have been awkward. When I arrived back at the TTC I saw Chad and he asked how I was doing. I told him that it was not as much fun as I had hoped and it was a bit tedious. He said he would make sure I stayed on the monorail. He was not going to allow me to leave.

My second trip was shared with a fairly large family. There was mom, dad, an infant and three children which ranged from about two to five. I did not want to spend the day with them. Dad was very active taking photos out the window while mom was trying to keep three children calm. The baby was asleep so she lucked out there. When we arrived at

Me on my last trip

Me on my last trip

Epcot she told him to push one of the strollers, which he did, but he apparently thought that the monorail and the platform were perfectly level with each other. They were not so when he rolled the stroller out the door the wheels went down and luckily the kid was strapped in otherwise she would have rolled right out. Mom yelled at dad while I lifted the stroller and helped him get it out. He did not say thank you. Oh well, back to the TTC.

I rode back to the TTC with a gorgeous blonde and her dippy looking boyfriend. She was stunning and wore these tight white shorts and a pink top. Unfortunately I did not get a photo, so trust me. After watching the blonde leave I looked out the doors to find Chad. I saw another guy and asked for Chad. I was told he was driving, but that he left instructions to not let me leave as I had one more trip to go. What made me decide to put this on my list? I have no idea, but I was on my final trek now.

My final trip was uneventful, but I did ask a pretty girl to take my photo looking exhausted on the monorail, although it really was not that bad. When we made our way to the TTC for the final time I was relieved. I disembarked and decided to take the walkway over to the Polynesian Resort for the bus ride back to Downtown Disney.

Me & my Shake

Me & my Shake

When I got to Ghirardelli’s I decided I’d go for broke and get a shake for my mid-afternoon ice cream. I ordered an Espresso Chip shake to go so I could get in my car and head home.

After a quick stop to take a photo of myself with the shake I got in the car and began the journey home. Travel was fine until I got to Tampa. Typical, but it was worth it. I finished off another item on my list and had part of another one complete. Plus, I had a really nice day. I am pretty sure I am going to do this again someday.




  1. Hard to believe I was at WDW for three days and did not set foot on the monorail. I should have taken time for a ride.

    • I too have had trips to WDW where I have never stepped foot on the monorail.

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