Posted by: lylescott89 | April 21, 2014

Sick for a Week and counting…

Baseball at Tropicana Field

Baseball at Tropicana Field

Hey kids,

The vast majority of my writings are planned. Today is not one of those days. I am officially bored and writing off the cuff. For you see I have had to neglect my writing due to be sick for the past week. It started on Palm Sunday and continued right in through Easter and into today as well. I’ve been to the doctor twice now and I am on a few medications, but this dang illness is still dragging on. I was fortunate enough to miss a few days of work last week, but not this week. So even though I have been ill and continue to be less than 100% I do want to write a few things as I have promised to keep up with this blog a little better in 2014.

I went to my first Rays game of the season this past weekend. Had I not already bought and paid for the tickets for both myself and Adam I would have stayed in bed. However I did not want to disappoint him as he was very much looking forward to going so I went and got through it just fine. We drove with Steve & Tracey, two wonderful people, but our seats were not remotely close and we did not spend a lot of time with them. However the time we did spend together in the car was fun. I appreciated their willingness to drive since I was not feeling all that great. Kudos to those kids for helping out. The game was great as the Rays beat the crap out of the Damn Yankees, 16-1.

I also had several issues regarding my flex pack tickets and the concession stands, but I do not want to get into that. I did order the Cuban sandwich, which I was told was fantastic. I was not well informed. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it was not fantastic. First of all it was hardly pressed and thus the whole charm of the Cuban was lost. Never being the one to waste food I ate it all. Adam ate almost all of his and gave me the last two bites. We split some very flavorful fries and Adam ended the night with cotton candy. He was nice enough to share that as well.

Cotton Candy Boy

Cotton Candy Boy

Sunday was Easter and I surprised myself by getting up at 8:55 AM. Donna needed me at church to run the slides and record the service so I had no choice but to awaken. I made myself a delicious breakfast of three overstuffed breakfast burritos and a 16 oz. glass of iced coffee, got cleaned up and was on my merry way. Now I have often said that Easter is one of my least favorite holidays, mostly because I do not get a day off of work. If I do not get a day off of work then it is not really a holiday. Plus I have always found Easter depressing despite the pastels, bunnies and baby chicks. Still, the service was quite good and I did an exceptional job working both the camera and the slides for the service. Damn I am good.

The real reason I wanted to get up and about for Easter was the promise of Easter dinner. We had already planned to have dinner at Cody’s Original Roadhouse with my lovely wife and several of the nicest people in the world; Ann, David, Leon, Kim and Linda. Unfortunately Aunt Mildred could not make it and for that I was upset, but I knew she was not feeling up to it so I let it slide.

Me with the Ladies of the Ray Team

Me with the Ladies of the Ray Team

Missy was our server and she was quite talented in the area of serving food, plus she had a good sense of humor which is a necessity when dealing with our motley crew. I ordered the 10 oz. top sirloin, medium rare, with a loaded baked potato. As with all of their steaks, endless salad was served along with those delicious yeast rolls with cinnamon butter. Normally I eat about a dozen of those rolls, but I restrained myself and had only three. And I am totally not kidding. I usually finish off several baskets of those bad boys. I think I could eat that salad all day, but I stuck with just two platefuls. The steak was cooked perfectly, but could have used a bit more seasoning for my taste. I added a little salt and pepper at the table and all was good. The loaded baked potato was gigantic and man was it loaded.

As I finished dinner I realized that I was pretty well loaded too despite not having a drop of alcohol. I did have more than my fair share of iced tea so that may have been a factor as well. If you can believe it I did not eat again the rest of the day except for when Adam offered to split a Reese’s PBC he had gotten in his Easter basket. He was so sweet when he offered it so I could not turn him down. It was delicious and he had frozen it so it was just the way I liked it. I guess he really did appreciate going to that game.

So I started writing this with no great plans and ended up sharing my Easter weekend with you. I can’t say it was particularly interesting, but I got you to read it.



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